How to get up carrying His glory


Part 2 of Two Leopards.

So how do you get up carrying His glory.

If you don’t live in a state of carrying the glory of God how do you build that into your walk with God?

I could say it in one line. The Lord is attracted to faith in His finished work.

He is not attracted to you finishing the work, paying for the finished work, or working on attracting Him through self effort.

What is this finished work? Jesus said it is finished! At that moment He had done all He needed to do for you to be forever perfected in Him.

So spelling that out, it means when you said yes to Him, He entered your life and brought you into Himself. He is the Resurrection and the Life, and by bringing you into Him you got born-again, He resurrected you to new life in Him. Meanwhile in your mind all you think you had done was make a heartfelt mental decision to follow Him.  You prayed and said yes to Him, but what really happened is you were forever perfected once He stepped into you, even while you are being made holy. Hebrews 4:19Even while you are winning and losing wrestling with this body’s heart and mind. So in your new life in the spirit you are forever perfected, and in this life you now live in the flesh you are being made holy, even though it might feel like you are not, because you are immersed in the midst of many battles, temptations and trials.

So right now you are forever perfected! Align yourself with this and you will attract God, and live in His glory. In other words, know the truth and it will set you free. That is the finished work!

So when you think of yourself as forever perfected, what thoughts does it bring up in your mind? The thoughts it brings up will show you where your identity is. The thoughts will show you the type of gospel you walk in. Say to yourself, I am “forever perfected”, just imagine if you really believed it, all the stress and striving over your own righteousness would cease, you would have the true gospel without religious striving and strife, security and peace would come, then joy, thanksgiving, love, and freedom.

If you do not understand you are forever perfected, it is because you have your identity still in your flesh life, immerse yourself in teaching like this website and it will show you how you are literally forever perfected right now, even though you are still being made holy. Once you get the understanding, or rather paradigm shift, you would find the paradox of Galatians 2:20 easy to understand. It says… ‘I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me’.. 

Most people think that God’s glory comes upon you the flesh and bone human.

But it doesn’t it comes upon Christ, (and you, as you both live in this body), the body is not you, nor the thoughts in your head and heart, yes some of the thoughts are you, but many of them aren’t. If all the thoughts where you, you would experience a perfect life, people would experience Christ walking amongst them, for you are like Him now, with his life.

So you are in Christ in the spirit, and from there you are living life in your body, the glory is experienced when you believe and align your mind with the truth of what is in the spirit, its called walking in the spirit not in the flesh.

Even though this is a major truth it is only one in your journey with Him. But its a good place to start, so start here, say… “Thank you Jesus that you have forever perfected me!” now see how that wars against your mind, and overcome with it.

Our battle is in the mind, to renew the mind, get your mind right and everything else falls into place. Right now you are forever perfected, even though you are still being made holy.

He has finished the work, walk in it, cast off your own efforts to finish that which you think is not yet finished or complete in you.  Christianity is not about trying to be righteous, it is about a gift, a sacrifice that He has made you righteous in Him.

Romans 10:10. When your heart believes unto righteousness confession is made unto salvation.

So Believe it in your heart, Confess it with your mouth, then it will make you holy, you will experience it, walk in it, and Live it!

It is finished, you are forever perfected! When you know these truths in your heart and walk in them, then you will get up experiencing His presence and glory. You will experience a relationship with Him void of religious striving, void of barriers and blocks.

Just like we wash our body lest it smells of body odor, we need to wash our heart and mind of the flesh’s identity, we should wash everyday or even many times a day if its a stubborn stain, until you re-code your heart and mind with the truth of the finished work of Christ.

Shower your soul from the stench of the Adam identity!

Start with, I am forever perfected!

Then 2 Corinthians 5:21,  I am the righteousness of God…

Then 1 John 4:17, …as He is in heaven so am I on the earth!

You are complete in Him, as He is the Resurrection and the Life. Remember Lazarus was no more alive after He had taken off the death clothes! You are fully complete right now! You are just experiencing the earth lesson of the battle in sinful flesh, trying to overcome the body of death!

This life is short, surely its time to shower and live in the glory!

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