Two Leopards


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The Lord was referring to Jeremiah 13:23, which says, can a Leopard change its spots, can a person who is accustomed to doing evil change their ways. He was saying there are two ways you can get out of bed, one a natural person, and two, clothed in God’s spirit and glory. Although there are many ways to get clothed in God’s spirit, like heart engaging worship, heart engaging prayer, heart engaging tongues etc, here we will focus on the mental choice, the choice of choosing who is going to get out of bed. Choice means its cognitive, its a decision, a mindset, and all that choice is governed from your identity.

So there are ways that you can get out of bed clothed in glory, (this glory is the Holy Spirit), now remember the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Christ, and resides with Christ in you. When you align the outer-man, (your mind and body), with the inner-man, (you the spirit), you will have the presence of God dwelling upon your body. This is alignment is having the mind of Christ, which attracts the Holy Spirit.

However the flesh offends the Holy Spirit, and although you can worship and do other things to encourage the Holy Spirit over your body, the mind and heart that is still in an Adam identity will eventually cause an offence. This offence will grieve the Holy Spirit and He will retreat into Christ within you, (your spirit which is hidden in Christ).  So we need to ensure that the visitation of the Holy Spirit upon your body becomes a habitation. This will only happen if you walk continually in the finished work of Christ, in other words walking in the newness of life. Sure He will never leave you, but He will be grieved and retreat into the new creation inside, as the old creation is controlling and expressing its spots.


Let me ask you, who is getting out of bed? You the born again life, or you, ‘the just as I have always been’, life?

  • You, the new creation or the old creation?
  • You, the newness of life or the natural normal life?
  • You, with Christ’s life or a mere human?
  • You, washed or dirty?
  • You, forgiven or guilty?
  • You, holy or unholy?
  • You, a slave of sin or a king and a priest?
  • You, the spirit or the flesh?
  • You, a son or daughter of Almighty God or a slave of this world?

Each one of these things are a choice and a mindset, because you exist in a soulical state. In other words the differences between these alternatives is just your beliefs. You are always the new creation but your head is thinking its the old creation. You always live where your head is at.

Which mind gets out of bed, is just a choice, either way you are clothed in His grace, but the whole point is we are to learn to overcome, to win over the flesh. God always knew you would have this battle with the flesh and it is seen all through biblical history.

Here are 4 quick examples; showing our flesh warring against our spirit, our old life warring against our new life.

  • Cain vs. Abel, (a type, and example of the battle within, the flesh wars against the spirit, seeking to kill faith).
  • Ishmael first born of Abraham, (born of the flesh), vs. Isaac, (born of the promise, a picture of the born again person).
  • Jacob, (means thief, here is a picture of the flesh), vs. Israel, (means prince of God, picture of the born-again person).
  • Slaves of Egypt, (Egypt is a type and picture of sin), vs. rulers of a new land, (but a land full of giants, armies and cultures), which is a picture of the battle in our soul.


So can a Leopard change its spots? For most of us, it is not one or the other that gets out of bed, its a mixture of all of these, a mixture of flesh and spirit? A mixture of old life and new heart, old habits and new desires.

When the Children of Israel went into the promised land, (note: The Children of Israel are almost a direct example of how you are to live in the spirit, and retake the land of your heart and mind), God said to them, do not allow gentiles into your house, do not marry their sons and their daughters. If we translate that into the spiritual equivalent, the lesson for us who are called to walk in the spirit and not the flesh, it is saying, do not allow your flesh’s and enemy’s sin, to dwell in your mind and heart, do not join yourself to its sins, and take them as your own.

So you have a choice to get out of bed natural and clothed with your former spots, or you can get clothed in His glory and your spots will fade away.

You are not the mix, your life can be a mix but it is your promised land to take back. If you are getting out a mixture, that means you are getting out of bed and so are your enemies. The ones who have mapped your brain and physical heart with things that are not Christ like. This mixture of thoughts and attitudes are the enemies sons and daughters that you have married. And because you have allowed them to live in your house you have mistakenly accepted them as you. These spots are not you, they are your brain and physical heart encoded with sin, and the enemy which is the spirit of this world who wishes to express through you and rule over you.

Say to yourself, I want to get up, not me the body, as a natural human, not the enemy playing with the thoughts in my mind to control me. But I the new creation, the brand new, (Kainos) creation, glorified, holy, complete, hidden in Him, identical to Him, a born of my Father, child of the living God. That’s who I want to get out of bed, not my old life.

This is not just psychology, or strange mental tricks, it is not the same you who are tricking yourself to be something you are not, in fact this is the exact opposite. The brand new you is thinking you are still the old you, and its a lie. All old things have passed away, Behold all things have become brand new. All we are really doing is catching up in our understanding with what happened when He came into us.

Colossians 3:10 says, The new creation is renewed in knowledge after the image of Him who made him. We are just renewing our knowledge to understand that we are just like Him now. How sad it is that we don’t see it, and live it, this means that He doesn’t get the reward of the effects of that knowledge. Normally He just gets the opposite, His offspring are deceived with the Adam mindset, which makes them fearful, religious, sin struggling, weak faithed Christians, barely little more than, poor, blind, wretched and naked.


Let’s renew our knowledge.

How? We need to catch up and build our knowledge with the Word of God. Colossians 3:10 is talking about renewing your internal self image after His image, our identity.

Our identity is the pivot point. Your life turns on your identity, this is the difference to who gets out of bed. When you understand, and believe you are the new creation then you will begin to map that in your brain and heart, this will transition your internal self image to be like Him.

It is like a bridge you have to walk across, you will always live out of who you really think you are, you will always default to the internal self image within.

God says in 2 Corinthians 3:18; paraphrased, if you want to go from glory to glory, you must behold Him as in a mirror. In other words see that you are like Him, right now, not just someday, right now. For you are hidden in Him, and one with Him, why? because He translated you into Him, and rose you up with Him, if you could look into a spiritual mirror you would see Him. Can you see that the more you did this and understood this truth you would transform your inner self image to be identical to Him. This is the bridge you have to cross, you will not reach the other side until it becomes your true heart believed, internal self image.


So who is getting out of bed tomorrow, who is getting out of bed for the rest of your life?

Will you allow that which is dead to arise with you? Arise with you every morning, because if you allow it, you are saying it is you, then you will allow its unclean ways.
God said don’t allow that which is unclean into your house, don’t eat unclean things, don’t allow gentiles into your house, don’t marry their sons and daughters. Of course none of these things we are talking about here are physical or from the physical realm, but they are a picture of not cohorting with the kingdom of darkness or its stuff. In other words the enemies word and spirit.

When you entertain the enemies word and spirit, the enemy rests on you, you will feel him for a week or two then you won’t feel him anymore, as he will become one with your normal. Don’t allow the enemy to reside on your flesh, these are not your spots, you are the righteousness of God right now on the inside, not by faith, not by position but in truth, you are like Him right now, renew your knowledge of this with the word of God.

They are not your spots, but they are your battle, now keep your identity pure and go take the promised land of your soul, kill these giants, don’t be afraid of them, the Lord is with you in this battle over the flesh. The battle is close quarters, you use a sword against the enemy’s sword, in other words, God’s word against the enemies’ word. Arise child of God, all of creation is waiting for us to be manifest.

Remember momentum, getting your true identity right, walking in His complete grace and fighting the fight and overcoming. We don’t enter the promised land just to sit down and have a picnic, there is a land to take, battles to battled, victories to be had. No matter how difficult your battle is, He says you are more than a conqueror in Him, use His power not yours.

Remember true freedom is not just being able to sin and still being right with God, true freedom is be totally free from sin. Whoever sins becomes a slave of sin. You will never be really free until you become a slave of righteousness. Don’t accept sins spots anymore, they are a lie you are believing as you.

It is time to stop living as a mere human. lets go!

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