Guerrilla warfare

Guerrilla Warfare

Guerrilla warfare.

The most effective warfare is guerrilla warfare because the enemy is unknown, it could be anyone, they hide among the friendly’s, they all look the same dress the same and blend in. So the Americans found in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. The spirit of this world who is your enemy, works the same way by trying to look like your friendly’s, like your thoughts, act like your thoughts, you may have thought they were your thoughts since the day you got born-again but they weren’t they never have been since then. So you have to bring every thought captive and understand they are not yours.

  • Those sinful desires…. not yours.
  • Those sinful thoughts…. not yours.
  • Those sinful habits…. not yours.

Everyone of them from your old soul and the spirit of this world that tries to use them to make you small and crippled. They are no more your thoughts than the Hittites thoughts were the Children of Israel’s when the Hittites were ruling in one of the promised cities. Those thoughts are no more yours than if you hopped into a dogs body for a day and had terrible desires to sniff lamp posts or other horrible things. You would know those thoughts were not yours, but because you have not known what happened at Calvary, you are living a dogs life.

Realize you have left Egypt and you are no longer a slave!

When you know who you really are it will become much easier as you will identify the guerrilla warfare quicker, and kill those thoughts. Its about time you realized who you are and make a stand against such things trying to express in your members.

So do I take responsibility for sin within me!

Well you allowed it, you have to take the responsibility, just like Joshua repented before the Lord because of the sin within the camp. Joshua didn’t do it, Achan did, but once Joshua repented He went out and judged and killed Achan.

So kill the sin within you. Do not allow it in your camp, or even a better way to look at it as allowing a rotting corpse in your bed, its not you its a dead thing you’re allowing to live with you! Don’t you know what manner of spirit you are, what place has Christ with sin?

Don’t allow it to niggle at you, throw the rock at it, stoning it to death! Christ is the rock, His work is the weapon of our warfare. Proclaiming what Jesus did at Calvary this is theĀ word of our testimony! (Revelation 12:11, 19:10).

The key is stay at the resurrection.

Jesus didn’t come out with error and either did you because you were in Him. Just as He is so are you, perfect, now! not after you have done something, you are not changing anything but your faith and growing in knowledge of the finished work.

If you get confused, go back to the resurrection and look at who He is, for your life is hidden in Christ in God, you are identical whatever His testimony is (apart from being God and paying for all sin), so your testimony is, He doesn’t have any sinful habits and either do you!

Its so exciting!

Don’t get all guilty or condemned, stand up and fight, be who you really are in Him. The exciting thing is no where and at no other time in all eternity can you have such an awesome opportunity to overcome sin, you have maybe millions or billions of beings trying to tempt you, there job it to temp, they really do want to make you disconnected and dysfunctional, they work on it day and night, crouching, waiting, planning, scheming.

The marvellous opportunity you have on this earth is to actually overcome it! To win! To conquer, Jesus has already broken their power and set you free (if you know the truth). You have an opportunity to win!

The sons of God are winners, you are but you might not know it yet, I promise you that you are! get that old soul off you, get under it and kick it off! (of course you have to be born-again first if you’re not already).

So make a stand,

  • They’re not your thoughts! they’re from the old creation!
  • It is not you!
  • They are not your desires!
  • Separate soul from spirit!
  • Get those thoughts out of your heart (choice centre, control room).
  • It is only software, so recode it!

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