Becoming Blameless


This article shows you how to set yourself free from bondage.

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We need to remove the bondage of where the enemy has place in our body and soul. This bondage has been built up over our lifetime by everything we have done that is not perfect.

Jesus said, “He who sins is a slave to sin”, so have you ever wondered why you can’t live perfectly? Have you ever struggled with sin or something your heart tells you is wrong, and you can’t seem to get free of it?

When we sin the enemy says thanks I will have this place in you. Thank you for inviting me in, you are now my territory.

What happens when we sin is we actually switch spirits. We can be going along great in God and then when we get near that area in our life that a different spirit rules, temptation occurs, and we have a choice to stay strong or switch spirits and start functioning in sin. For an example, if lust rules our eyes, we can be walking nicely in God’s Spirit but when we look at an attractive person we switch spirits and with a lustful eye, check out their body. Why? Because that part of our body is owned by a spirit of the world. You may say thats just natural, Yes, you are right, and Jesus wouldn’t do it. You may say, walk in the spirit and you will not fulfil the lust of the flesh, and I agree with you. However most Christians are not at this place of continual victory. Another example is, if we are walking nicely in God’s Spirit then when our spouse offends us, a spirit of offence raises its ugly head and we switch into a different spirit which we all know is not Christ like.

These are the death clothes of Lazarus, the things that make you think you are still dead, or said differently, still just a mere fallen sinful human. We are not sinful humans hidden in Christ as most would have you think, we are perfect new creations (In Christ) hidden in sinful flesh.
What is actually happening is your brains thought pathways is like a land with roads, territories, highways and regions. It is like different warlord’s rule different regions. These warlord’s are thoughts and desires, and most likely a spirit. Our brains and hearts are inhabited by thoughts that were laid down by a spirit, the spirit of this world. These spirits are not massive big demons, they are like flies, (Satan is Lord of the flies), when you come to their region you come under their rule.

The more you remove the rule of the flesh and the enemies bondage out of your body, the more you, (who are likened to Lazarus), will be free. But note; though you be free or fully bound you’re no more alive or risen from the dead, you will never be more glorious than you are now.
So once a Christian you will never be more perfect than you are now, even if you’re fully demon oppressed and shooting drugs up your arm, you will just be more free. We are all in His perfect life now, you just may not be able to see that yet!

How does God show this in the natural realm? The sun is always shining, but sometimes the clouds are in the way, either get above the clouds or move them aside, then you can see the light, the heavens and the heavenly bodies, the land becomes brighter, warmer, things grow, etc.

Removing the Bondage. 

Here are a few ways to take back the land.
Remember that the goal is freedom, there are many ways to that freedom.
The traditional way is….
1. Repent, renounce, resist, rewrite, (Discipline).
2. Get deliverance and recode, (Get loosed, Resist).

Though these ways are good, religion can easily take them over and get you bound up in do not taste, do not touch, do not handle.

I want to show you another way.

God said drive out inhabitants before you. (the Children of Israel being our exact example).

Remove the Enemy’s Authority.

I personally feel the presence of God 24/7, however I noticed once that when I crossed my conscience I couldn’t feel the presence of God. Which fits the traditional Christian view of, you sinned and offended God. But I was curious… So next time I sinned I kept myself blameless with the blood of Jesus even though I never repented of that sin, remember sin is crossing your conscience, and guess what happened? the presence of God never left me. So you could deduct two things from that, 1. My sin wasn’t big enough to offend God, or 2. Its not God who moves but us, we like Adam hide ourselves through our own self judgement.

Here is the usual process of sin and the way the enemy finds place.. Note this is in regard to a Christian.
Sin produces self judgement because our heart condemns us, which produces guilt, then shame, then rejection, condemnation and finally bondage.

There are two ways to be free; 1. Be ye perfect, or 2. Insert grace into the mix.

There are two ways people apply grace.

  • 1. If you Sin, then repent and apply the blood of Jesus, (but beware, there is a trap of best foot forward, self righteousness here).
  • 2. If you Sin, don’t come under the law of sin and death, remain blameless, why?because He took the blame, grace means unqualified, unearned, like Romans 4:5.

I personally believe a life of continual repentance is totally wrong especially if it’s repentance unto righteousness. We repent from knowing we are righteous. We are not a sinner hidden in Christ to make us acceptable, we are a perfect new creation in Christ immersed in sinful flesh.
If Lazarus’s bondage abounds we can experience just as much sin as our former life, so it is understandable people think they are mere sinful humans under grace.

So here are some workings to help your faith, remember all God’s action towards you is either by a gift coming upon you or your expectation drawing on God’s supply, which is your personal faith. This personal faith is God’s desire, the gift is only to help those weak in faith. Like Jesus said you need no one to teach you, then he sent teachers. It is because of the individuals lack that he sends external help.

Here are some perspectives to battle from to keep yourself Blameless.

Pick a sinful region in your life…

1. Apply grace. .. I am blameless because Jesus took the blame. I am free from the law of sin and death. Free from judgement and death. So get away from me. .. Romans 8:1,2.

2. Apply the work of calvary hidden in Christ. For example…
I was judged guilty, I was crucified for this sin, I was placed in a tomb, it is paid for. I have risen with the judgement and punishment paid in full. I am free and blameless. … Now drive them out and stand your ground. Galatians 2:20, Romans 6:4, Colossians 3:1, 1 John 2:21.

3. I am the body of Christ, flesh of His flesh and bone of His bone. He is totally blameless, therefore you have no place in this body, get out now. … Ephesians 5:30, 1 Corinthians 6:15.

4. Dwell at the resurrection, accept nothing of the old life, until you have risen in your thoughts and identity. Ephesians 4:24, Colossians 3:10.

Now traditional ways….

5. Confess sin, purge your heart, purify your hands, humble yourself in the sight of the Lord. 1 John 1:9, James 4:8.

6. Flood yourself with the Holy Spirit and guard your heart and mind carefully, resist the devil and he will flee from you. James 4:7.

7. Get deliverance or self deliver by renouncing and rejecting, confessing God’s new truth.

8. Stay zoned in worship and loving the Lord, never moving when tempted.

These are not the only ways, and some are weaker than others for getting results.
Remember the aim is to get Lazarus’s bondage off you. I personally believe that you must become blameless by grace not by the works of your repentance, Living perfect is the goal, but by grace not effort or you will fall into a trap of always putting your best foot forward to being accepted, which is also called self righteousness.

Remember you are blameless in Him because He is blameless. You are Hidden in Him, with His life, you have been born again in Him, baptised or immersed into Him, you are as He is right now, to say that one day you will be glorious is to say that He is not glorious for He is your life and you live your new life from within Him. You are in Him, like Him, but you are also in this flesh, immersed into your old sinful body to overcome it. Overcome it, hear the voice of the resurrection and the life, He is calling you to awake, rise from the dead and He will give you light. Come out of your tomb Lazarus, remove the bondage, its not you, you are brand new, all old things have passed away, BEHOLD, all things have become new.

Don’t try and become one with Him, you already are one with Him, this is the gift of Calvary. So from being one with Him, drive out the bondage!

Remove their authority, break the slavery by making yourself blameless and drive them out, its your land and you want it back! If you only knew who you really are right now, everything would change. You are like Him hidden in your sinful body! Awake!!!

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