So where does repentance fit?

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Are you really a sinner? God talks to the person as a whole person, you are a new creation who is hidden in Christ with His life but if you are going to allow yourself to get tricked by sin, then you need to purge that out of your heart.

We must be clear here what your heart is, firstly its not your new heart for your new heart is Christ, He is your new Heart, Nature, Mind and Spirit. The heart here is the outer man, the old creation, the physical heart that has 40,000 neurons that are just like brain cells that store your desires.

When you got born again of the incorruptible seed of the word of God, you got born into a land (body, brain and heart) that was already established by your old life. You need to purge that old sinful nature out of your physical heart, you need to recode it with the new desires that come from Christ (who is your new life Colossians 3:4).

The new life you have can no more sin than Christ can, for He is your new life, it was taken out of your hands and put in His as you would mess it up if you had your chance. When you come from this correct perspective you automatically resist the devil, you automatically walk in the light as He is in the light and the blood of Jesus is cleansing you from all unrighteousness. Sure repent, renounce, reject but from the finished work, from the correct perspective.

So we need to purge from the correct perspective, ever wonder why Jesus got baptised just before He went out to fast and seek God in the wilderness? Firstly Jesus never sinned, so why get baptised for the removal of sins then? Because He was showing us we need to fight from a position of righteousness, not sin, perfection not corruption.

What differences are there in cleaning the heart from different positions?

Firstly let me say Christians are the same on the inside the only difference is their beliefs, the whole problem is beliefs, one is blind and the other sees, one is asleep, and ignorant the other is awaking and aware.

  1. Lets look at a Christian that believes they are a sinner saved by grace and repentance.
  2. A Christian that believes they a new creation with all old things passed away.

the no.1 Christian who knows they are a sinner fights or cleans up from the outside in and the no.2 from the inside out.

  • One is trying to get right with God, the other is right with God.
  • One is trying to be one with God, the other is one with God.
  • One is tricked, the other is not tricked.
  • One smells the stink of the old life hanging around and thinks they are still dead or a slave, the other knows its only the death clothes.
  • One is still dead in their beliefs, the other has risen from the dead.
  • One is trying to overcome the sin, the other is trying to overcome the deception of the spirit of sin.
  • One is still in the tomb, the other Christ is giving light, (Ephesians 5:14).
  • One dwells at the cross always repenting, the other dwells at the resurrection with amazement and joy.
  • One experiences slavery, the other experiences freedom and power over it.
  • One lives up to their identity, and so does the other.
  • One has an old life and a sinful nature, the other lives in a body of death which is only encoded with the old life.
  • One nothing has changed or passed away, the other all old things have passed away.
  • One will have a “positional only” doctrine, the other will experience newness of life.
  • One will strive and wrestle with sin, the other will know power over it, and will not fulfil the lusts of the flesh.
  • One is the sin, the other knows its only the sin within trying to sin,
  • One believes sin dwells within, the other they dwell within the sin, but it isn’t in them.
  • One has a sinful heart, the other knows its only the physical heart and its encoded sinful nature.
  • One is trying to stay saved, the other one is saved.
  • One is defeated or winning by sheer grit and determination, the other is victorious, or winning by renewing their mind and knowing the truth which is setting them free.
  • One knows little freedom, the other is going from glory to glory as they behold Him in a mirror.
  • One suffers from shame and guilt, the other is totally free from it.
  • One is fearful of judgement, the other is forever perfected (Hebrews 10:14).
  • One the enemy defeats with the law of sin and death, the other is free from all condemnation.
  • One is full of always trying to measure up to perfection, the other knows they already are perfect, because He is perfect, its just their soul hasn’t caught up to the truth yet.
  • One the power of sin is strong because of the law, the other the power of sin is defeated because of grace and freedom from the law.
  • One bows their head in shame, the other can dwell with God their father in unapproachable light, the come boldly, as its their home and their Dad.
  • One is a mere human, the other is a very real child of God.

So which one are you? are you still on the slab like Lazarus? smelling the thing that has been wrapped around you when you were dead? sure it stinks, sure its hard to see through, sure there is not much light in there but you are alive not dead, Like Lazarus lying there he could hardly believe it, is it real? Yes! get off the slab hear the word of God, He is calling you to awake, arise from the dead dear brother or sister. 

It’s only a head and physical heart problem, your beliefs are keeping you asleep, you are not believing in Jesus you believing in your assessment of your death clothes, the coldness and darkness of the tomb.

If you only knew it was finished you would wake up and never be the same, fight, fast, seek, pray, walk – do all the things you are called to do in God from the finished work for without faith it’s impossible to please God. He doesn’t delight in unbelief.

Here is the truth, if you think you have sin you will struggle with it, or put a different way is, unless you know you are completely righteous you will struggle with sin, that how sin works it tricks the heart. The more you go on in this you realise you are fighting spirit who is out to trick you. (Romans 7, Genesis 4:7).

Its really simple learn to dwell at the resurrection not the cross. Train yourself to walk in the finished work, anything else is unbelief and will make you resort to mere human thinking. (Remove the mud).

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