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This is very important article, following on from the articles, Slaves of Sin and Every Reason.

In transforming your life from glory to glory most Christians go after the soul, however this article shows there are three important stages, three important areas.

Firstly and most importantly the body, then your soul, then your spirit, even though your spirit doesn’t need transformation this is important for your walk on earth.

Whoever sins is a slave to sin, what makes you a slave? Firstly the natural, chemical, and emotional, action and reaction to sin. Then there is the habitual nature that sets your character and identity.  Then there is the moral and psychological responses, guilt, shame, and shrinking back. Then there is the spiritual, the attraction of the enemy, the oppression, habitation of the spirit of this world. Almost every area of the person becomes a slave to that sin, continue in it and it will be entrenched in the brain and heart.

So how do we break slavery to sin? A good place to start is bring it before the Lord, repent, renounce, reject, but these things are lacking without heaven’s power, what is heaven’s power? The Bible says, The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for the pulling down of strongholds. So our weapons are not natural weapons, like counselling, psychology, going cold turkey, straining to break the habits, the slavery. They are God working on our behalf, not natural or carnal.

1 John 5:8, There are three that bear witness on earth, the Spirit, the Water and the Blood. God has shown in the natural these are essential, therefore He is showing us they are “type” of what is essential in the spirit for the Children of God as well.

The Blood is for the body which is the outer court, the water which is the Word, is for the soul.  Blood is natural and cleanses natural, soul is made of word therefore the word cleanses soul, (blood does not), and Spirit is for spirit. all three agree as one and are needed for transformation.

The greatest weapons of our warfare are, the Holy Spirit, using the Blood of Jesus and the Word of God to transform your body and understanding. The Blood of Jesus applied with heart believing faith, breaks every reason why you should be a slave, oppressed, hindered, contained, ashamed, guilty. The Blood of Jesus not only removes every reason for the curse, it establishes every reason for full blessing. We are not taken from minus a million to leave us at just zero, we are taken from minus a million to being given a trillion. From helplessly bankrupt to owning all things, from fully wretched to being given the glory of God.

Where so many Christians get confused is over the soul, and it can be very confusing. The perspective I would like you to grab is; you are a spirit, which is born again with Christ’s life, hidden in Him, you have entered into sinful flesh, (your old life), to have a go at overcoming. Nothing of you is in the old life, even soul is just encoded earth experience in the neurons of the heart and brain. It is only your body that is awaiting redemption.

Everything you have ever experienced in life is encoded in your body from this very second in time backwards, this means an incredible amount of slavery to the elements of this world , natural understanding and sin. You entered your body born-again, a perfect new creation, everything that contradicts that is the encoded slavery, from the natural elements of this world right through to sin.

So the body is encoded with your life experience, this is your greatest enemy if the encodings contradict perfection or Christ, and most probably will, these are just encoded neurons and pathways in your brain and heart, and a spiritual enemy using them against you. The hard way is to try and renew your mind by fighting against these with Word alone, as most try to.

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This is in the body, not the soul, I need you to focus on the body, it is the reason your soul thinks like it does. I want you to understand the body is the problem not the soul. If you stood without your flesh, your identity would change immediately, you would hear and see God clearly, there is an enormous amount of gunk to get past being in this flesh. In this flesh we are fully immersed and fully drowned in it, not only immersed but completely dulled. Sin is making you a slave to imperfection, everywhere from everything you have done that it has taken entry from. You are perfectly righteous but it is holding on to past history, from now backwards, every relationship, every thought, every action, every imagination, sin wants to buffet you. So it is in your body you are to remove the slavery. Once you do, Christ will be manifest on the earth through you, you will manifest spirit without hinderance.

The Tabernacle in the old testament is a picture and type of us, Spirit, Soul and Body.

1. The Outer Court, the Restoration of the Body. Dwelling at the Cross. By using the Blood.

In the outer court, the Priest wash and was made acceptable by the sacrifice, before he went into the Inner Court, once a year he could enter the Holiest of Holy place.

Our body is liken to this outer court, unless your body is washed and made right by the sacrifice it will never obey you the spirit, you the new creation. Unless the ways that are not Christ like, are transformed you will always struggle to win. Everyway that is not perfect in light and love, means the flesh is ruling and you are not.

Jesus said, “He who sins is a slave of sin,” which means the enemy, who is sin and the spirit of this world, comes and maps your thinking and your desires to have place in you. the mapping includes bonds of wickedness, which wraps a person in spiritual bondage, this includes spiritual inhabitants, and doctrines of demons.

Just like the Children of Israel, (who are a type of the born again person), God gave them a land fully inhabited with giants, God said drive them out before you. Unless you drive out the enemies influence in your body, you will never be fully in control, and the enemy will be able to express through your life.

So your body has a lot of infiltration from the spirit of this world, it is what paul says, this body of death, and it says that Jesus came in the likeness of sinful flesh. When the enemy is using your body against you it is called ‘flesh’. So your body is sinful flesh, remove the inhabitants and it just becomes a natural body, (however remember God has condemned sin in the flesh).

Everything you have done that is not perfect gives them place, Jesus removed that place with His blood, but this will need to be enforced by faith or the enemy will be attracted to your actions like flies to something dead.

Does that mean we can keep sinning and applying the blood? That would be a dangerous place to live. But you say… “I’m under grace”, What do you think that means? That you should walk in the flesh and keep sinning? No, God says if you do that you are making yourself an enemy of His. Even though you are a beloved son or daughter in the spirit, when you’re immersed in this body and tricked into allowing it to do evil, you can’t please God. Any grace message that says otherwise is immature and will need to grow up. Yes Jesus made you acceptable, but it is not acceptable to sin and hurt others. Grace is I have made you holy, now walk holy. Not I have made you holy, do what you like Jack! Maybe you can do what you like, but it won’t be pleasing to the Lord, it won’t please you either, just the enemy.

You were not put on earth just to be saved, thats only the starting point, you were put here to learn, to grow and to overcome!

So what needs to be cleansed?

Everything the enemy has access too, makes you his territory, Jesus said those who sin are slaves to sin. So you find your body is not thinking right, acting right, being right, these are the things that need to be cleansed. Every sin is a reason, every fail, every mishap, these things that would proclaim you guilty, ashamed, every wrong thing you sowed, that you will reap. Every sin in every relationship, Everything that doesn’t make you perfect, every lust, every pride, every jealousy, etc. Jesus came to make you free, He needs to remove the powers of darkness from the things you have done, or they will remain and you won’t experience freedom. They are removed by you rejecting them, forbidding them, applying the blood which cancels them and the judgement of them against you.

These things are not you, you are a glorious Child of God, born again and in His image, but they dwell in your body and you want it back. Remember everything that you and your old life has ever done is encoded in neurons within the brain and heart, these will need to be cleansed or the influence will remain. Jesus came to make you free from slavery to sin. Jesus blood makes you free, cancels the power of sin. Unapplied and you will allow that sin, that sickness, that influence to remain. So repent, renounce, apply the blood and make your body free, so you can have full reign in it.

The Bible says walk in the light and the blood will cleanse you from all unrighteousness, however some Christians are so controlled they can not walk in the light. Therefore we should go after these things to speed up the process. Make your body and life blameless by the blood, remove every reason why the enemy can make you his slave.

I personally believe that what needs to be cleansed by the blood, is the different things Jesus paid for, He had a bag put over His head to dull His senses, He was buffeted by the enemy, they said who struck you, we need to apply the Blood to remove the bag off our head, so we can see and hear clearly, we need the crown of thorns removed from our head, the slavery to the cares and riches of this life. Everything Jesus had done to Him was paying for something, the whips on His back, paying for sickness, even the sweat that became great drops of blood in the garden was paying for stress and fear, even the father forsaking Him, these payments set you free from all these things.

This may not be a quick fix for you, it took you your whole life to get into this state, it might take a bit of time to get your body totally free, so get it blameless with the blood, washed with the Word, and filled with the Holy Spirit, every cell, every neuron, every atom. Take your body back!

2. The Inner Court, the Restoration of the Soul. Dwelling at the Resurrection. By using the Water of the Word.

When you dwell applying the resurrection to your thinking it renews your identity, this is the restoration of the soul. When you look and see, “Hey, I am brand new, born again, risen in Christ, just like Christ, with Christ’s life”. This restores your soul. It puts the mind of Christ in your thinking, unless you dwell here you can not abide in the Holy of Holies. For unless your soul has become one with the mind of Christ and the nature of God you can not move on to the ascension, and being seated with Him in heavenly places.

I use to think just renew your identity and it will recode your neurons in your brain and heart, this however is a hard task if the enemy has a lot of place in your body. The transformation that needs to be hard coded in your brain takes too long. People inevitably don’t get to lock in their new identity without the enemy defeating them and pulling them back to what they have always known.

You already have the mind of Christ, take off this flesh and you would experience it immediately, this flesh, this mud is very fallen, it is very poor, very blind, very wretched, very naked. Unless you can bring your new mind into this flesh you will live in the old wretchedness of the Adam creation. Dwelling at the resurrection is one simple way for developing your understanding, growing and changing your thinking from glory to glory. Until the outer man matches the glory of the inner man. Unless you understand Galatians 2:20, so much that it is written exactly how you would have written it, if you were writing the Bible, then you don’t understand His salvation properly and you need to dwell at the resurrection.

What does that mean, dwell at the resurrection?  It means understand what happened when Jesus rose from the dead, understand that you rose in Him, understand it is real, keep understanding until you know you are like Him now, exactly like Him and are inside His life. You are not a dirty sinner hidden in Christ so God will accept you, you are a perfect new creation hidden in Christ but immersed in sinful flesh, when you get that right you will begin to rise from the dead. Lazarus was no more alive when he was bound and smelly that he was loosened and showered.

Remember the whole point of this life is to get a soul, a soul which has the knowledge of good and evil and chooses life! Don’t miss the point by still thinking you are a Adam creation trying to get saved and stay saved, that is not the gospel, the gospel is about a new life, you are a perfect and complete new creation trying to grow by choosing life in the face of all opposition, in a battleground called flesh. Bring it all into alignment with Christ.

3. The Holiest of Holy Place, Dwelling at the Throne, in unapproachable light. By the Spirit. 

This is your home, your dwelling place, your heart of hearts place, dwelling with your Father. You will never be fully satisfied until you dwell with Him here.

Don’t be in a hurry to get to the throne, yes, be in hurry but don’t negate the the work that needs to be done in your body and your soul. Queen Esther was an example of someone who had to prepare for a year before she could enter the Kings chambers, to make herself acceptable.

You may say, rubbish, Jesus made me acceptable. Yes this is true, but we only enter in through the veil of His flesh, I repented when I was in the throne room and I was promptly removed, in the old testament I would have died. It confused me so much, I thought you like repentance?

You can only enter in through the veil of His flesh, Hebrews 10:19-23 says.. Therefore, brethren, having boldness to enter the Holiest by the blood of Jesus, by a new and living way which He consecrated for us, through the veil, that is, His flesh, and having a High Priest over the house of God, let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water. Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.  You have to know you are perfect with His life, you have to bring nothing of Adam, you must renew your understanding or you will offend.

You already dwell with Him here in the spiritual realm, as you are a transdimensional being. You are already seated with Him in heavenly places in Christ, however you can not come in soulically with the mind of Adam only with the mind of Christ. Adam is a stench that offends, Adam can not enter unapproachable light. To dwell here with your soul you must align it to the resurrection, it must be risen from the dead in its identity, it must be one with Christ, for only one person will be saved from the earth and we are risen in Him.

So restore control of your body to you with the blood, restore correct new creation, Christ like identity to your soul,  then you are ready to learn to dwell with God in the fullness of His salvation. You are already at the top of the ladder, its just your faith and thinking thats still at the bottom.

When you dwell at the throne, you learn to rule and reign with Him. You learn the kingdom is yours, you learn you have His authority, you learn you will judge the world, judge angels, when you learn all things are yours. You will be your Father’s child, who is about your Father’s business. When you dwell at the throne, you learn He is indescribably amazing, holy, gentle, loving and life personified in every way. When you dwell with Him you will realize He knows you, loves you, has given you all things, when you dwell with Him you will realize you are in total right relationship with Him, and have always been since you were in Christ, even if your filthy flesh was away doing ungodly things.

So if you were a house, the Cross is your foundation, the Resurrection are your walls and roof, the Throne is your furniture.

Don’t be blind to the battle, start eliminating every place the enemy has in you with the blood of Jesus, learn to process each step of the cross, resurrection and seated at the throne to each area that needs to be risen in your thinking. Are you still sinning? Kill its power with the cross, rise it to new life, Christ’s life at the Resurrection, only then have you chosen life and can dwell at the throne in that area.

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