How Do We Fit together?


So how do humans fit together, what part is what?

Firstly let me say, the easiest way to look at a born again person is Inner Man / Outer Man

Outer man: is the first you, born of earth, the natural man, its in a fallen state, consists of body, mind, physical heart.

Inner Man: you born again, born from above, born of your father God, a life giving spirit, Christ is now your life but you in Him, your unique life taken and risen again in Christ, with His life, complete and perfect, born-again incorruptible, complete with spiritual body and soul, new heart, new mind, new nature. If you took off your physical body you would find you are completely complete. Inner man called to possess and take over the outer man, to take the un-renewed soul and transform it, soul=precious earth experience.

In a way we have two hearts and two souls, but not really, one is of the flesh and one is of the spirit, for e.g. the heart muscle is like our brain, science has discovered it has 40,000 neurons, and like brain cells they store emotion and desires. People who get heart transplants discovered foreign new desires that they have never had. When the bible says purge your heart this is what it is talking about, because the bible says you have also been given a new heart and the divine nature.

It is just the same with the soul, the soul is mind, desires and emotion, well we now have the mind of Christ, and new desires and new emotions from our new heart and new nature. But they can be controlled and contained by the old which is already encoded in the physical heart and mind.

The easiest way to see it is knowing you have a body of death that is hard coded with trillions of neurons, these neurons always speaking in your mind, and telling you who you are. Your mind is like software in a computer, it is the thoughts of the brain and physical heart the (outer man) it can be you but until you have taken the land it can just as easily be the old encoding. The old encoding is called the sinful nature, its not you, its the old encoded you, its called the flesh, you don’t have two natures you only have one, but you are a holistic being so don’t let the body of death and the sin within trick you into living as a mere sinful human.

Below is a break down of the mind, soul, heart, spirit etc… beware unless you like the nitty gritty stay with what is above for it is simple and easy to understand, the confusion can come if you don’t realise you are a holistic being consisting of both outer man and inner man, God talks to us as a holist being.


  1. Mind
  2. Soul un-renewed carnal
  3. Soul new, spiritual
  4. Heart, spiritual
  5. Heart physical
  6. Spirit

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