Who are you?

Who are you

Set yourself free

Choose your identity wisely! know this whatever you choose you will live from. Identity is one’s internal map, and everything lives from its identity.

Who are you?

Are you, your body and soul? Or the new life?

Here is are four little insights into your battle of knowing who you are.

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Remember Adam was made of the mud. We are called sheep, it is referring to us. Will we eat the mud of our old life? Be unaware that we are even eating dirt? Or will we believe Him and overcome our old life?

2. An imitator. I remember another dream; I was flying, and God called me to turn hard right, (towards strength), as I did I looked towards where I had just been and there flying next to me was an identical me, but it was not me, it was an imitator of me, identical and familiar to me. I never ever knew it was there, it was from the enemy and its job was to become one with me, to know me and guide me away from getting too close to God, to make me contained, ineffective, small, distracted, occupied, deceived, defeated, confused. It knew me so well that its thoughts I had taken as my thoughts. I couldn’t see it until I moved towards the right, then it was exposed. Every time I tried to pull right, it pulled me back to oneness with it, so I would fly its path, I wrestled and wrestled, every time I flew with it, I was blind to it. So do we wrestle against our flesh, or is our fight not against flesh and blood but spiritual beings and powers in the invisible realms?

So who are you?

3. The Spirit of the world. The third peek into the battle the Lord showed me was a vision of a big spiritual mass, (similar to jelly but with lights moving in it), I saw tentacles coming out and attaching to peoples foreheads, like a big sucker or umbilical cord. The influence was constant. It was the spirit of this world, feeding people’s minds and dreams.

Where is our warfare coming from? What influences us? Are we accepting the things of this life to readily? Are we unaware of the battle? Are we believing things that appear true but are a lie? Is the enemy able to play us like a toy? Why do we seem so small when the Bible says we are the light of the Cosmos?

So who are you?

4. Blinded by the flesh. I was lying in my bed when I seen a vision, the vision was of myself and my wife talking. In the vision she walked into the room, the me I was watching in the vision pointed directly to me lying in the bed and said to my wife, “when I am in that body, I do not know who I am, but I am beginning to discover it, and it could cause trouble for us”.

Are we unaware of who we really are? Are we just mere humans or is the Bible true that we are a new glorious creation far superior than we know? Are we kept small by a warefare we are not aware of?

So who are you?

Most people think they are their body, or their mind, or their heart, or even their consciousness. I believe we are none of those, that was our first life, now we are the new creation hidden inside the old creation, the inner man inside the outer man, here to battle against and overcome sin from within it. We are a perfect new spirit that has put on imperfection for training and development.

Are you the life you see, that you live in the flesh or are you what the word of God says you are. Beware because there is real truth and apparent truth. The bible says you are a new creation, what does that mean? What is new? The bible says all of your old creation is gone? Could it be that you were never the body you live in? Surely we will all stand before God one day and we will be without this body. In this world people so identify with their bodies, always trying to make it beautiful, however it is not even the real them?

The bible says the first Adam was a living soul, the second was a life giving spirit (1 Corinthians 15). So you are now hidden in the second Adam, you are a new type of creation, a spirit. A life giving spirit.

You are born again, this time a spirit.¬†John 3:6.¬†Jesus answered, ……… Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit¬†gives birth to spirit.

So you are now a spirit. The bible says you are a perfect spirit, made in true holiness and righteousness. Why are you perfect? because you have been born again with Christ’s life, the bible is very clear that you are hidden in Him, Risen with Him, that He is your life. Colossians 2. So you are a perfect Spirit but you have been put back into your old body. The body that you live in is encoded with your old life, five trillion neurons in your brain, inhabitants, giants, sin that God wants you to drive out of it.

Beware of your body. So you have put on, or rather live in your body, the flesh, the mud. Beware of this body that you are plugged into, for it is small, defeated, conquered by sin, tainted by evil, born in darkness, trained by the fallen, encoded with the spirit of this world. It is faithless, forgetful, confused, limited, finite, poor, blind, wretched and naked. It is ugly, proud, arrogant, competitive, lustful, self focused, polluted, poisoned. It is weak, wandering, willful, wishy washy, fickle and fragile. In this body and soul you will most probably be limited by its knowledge, its humanity, its frailty, its flaws, its inhabitants. God put you in here for training, for overcoming. Judges 3:1-6. Unless you hate this imperfect life you are not being worthy of Him, of His perfection.

Your biggest error in this life will be identifying with your old life, eating its mud. So remove the mud from your identity. Though you live in this mud you don’t have to become one with it. You are the light of the world, because He is the light of the world and you are identical to Him, because you are hidden in Him and have His life, you are one with Him and yours is the kingdom of heaven. Believe it or not!

Here is the real and actual truth about you now, not some will be truth but the very real now truth. Not some positional truth in some mystical way but your actual being. If you took off this body today you would experience this truth, (but only for those who are born again in Christ). Since you were born again from above, you are like all those who are above, identical. You have been given His life and because of that you are holy, righteous, perfect, pure, complete. You are mighty, victorious, all conquering, undefeatable, amazing. You are all knowing, able, without lack. He is your life and yours is the kingdom. You are all owning, limitless, you are the light of the world, you are love personified, bold, confident, fearless, full of faith, selfless, complete, unafraid, humble, beautiful and eternal. You experience no lack, no limit, no imperfection. You are one with Him, one with your father God, in His image and in His likeness. This is real and it is now, you are a spirit and you are perfect and complete!

Only the word of God can tell you who you are, Oprah can’t, TV can’t, University can’t, only God knows the truth. Jesus wasn’t mistaken when He said I am the truth.

Here is some truth to tell you who you are….

You are in the image of God.¬†¬†Colossians. 3:10.¬†….and having put on the new, renewed into full knowledge according to the image of him that has created him;

You are the same righteousness and true holiness as God your Father. Ephesians 4:24. And that you put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness.  2 Corinthians 5:21. Romans 3:22.

The Kingdom is yours. 1 Corinthians 3:21. So then, no more boasting about mere mortals! For everything belongs to you,. 

I will add more scriptures as I get time. However the Bible is full of scripture that tells you truth. They just get watered down by our mud/soulical worldviews. The bible says you are… Brand New, A new Creation, Glorified,¬†Justified,¬†Sanctified, you have¬†His mind, you are a partaker of the divine¬†nature, You are one Spirit with the Lord, He is your life, you are hidden in Him, you died with Him, rose with Him, and are seated with Him, as He is in heaven so are you in the earth, says you will judge angels, you are a joint heir with Christ, you are one with God, (Christ in God and you in Christ). Etc..Etc..

Can you imagine what people are like in heaven? What glory they dwell in now, what righteousness and perfection they experience? They are perfect, complete. When those who are in Christ die, they will become aware of who He has made them as this new creation, they will stand there in absolute amazement of their new life and how it is perfect, even the same righteousness as God. One day you will see your perfection, one day you will know that the kingdom is yours. The truth is that you are in that state now, evident or not, the word is clear on it, soul confusion blocks it. The bible is full of scriptures that tell you who you are, you just have to see it. Don’t let the flesh worldview blind you to the truth. Only God’s word will set you free and give you victory.

Like almost everyone else I couldn’t see it, but when I stood before God in my struggling righteousness, lacking confidence and assurance, clinging to the blood, he took away the veil. I could see who I really was, I was complete and perfect, shining like the sun in its fulness. I had oneness with God, He had given me Christ’s life and I was not ashamed. He was God and I was his son. Not His Son Jesus, but me, the unique person of myself, but with His perfect life. The perfect me. My unique personality with His Mind, Heart, Nature and Spirit. When that experience ended, I couldn’t understand how it could be true until I saw it everywhere in scripture. This website exists for one purpose to tell you that you are like that now, it is literal and if you knew it, and could transition your identity, you would live such a different existence. Everything would change.

So who are you?

Are you eating mud? Are you influenced by a familiar spirit thats assignment is to keep you contained, from being to effective? Are you blind to who you really are?

As He is in heaven so are you in this world! (1 John 4:17)

There is real truth and apparent truth. Don’t believe the apparent lies! Remember you will function in this life according to what you feed on and believe. Garbage in, garbage out. So know the truth and it will set you free.

Here are a couple of testimonies to help you see the truth.

  1. Like the sun
  2. Sun out of eyes

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