Like Jesus


While worshipping the Lord with all my heart He showed me a vision;

There was a large broad staircase in front of me, about 30 steps up the staircase there stood Jesus. His right arm was stretched out beckoning me to come up to where He was, and then to follow a very narrow staircase only wide enough for one person, it went up to the right, to another room.

He said “Shaughn come up I’ve prepared the way to the Father for you”

As He said this I looked at the Shaughn He was talking to, that Shaughn started to walk into the vision, it was Jesus…. The Shaughn He was talking to was Jesus, or identical to Him…

Being a brand new Christian I didn’t understand that at all, it totally confused me until I read that I was hidden in Christ, baptised in to Christ, that I am to put on Christ, and that as He is so am I in the world.

In times gone by I have thought about that vision and decided to practice putting on Christ… I have come to God hidden in Christ, like Him, and another way I’ve come, which is equally as powerful, is as a new spirit that is complete in Him, a new creation in His righteousness, however I have moved away from this individuality to ‘Christ who is my life’.

Not as a sinner saved by grace, but far far past that.. Even though I was that, and experience that, but believing the scripture and doing away with that fallen Adam part of me all together. When I have come these two ways, I experience the presence, pleasure and power of God, I have found totally unobtainable in the Adam identity, (because only Christ can dwell in unapproachable light).

I do not believe God gets pleasure from you coming crawling on the ground saying I am a worm, He gets pleasure from you utterly abandoning your old life, good and bad things and counting them as dung that you might walk in the new life, His gift. Having faith in that gift and the justice He displayed in it.

So when I have come in Christ, so that I am like him, I have found I can come into a place in God I have never been able to come to in the Adam mentality… I have noticed that I can come into a very holy place (the Holiest of Holies) God’s throne, unapproachable light.

One time I was before God’s throne dwelling in His unapproachable light and I said “Lord, I’m sorry for my sins”, instantly I was whisked out of there, I was outside amazed, I said, “wow what happened”? 

 Once I start talking like a man, like the natural man, the soul man identity (Adam), or old sins, I offend God, I’m lucky I wasn’t killed, its because I was hidden in Christ our High Priest.  It is very real, very sobering and at that moment I know I have been removed from His throne, as I can’t see God any more. Its probably the worst thing I have ever done!

That very week, I heard of a well know preacher saying the was praying and the glory came like He had never experienced, he said “Hallelujah!!”, the second he said that the glory lifted. He said Holy Spirit what did I do wrong, The Lord said to Him when you’re in this place you can bring nothing of yourself, nothing! 

Smith Wigglesworth use to go to this same place in Christ, the tangible presence of God came so strong that no one could remain in the room when He was praying, they all crawled out lest they died, and if they didn’t they were supernaturally removed by an angel or something. Why, is he any more holy? No, he has just put on Christ, grown up into the head. The Adam identity can’t come in, only Christ can come into unapproachable light. We enter in through the viel of His flesh.

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The veil of His flesh, only one man will be saved from this earth and we are hidden in Him, through one man we find life, Christ.

The veil of the flesh has been removed in Christ… or more correctly put, the veil of the flesh has been removed for those hidden in Christ’s finished work and person by faith.

If you can’t enter because you are still coming as though the work is not finished, don’t worry, one stands there that will intercede on your behalf.

The Lord told me one time, “Shaughn you don’t have to leave this place…., but you do!”

You can enter but not with that mere man identity, put on the Lord Jesus Christ. When the scripture has convinced you this vision is correct, ponder what this vision means to you, and then enter what He has prepared for you. Don’t just read it, ponder it!

See story below ‘Like the Sun

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