The Battle


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When we study this life, and what it is to live in this flesh, we see we have one consciousness but it is fed from two sets of thoughts, desires and attitudes. That is one consciousness made of thoughts, desires and attitudes but from two totally different sources. However because it is one consciousness it feels like both sources are us.

Your flesh’s thoughts, desires and attitudes, which include habitation of the enemy who owns those ideas, and your spirit’s thoughts, desires and attitudes, which is made up of the mind of Christ and the Holy Spirit.

These two are at war, they both coexist in one conscious state, why? Because you the new creation have entered the body you dwell in and have entered into the old life’s domain. The old life is gone but the machine trained by the old life is very much alive and demanding. You have come to take over. You have come to drive out all that is not Christ like. You do not allow the flesh to rule, and if you do you will feel unclean, yucky. This article is written to address how you take back control of the flesh.

The Battle.
So you have allowed the flesh to rule and you want to take back control. Maybe you are feeling unclean? Maybe oppressed, or flat, carnal, guilty, whatever it doesn’t matter.

We start by injecting correct thoughts, attitudes and desires, remember its new soul vs old soul, (old soul is dead but its encoding is still in your flesh, brain and physical heart).

It’s thoughts against thoughts, attitudes against attitudes, desires against desires, and most important of all its heart against heart, and identity against identity, for it was your incorrect identity that allowed you to walk in the flesh in the first place.

Remember who you are.

Firstly we must remember who we are in the spirit, we are in Christ, we are one with Him, just as He is one with the Father. So we are clean, perfected, washed, holy, secure, righteous. God is as much for you as He is for Jesus.
You might not know what you are like in the spirit, you might have walked fleshly your whole Christian life? You might be weak in word, and weak in heart. No matter, we will attempt to make you strong.

To know what you are like, look at the risen Christ. Not His flesh, but everything else about Him. No matter whether you are male or female, this is true for in the spirit there is neither. He is holy, godly, risen, forgiven, glorious, etc. .. None of these things have anything to do with gender. So behold Him and realize you are seeing who you are now.

You may have walked in the flesh so much you don’t even know if you love Him, it might feel hollow and fake to say “I love you God”, but I tell you, in the spirit when you are untainted, uncontrolled, unclouded by flesh you love Him 100%. This is what we purposely and deliberately are wanting to bring into your dwelling place. That is the thoughts and attitudes of the spirit. Remember is thoughts against thoughts. We need to separate old from new, clean from unclean, life from death, flesh from spirit. Like Hebrews 4:12 says, divide soul from spirit, I am told in the greek it literally means, soul from soul, and spirit from spirit. In other words old word and spirit from new word and spirit.

Glory to glory.

So we are deliberately going to inject spirit thoughts into your conscious life. If you allow the mix that is there to continue you won’t change from glory to glory, you won’t be renewed in knowledge and you will live a lesser life. Missing the battle you were sent to fight is missing the purpose He has you here on earth, you will not live how you the new creation ought to live, you will be deceived by a lie all your life. You are as He is, and you have been given an inhabited land to take, you are fully emersed in this land, it’s called your body, heart and mind.

In one realm there is perfection, wholeness, life, this is the spiritual realm which you co exist in now, as you are an inter dimensional being. This realm is with in you and it enters this physical dimension through your heart. This is true of the Kingdom of darkness, with one main difference, there is nothing good in that realm. Both are at war and battle it out in the spirit of this realm, through living things. This physical realm is a mixture of the two. But because we are born from above, born again Children of God we need to purge our hearts and minds of the enemy’s thoughts, desires and attitudes. It’s the enemy’s word and spirit vs. God’s Word and Spirit. It is true of both sides, wherever their word is, there their spirit is too.

Feels like you.

Sure it feels like you, when the enemy gets place in you and resides there it will become your normal, his thoughts will feel like your thoughts. You are not the flesh even though you are fully immersed in it. You are not your body, it is your body but it is not you, it is a house, a tent, a battleground for you to have your earth lesson.

Going forward.

So overcome error with right heart, right identity, right desires, right attitudes, right thoughts, kick out the gentiles, stop eating that which is unclean, break off marriages and covenants with the enemy. Of course I am talking about spiritual things not natural things, these things are things of thoughts, attitudes and desires. Not certain types of food, relationships or people groups. The instructions God gave the Children of Israel were the physical example of our spiritual battle over thoughts, attitudes and desires. So don’t break off your marriage, worry about the food you eat, or even kick people out of your house, I am talking metaphorically.
The Bible says purge your heart, purify your hands, it says put on the new man, it says bring every thought captive.

Drawing on life. 

We need to bring the life, the beauty, the perfection from our home (in the spirit) into the flesh. The Word must become flesh. We must crucify our flesh, again I am talking about thoughts, desires and attitudes, not crucify your body.

How do we bring into this conscious life the spirit thoughts, desires and attitudes?

By flooding your life with them, flood your identity with the new life truth, flood your heart with heavens heart, flood your thoughts with His thoughts, your desires, with His desires, the spirit of your mind with His spirit. Flood and keep flooding until like in Noah’s day everything that can’t live under the water dies. The flood here is a picture of God’s anointing to cleanse, what can’t live under His living water will die. It rained 120 days, so the example here is if you will reign 120 days then you would have removed all the inhabitants of your land.

How? Pray in heart engaging tongues, worship Him, know it is finished and you are like Him, renounce, reject, repent everything in your experience that is not like Him.

Total Grace.

Remember you are under complete grace to win and to lose, to defeat, and if you get it wrong, be defeated. There is no condemnation, He will never leave you or forsake you because He can not deny Himself, as you are one with Him. This winning and losing is part of your earth lesson in obedience and victory over sin.

Don’t marry it.

Just don’t stay there accepting sin as you, its not, don’t love it, I tell you the truth, in the spirit you hate it, you want nothing to do with it, so dont make excuses to keep it, it is your greatest enemy not your friend or companion. They say if you open your hand, it only takes a little amount of water will cleanse it, but if you close your hand tight all the water in the world can’t cleanse it. Dont hide sin in your heart, don’t allow it in you, it will oppress you, and make you its slave, sin is a spiritual being and he wants to rule over you.

Start now by washing your thoughts with the truth. Romans 10:10 says when your heart believes, confession brings it into this realm, (paraphrased by me). So know, (and confess), the truth and it will set you free.

He loves you and knows your battle, He has strategy to win, take time to inquire of Him, see how the Children of Israel kept messing up running ahead of God, it is not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord. So hear and obey, know who you are now, arise and shine this is your day, this is your hour to be alive.

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