Part 4: Heart, spiritual.

  • as above.
  • desire storehouse of the spirit, Christ.
  • Heart = Part of Spirit, desires.
  • The heart is not the spirit that is why the bible mentions them both together so many times.
  • It says new heart and a new spirit, (Ezek 26:36, 18:31, 11:19).
  • New heart as it is part of the new spirit,
  • Interchangeable in scripture many times.

Heart Physical.

  • Firstly the heart is the key to your living state, it is the most important place of all, it is the battle ground and the ground the enemy goes after, if he can get you there he can control your life.
  • Secondly you have a new heart as it is part of your new spirit, but even though it is new you can be blocked out by you becoming tricked by sin, and become confused and unbelieving (physical heart), the Holy Spirit must dwell here for you to win, Christ must dwell here by faith, God has already written His laws on your new heart, now walk in it.
  • The natural heart is the only other organ in the human body that has brain cells (neurons), it is the store house of desires and emotions, that is why when people get heart transplants they gain/change many desires, one guy who hated classical music before his heart transplant and couldn’t stop playing it after, [he was given the heart of a composer]. So when you the new inner life finds you have desires from your old life know its just the encoding of your old life and not really you at all. So purge it of the old, or even new physical encoding that is from sin.

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  • Like a door or a patio.
  • Must be clear for spirit to flow out of.
  • In Solomon’s temple it was the patio of the holiest of holy place.

Heart = Joining place of spirit and soul.

  • Heart is the docking station for the spirit.
  • Middle ground where spirit meets body.
  • It is the place where heaven meets earth.
  • Where spirit joins to natural.
  • Enables spirit to join to a mind (software) and live in a body.
  • Where a spirit can be a conscious physical being.
  • Conscious part of life.
  • Heart is your consciousness (and sub consciousness?).
  • You the perfect new creation join to imperfection here,
  • Physical heart is not you, you are the spirit, the un-renewed soul is not you, it is software, it is an earth taught lesson (earth lesson = only place in universe you can be taught about sin, error etc) it must be saved, remembered, it is very valuable, don’t loose it!

Heart = A marriage between spirit and soul.

  • Heart mimics a marriage between a man and woman, they must be agreed.
  • The two become one, you are both spirit and soul as one.
  • Heart is a marriage of soul and spirit, (why God gave us marriage to show this?).
  • You are two beings become one.
  • You are both a living soul and a life giving spirit.
  • You are God and man joined as one, a brand new kind of creation.

Like a natural marriage.

  • Man = Spirit, Female = Soul.
  • Will not work unless both agree, only works when there is love and peace.
  • Can be arguments, conflicts, battle of wills,
  • Soul to submit to spirit.
  • Spirit to love soul.
  • Soul to respect spirit.
  • Spirit head of soul.
  • Soul to take identity of spirit.
  • Soul wants to be rescued.
  • Soul is mirror of spirits love.
  • Spirit lays down life for soul.
  • Heart is relationship between two.
  • Unhappy unless both prosper.
  • Unless both walk in unity.
  • Adam easily led by soul (eve).
  • We all died in Adam in other words all died in spirit.
  • Soul must take on the God of spirit and forsake false gods.
  • Soul is focused on detail, spirit on overview.
  • Soul is a gentle, Spirit is warrior.
  • Sex in marriage is same as worship in new creation.
  • Soul is a reflection/responder of spirit.
  • What God has joined let man not separate,
  • Why did God put the man in authority in the marriage because he is a picture of the spirit.
  • However word of God is able to divide between soul and spirit, regarding the thoughts and intentions of the heart. Word of God guides your consciousness to realise that, that was soul desires not spirit.
  • Exactly the same picture as Christ and church.

So why a new heart?

  • Old heart was deceitfully wicked but you now have a new heart.
  • God said I will give them a new heart and new spirit.
  • New relationship ground.
  • Its new because its part of your spirit which is new.
  • New decision making from a life giving spirit, rather than life taking.
  • Old one was self centred, because it was connected to a fallen self centred spirit.
  • New desires, to give life, that’s why its the children of God doing [or desiring to do] all the good things in the world, they want to give life, life giving spirit.

Heart = Free will, choice centre.

  • Heart can do wrong as it is like the Mr Speaker in the parliament debating chamber.
  • The heart is the debating chamber.
  • Heart is where two wills join, to decide and walk together.
  • All action from heart is agreed by heart, a lot of action the spirit is not happy with but the soul is to wilful, loud, sin within sinning.
  • Will.

Heart = Controller, Planner, Decider, Will of the being.

  • Heart is the control centre, it gets requests from the soul and body continually, it is the heart that say yay or nay, sometimes the heart gets tricked by sin the deceitfully wicked thing that it is, so needs to be purged again. Best way to purge your heart is repent or recant wrong desires from un-possessed soul and body and get correct identity.
  • This is where you separate soul from spirit, until you have possessed the land.
  • Can be over run with corruption from soul.
  • That is why a Christian can walk in the flesh.
  • Guard this, this is where you dwell.
  • This is where you battle with the flesh (wrong software, viruses etc).
  • Place where the spirit overcomes sin, darkness, doubt, fear etc…. a place of challenge to overcome, a promised land to conquer, a garden to til.

Heart = Cleans the sacrifice.

  • Everything has to go through the heart, be thought of or agreed with by the soul for action in this body (marriage, however either spirit or soul can demand).
  • Natural heart mimics spiritual heart, natural heart takes in old used blood and adds oxygen, spiritual heart takes in thoughts and adds Spirit to them, to sort, redeem, transform the soul.
  • Foundation of all your being, belief centre, choice centre, purge your heart you double minded.
  • The Garden of Eden is a picture of your heart.
  • Purge it from old soul, body stuff including memories and wrong identity, and temptations.

Heart = Must be clear to walk with God.

  • Heart is the key, when the heart believes the whole being start to go forward like a car needs a gear box, without it the engine revs but nothing moves.
  • Heart must be purged by holding only to light and love and believing Christ crucified and what that means e.g……… new identity.
  • Spirit speaks here, you hear God here!
  • Glugged heart = glugged spirit consciousness.

Heart = God looks to.

  • Seek me with whole heart.
  • Looking for a heart to show myself strong through.
  • But God looks at the heart (1 Sam 16:7).

Heart = Children of Israel.

  • Israel was born-again spirit of Jacob, Children of Israel = Children of born-again spirit, = heart!
  • Then heart must re-new old soul so they all become renewed, like COI must take back cities in promised land.
  • Heart is a battleground, this is where the enemy attacks, this is his dream to rule it conquer it so the Christian becomes a mere human.

Heart = Factory.

  • Nothing better to have a clean heart, for out of it flows all the issues of life, both good and bad.
  • In kingdom of Gods son, so grace to learn, fail, discover, grow, fight, win.
  • Everything flows from here, it is a factory and pumps out issue, making whatever you put in it.
  • Because it is an issue factory, life and death are here, life and death are in the power of the tongue – out of the abundance of the heart the tongue speaks.

Heart controlled by spirit = maturity.

  • Though owner of all, while you have governors overseeing you until you grow, purge your heart and you will be ready to rule.

Heart = Battle ground, Correct thinking.

  • Look at Spirit identity below, unless your heart identity is identical to that you are glugged by the old, purge your heart, rend it, purify it,
  • You will live equal to the state of your heart never any more or less as this is where the rubber meets the road, where the two lands meet, heaven and earth. wow!!
  • Don’t allow ying and yang, God is not, Devil is not, man is, you are not, you are life giving  spirit.
  • Devil wants to flow through here via flesh, God wants to flow through here via spirit.
  • A pure heart is more than just clean or holy, its soul part must have Gods word for it to believe on and walk in, or spirit cant walk on earth in a body.
  • Spirit always needs soul to walk in a body, so soul must always be involved in walking with God as a physical being, therefore Gods word must be in heart to be more than just nice, clean and pure heart, it must be a believing heart, an doing heart.
  • This is the whole purpose of the world right here, the purpose is only for the battle of the heart, your opportunity to fight and overcome sin, error and selfishness. God watches the heart, knows the battles, you are perfect but will you allow sin to trick you? If you do you will be likened to a slave, who is poor, blind, wretched and naked, and your ability to function will be robbed, killed or destroyed.
  • You are much more than you know, catch up! Remove the mud!

Heart = This is where you have your earth experience.

  • This is where you have relationship with God, your heart of hearts is your spirit, your spirit is the hidden man of your heart.
  • When you come to God to pray this is where you speak to Him from, when you press through the other junk in your heart to your heart of hearts you will find peace or unity with Him, however unless you purge your heart of junk it will not last.
  • The Holy Spirit can flood your heart for a time, its called walking in the spirit, however all the offence in your heart will make Him retreat to your spirit after you shun Him with it.
  • Gods law is written on the heart, because it flows from the spirit as the heart is the patio of the spirit, like a hearth to a firebox/log burner, clutter it up and you cant open the door to the fire.
  • Conscience is your spirit therefore can be ignored or seared here.

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