Every Reason


Jesus was punished for every reason.

On the cross Jesus has taken every reason for you to be oppressed, cursed, sick, poor, blind, wretched, naked. Every reason why you should bow your head in shame, every reason why you should carry guilt, every reason why you should be judged, condemned. Every reason why you should hide from God. Every reason why sin can conquer you, reside in you, oppress you, play with you, dominate you.

There is no reason why the enemy can bind you with bonds of wickedness, sit on your mind, cloud your eyes, conquer your soul. There is no authority he can adhere to, no rule book he can pull out, no law he can quote. The blood of Jesus cancels it all, by paying it in full.

Jesus took every reason why God should be angry with you. Paid for every reason why God should turn His back on you. Every reason why He should be cool towards you, distant, unloving, embarrassed, unproud, frowning, inactive. Jesus took and paid the penalty for every reason why God would be unsupportive, withholding, disappointed, disillusioned with you.

I asked God where He was when I was going through struggles, I thought he was distant, reserved, judgemental, then He showed me a vision of HIm inside me, encouragingly speaking to my heart, egging me on, supporting me, saying you can do it son, overcome! He was actually very active and very close to me, much closer than I ever imagined.

You therefore have full peace with God, no matter your failing. If you don’t have peace with God, contemplate the cross until you realize you are fully blessed, fully free, fully right with God.

If it is paid for in full then it is paid for in full, if it is finished, then it is finished, and you are free.

Need to apply by faith.

The only reason why your oppressed and struggling is because you have not applied the work of Calvary, you have not applied the cross, the blood, the enforcement. It is done by faith not passively hoping. Revelations 12:11, And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death. Of course the testimony it mentions is not, I was saved when I was four years old etc… it is the testimony in regard to the blood of the lamb, for example… I am free, I am saved, I am healed, God loves me.  

Romans 10:10, when the heart believes, confession brings salvation to you. So only believe, speak it out and fight the enemy with it.

Hebrews 4:2 says, but the word which they heard did not profit them, not being mixed with faith in those who heard it.

You are not in a natural covenant, you are in a faith covenant, nothing happens in this covenant unless by faith.

So you say “I am not free”, it could be because you are still living under the ministry of condemnation which Moses brought, condemnation comes through the law but grace and truth comes through Jesus Christ. The enemy uses this law as a sneaky way in. In the invisible realms the enemy rewires your life, this is called “the bonds of wickedness”, which include soul ties, and other connections. The aim is to make your body free from these cords of oppression and the inhabitants that think they can dominate you.

Full Grace!

If you don’t believe the grace message, just look at the cross, it will show you the grace message right there, all the way to total favor. With complete bondage and failure you can go all the way to lifting your face to God because you see He has paid for every reason why you would be ashamed. You can look Him in the eye with all your failing, because you see there is nothing left unpaid for. This is called grace, and it is totally inspite of your performance. So believe what He has done for you, this is the performance that God desires, then and apply it with prayer and confession. Apply the word with faith and get set free from sin’s power and oppression. The goal is freedom and wholeness, not a free licence to walk in the flesh and continue sinning.

There is no reason.

Jesus has defeated everything, by paying the full price for the whole world. There is no reason why the enemy would not obey you, there is no reason why heaven would not back you up. There is no reason why you should not be healed, whole, free, abundant in resources, fruitful, blessed, victorious, joyful, living in full abundant life!

He has paid for you to be free, it is yours, He has paid for you to be healed, it is yours. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal or natural, but they are mighty in God for the pulling down of strongholds. Activate heaven by prayer, remember your weapons are mighty in God, not natural like psychology and striving etc.

Apply the blood with faith, Believe God to do the work.

Your body has become His body!

When you took communion you demonstrated your faith that He was your portion, your sacrifice, you ate His flesh and drank His blood. You took His blood into you and flesh by faith, this means He is one with you.

When you were baptised you brought your body into the covenant, your spirit is brought in to Christ when you are born again and body is brought in through Baptism and communion. Therefore the blood of Jesus flows around your veins by faith, because your body is the body of Christ, you are flesh of His flesh and bone of His bone, Ephesians 5:30. Of course this is a spiritual, legal thing not a natural thing.

So the blood that paid for everything can be applied to your whole life, to every cell, every atom. Even your memories, and all the events of your life, your thoughts and desires. How? Because your soul history and experiences are stored in the neurons in your heart and brain, you can wash the record, blood wash the encoded thoughts and attitudes.

How to transform yourself with His blood!

There are three who bear witness on earth, Blood, Water, Spirit, these three things are what transform you, the blood to cleanse and release, the water which is the word, to heal and make whole and the Spirit to use them both to bring life to you. So work with God, by applying the blood and the finished work of Calvary by faith.

If you really got this, and worked this promise right and you could be the most healed, most holy, most cleansed, freest, empowered person on earth. Not only did Jesus pay for the reasons why not, He paid for the reason why yes, in other words not only did He take the cursing, He paid for the blessing. Took you from the wrong end of the scale and provided all the way to the God end of the scale.

There can be no sin, there can be no oppression, the blood cancels every debt, every inhabitation, every power. The Holy Spirit will quicken your mortal body, as the water can only go where the blood has been.

The blood of Jesus is the most precious powerful thing in the universe to bring sons and daughters from the darkness into oneness with His light. To remove every slavery to sin, to remove every oppression. This is what it means, John 8:36, He who the son sets free is free indeed.

Remember He has paid for every reason! So apply the provision, the promises, fight the good fight of faith. Sow to the spirit and keep sowing.

Go ponder the cross.

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