1. Mind = is not your soul, part of your soul, which you were a living soul but now you only have one, mind is like software on a computer, it is the talk that is produced by the automatic supercomputer in your head called your brain. Five trillion neurons able to chatter at approx sixty billion calculations a second. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind etc… recoding the neurons.

  • Trained by old life,
  • Un-renewed,
  • Disobedient
  • Flesh
  • Old man
  • Old Identity
  • Memories
  • Chatter of the brain
  • Becomes renewed as you walk in truth

2 = Un-renewed Soul

  • Add mind (thoughts) and heart (desires and emotions) and you get soul
  • Is the essence of the whole being
  • Personality, nature (heart) and thoughts of your first life
  • Soul is like software, thoughts and desires
  • Blood of Jesus is over body and soul for protection (Goshen)
  • Forgiven, blood covered to protect first born from judgement of God, lest God gives it what it deserves
  • Needing to be saved, renewed, converted
  • Adopted
  • Grace of God is upon
  • Will get judged, anything that can not enter life will be burnt up

3= New Soul

  • Remember soul is the total sum of adding mind and heart together,
  • The sum total of the whole holistic being
  • Soul = nature
  • Mind of Christ, spiritual
  • New Heart, spiritual
  • New Divine Nature, soul
  • Incorruptible life from God
  • Christ
  • New soul is totally spirit,

Because the earth soul is what God is saving, all references to soul below I will be using it for the term as first life.

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