The Battle – Sin?


Sin is a spirit, sinning is doing its bidding

God said to Cain (Genesis 4)

“If you do well, shall you not be accepted? and if you do not well, sin lies at the door. And to you shall be his desire, and you shall rule over him”.

– Sin lies or crouches, so sin is intelligently waiting, watching.

– Sin is identified as a “his” a living entity, who has intelligent “desire”

– God said rule over him not it!

Paul said… for sin, taking an opportunity through the commandment, deceived me and through it killed me

Sin is not so much a thought of yours but a spirit trying to manipulate you, it desires to express itself through you and rule over you.

It is deceitfully wicked, it will play you like a musical instrument if you let it, so when you are tempted don’t see it as you, see it as a spirit trying to play you. Paul said in Romans 7, its no longer I that sins but sin that is within me… as I want to do good…. but when I am trying to do good sin is present.

John said the new creation can not sin, realise those thoughts and desires are not the new you they are the old you, the sinful nature, kill this identity in you.

Don’t let sin have any place in you, this is your goliath to kill.

You think its you but it isn’t!

its no more you than you are a tree, its firstly the old software (soul) and secondly the body (brain), once the software is recoded, the body will still sends its requests, the body of death has a life of its own, it will rule you or you will rule it, God has condemned sin in the flesh, Paul says who will saved me from this body of death? (Rom 7-8) Don’t be tricked by it, reject it.

What is of the new me and what is of the flesh?

You are born of God, God is light and God is love therefore reject everything that is not both of those at the same time (as light without love is death and love without light is death) Love with light equals life.

For example if I have an affair with my neighbours wife because I love her, it causes death, wrecks her life, her conscience and her family’s life, why because there is no light with my love, which means no rightness, no justice, no perfection.

Or if I stand with righteous anger and kill people because of light or righteousness but have no love it also causes death. Everyone would deserve to die today if that was the case. But with Christ came grace and truth, before then love was always silenced by perfect justice, the main truth that came with Christ is the truth of God’s grace, it is love’s victory over judgement, because Jesus satisfies judgement.

So reject everything in you that is not life (perfect love with perfect light) treat it as a foreign thing, for it has no place in you, it is not you, just like the inhabitants of the promised land Hittites’ etc were not the Children of Israel, they were gentiles, gentiles were unclean and are a spiritual picture of flesh thoughts that we live amongst don’t allow them in your house (brain).

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