Stage 1


Stage 1: The Cross – the outer court, foundation of your house!

This is where normal Christianity is based, however God doesn’t want you to stay here, He wants you to build the foundations of your life here, but it was never meant to be you final destination.

At the cross we learn that we are sinners, that we need a saviour, that God has saved us and it cost Him His only begotten son. We learn to put our faith in the finished work, to wrestle with sins that would so easily beset us.

As the snake was lifted up in the wilderness so must the son of man, so we come and look at the snake (symbol of sin) and we realise Jesus became sin for us, and paid for us to be healed.

This is the foundation of your walk with God, the foundation of your eternal life, the foundation on which you the new house is built.

However here you do not find out who you are, apart from I was a sinner saved by grace, here you do not find out the fullness of His salvation for you. Sadly the church is stuck here like a stick in the mud, and through religious fear they do not leave this place, so they are left with just a third of the gospel, and many of the promises that God has promised the church are left dormant and untapped.

If you only have a foundation for a house you can’t move in, you will have to just put up a tent. This place is not meant to be a religious place but so much religion can dwell here, you can bring your sinful works here and be in a cycle of continual sinning, getting cleaned, repenting, the greasy grace of modern Christianity. Those that dwell here are very much in danger of living just as a mere human, this is the number one reason the church is still talking and living like mere humans.

You are called to move on… Awake from your sleep, Arise from the dead (in your faith) and Christ will give you light (Eph 5:14), the cross does not tell us much apart from telling us we need a saviour and that we are saved, it does not tell us what kind of salvation God has saved us into, that we are a new creation, it does not tell us behold the new has come. The resurrection does!

The cross is like the outer court where you the living sacrifice is sacrificed (Rom 12), the inner court is the resurrection and the throne is the holiest of holy place.


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