Three Awakenings – Intro

Three Awakenings

There are 3 main steps to building your correct identity with

You may find this quite a mind slap, whenever apparent truth contradicts real truth there needs to be a paradigm shift to accept it. Work with this and the penny will drop, its a different world view, but from this view point the scripture will come alive, with the standard soul paradigm half of it will be darkened or seem like is gibberish.

Who He is, and who you are now are the most important areas in your life to get right, getting your identity right is the greatest investment you can make to your whole life, invest in it, the whole bible is almost all about this one subject, old and new testament, (you will see it as you go on) this is the number one reason the church as a whole, is divided, weak, confused, carnal and still like babies. Don’t get me wrong, I love my brothers and sisters, they are the children of God but I hate the carnal mind (especially in me), (unless you hate your [old] life, your not worthy of [being in] me) and like Paul said you are living as mere men. They are the sons of God still blinded into thinking they are the sons of man. If only they knew this revelation everything would fall into place.

The reason the enemy attacks here, is because a spirit can not live on this earth without a soul (& Body) blind the soul and you will hinder the spirit.

Two major things we have to learn is (1) who we are now, and (2) how that fits into the life I live now. Scriptures that don’t anchor or hit solid ground in your real world can’t have the power they are suppose to, it becomes blind faith, because you don’t understand how it can be true here in the real world, (even though you know its true with blind faith). Get these three steps right and it will give you a solid real world truth on which to stand. The world is yet to see what God can do with someone wholly committed to Him.

Story of the rich beggar

A beggar who lived on the steps of the grand national bank use to pray every night for God to deliver him from his bondage, as he lay there shivering every night using cardboard boxes in a useless attempt to keep himself warm, he would dream of living in a house, being able to walk confidently down the street with nice clothes on.

Every morning the Bank manager use to kick him off the steps and spray down the area with detergent to remove the stench of the unclean beggar.

One day the bank manager was looking in the financial books when he came across an account setup for this beggar, an inheritance was left for the beggar by a person in their will and it had been sitting unused for three years now. He had over five million dollars in the account. So the bank manager went and told the beggar, he said “what are you doing living here, you are a millionaire”, someone set up an account for you and gifted five million dollars into it. The beggar looked at him and with typical unbelief said, “you’re mistaken, I’m a beggar, who would do that for me, and I don’t deserve anything, I have never done anything in my life of value, I’m not worthy”.

Then the bank manager got a print out and showed him that the late Mr Christos had left him five million dollars… wow is it true? the disbelief, the excitement, the gratitude, the dreams come true, the possibilities.

That very day the beggar withdrew a great amount from the bank, brought new clothes and with cash went and brought a new house, furnished it with new furniture, he was no longer a beggar but an heir of a great fortune.

One month later everything in his world had changed, now he had confidence, power, esteem, right standing, resources, the difference between his two lives was almost immeasurable.

So what actually changed from when he was lying on that mat shivering praying, pleading to God to deliver him from the wretched man that he was? The real truth was he was a heir of a great fortune he just didn’t know it. He lived a beggars life he didn’t have to live, suffering, ashamed, poor, blind (to truth), wretched and naked. The sad thing is it was only a head thing, a knowledge about the truth that he lacked, he was perishing through lack of knowledge. If he had known the truth he would have lived a totally different life, you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

…put on the new man (identity), that is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him Col 3:10

Its a world of difference when you realise what Jesus has done for you, that you are not as you thought you were. Well like the bank manager I have looked into the books (bible) and have found that you are rich in God, you are not the beggar/slave that you thought you were, there is no one in this world richer in God than you.

Three revelations needed… 



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