How To Have Great Faith


When people look at the cross and Jesus hanging on it, some see things that others do not see. Some reach the heights others don’t. Some it transforms them others still doubt. What do you see?

Looking at the work Jesus did at the cross and resurrection can take you from your current position, all the way to dwelling at the throne of God, like Him, as a literal child of God.

We have all been given a measure of faith, but some split their measure into believing counter faith options.

The options contrary to faith are ideas that God can’t, that God is not willing. They make doctrines of why it wont happen. If that is so then your faith is in it will happen and it wont happen, this is called doubt.

Faith is simply I know that I know! When you only believe, not blindly, but because you see what happened at the cross and resurrection. Then all your faith is in believing, you have purged or overridden the ideas contrary to faith so much that you know.

Of course we can not know anything, but we can believe with such a wholeness there is no room for doubt, its called faith, wholehearted believing.

When Jesus hung on the cross He did three things according to Isaiah 53.

1. Our Spirit. He paid for everything that stopped you having eternal life. That means every sin, every flaw, every imperfection, every taint or hint of imperfection, so much so that you become the same righteousness of God.

But you might say “thats great, but I just sinned again, oops and again”, you might say, “everything i do is imperfect”, and you would be right. But Jesus never paid for your sins, He paid for all SIN, He is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the whole world. That means every sin that will ever be done in the world. This includes sin you did before you were saved, from then to now, and from now until you leave this planet. Hebrews 10:14 says, ‘He has forever perfected those who are (still) being sanctified’.

2. Our Soul. He paid for everything that stops you from having peace with God. That means every torment of the mind and heart. Things like shame, and guilt, fear of judgement, the law of sin and death that condemns you. Anything that grieves you and robs your peace, Jesus paid for. This includes the demonic that oppress and torment, everything to do with our sorrows and griefs and peace.

3. Our Body. Jesus carried our infirmities, and our diseases, every cell that is out of place, every poison that afflicts you like preservatives, heavy metals etc..  Everything that robs your health Jesus took on the cross.

So how come I don’t have peace or health? Because you are in a faith covenant, this covenant is received by faith, appropriated by faith, accessed by faith. The only lock God has on the door to His stuff like healing, deliverance is called faith. It is all found in the room of faith. What is faith? Faith is knowing the truth and the truth will set you free.

There are hundreds of rules in the old testament for getting stuff, but in the new testament there are two, Believe and Thank You, (in other words receive). Believing always comes before receiving, but you say, “I got healed when I didn’t believe”, then the simple truth is someone believed for you.

There are two main ways to get anything from God’s provision.

1. Believe that you can have it, that it is yours or at least available to you, take it. See the woman with the issue of blood Luke 8:43-48, Jesus never healed her, she took it. God doesn’t have locks on His doors. So 1. is take it!

2. That God will give it, here you must believe that He is willing and able. That God wants to, God is able to.

Why does God place all His provision in the room of faith? Because He wants you to know the truth about Him. All this kind of faith is, is knowing the truth about God on any given subject. He wants you to know Him.

Jesus wouldn’t give a sign because they wouldn’t believe the truth for the truth’s sake. In the last days God will allow a great delusion to come for all those who won’t receive a knowledge of the truth, it maybe the theory of evolution, it maybe a UFO comes down and says “I am he”, (if that happened it would be the antichrist whom the whole world accepts).

The bible says truth bears witness of itself, we just believe the truth because we know its the truth. God has got you on earth to learn faith, hope and love, everything here is designed to produce faith, hope and love. These are produced in the caldron of the opposites, namely selfishness, doubt and fear.

So when you look at the cross and the resurrection what do you see? Does it set you free? Does it heal you? Does it make you like Him? Does it enable you to dwell in the holiest place, in unapproachable light?

Great faith comes from seeing what God did in Christ and working that truth into yours and others life!

Go again and see what He did, then only believe and purge out the alternatives.

 For a simple example see this story… Healed Ear

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