You From heaven?


I was walking through Alice Springs, I stopped on the corner feeling like God was doing something, I said “what’s up Lord?”, then I noticed an aboriginal woman across the road staring at me…

Feeling uncomfortable with her staring, I crossed the road on a diagonal as to avoid her, I am not sure why I did that, as I am not racist or uncomfortable with aboriginal people. I went into the closest shop, it was a video shop, I went and picked up a movie title as if to read it, she came and stood in the doorway staring at me…

I walked out past her and said hello as I went past, she started to follow me, I said ok Lord I will stop at this corner and if she comes up I will talk to her…

She came up to me and very nervously  said “excuse me can I ask you a question?” I think her lip was even quivering, I said “sure”, she said “are you from heaven?”, I said, “No, but I can tell you all about it”, so I told her about Jesus and then I walked on.

Praise God, if only we knew who we were in Him!

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