When God resurrected Jesus did He do it over years, a slow slog up a mountain?

No it was in a moment and so it shall be with us!

Not in the day of resurrection but today when we get the break through, this is my dream anyway.

Does God want us to overcome this Adam creation slowly, one battle at a time one city at a time, 1 step forward 2 back, 2 steps forward 1 back, struggle, battle, win, lose?

There are two takings of the land demonstrated in the bible, one way was by man and it didn’t really work and still hasn’t to this day, and the other way was by God and it worked very quickly.

  • One way was by the sword, (word of God) killing one person (thought) at a time, taking city (stronghold) by city, win one battle lose another,

  • The other way was by a drowning, a flooding, a killing of all that could not live under the water (anointing), oh we need a Noah’s flood in our lives, not a five minute touch and say your baptised in the spirit now speak in tongues but a baptism that floods and rains until all the old is dead and new life has no old to deal with.

Must know this truth, know it, live it!

For a fast track to change we need to have it settled in our hearts who we really are, we are not humans trying to get something from God, we are children of God who actually are born of His essence who actually do have His life and not just by faith.

We are right now perfect and complete, all things are ours in heaven, however we are living inside this body of death it is an inhabited land and we are trying to take it so we can live in it.

This body of death is an evil place, nothing good dwells in it, apart from us, who is Christ, who is our life, we are not mankind with Christ in us, we are Christ, He has gifted us His life, to hide in, to be born of, not a kind of Christ but Christ, in Him with His life, we have no other life apart from His.

We must fast from the correct perspective of being a perfect son of God in this body of death or you will be tricked into the Adam mind and will hinder the work of the fast.

We shouldn’t have to clean up this old mind and it shouldn’t be such a slow process, we have His mind, not a 50/50, not a work of taking one thought at a time, we are a perfect being in Him, the world needs to see us and know us, not the filthy flesh and dead religion it does see.

Whatever we ask is ours…. I believe this story shows us the fast track

[read that story, it has keys in it]

Faith quickens the quickening

The bible says

But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwells in you. (Rom 8:11)

I believe there is a quickening to be had, one that is based on the power of God not of the power of discipline, sweat and tears.

Just like by faith you initiate healing, deliverance and any other ministry of the Holy Spirit through you. So when we come to a certain place of faith in this we will initiate the quickening, I have experienced it, its a place where you believe and the Holy Spirit raises your body from the dead. All those encoded pathways in your physical brain and physical heart [which has brain cells too] which are hard coded by the old you and the spirit of this world.

This is why we have this instruction…. Awake you that sleep, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give you light (Eph 5:14)

In other words Lazarus [Christian] stop just lying there! You’re alive now, don’t get tricked into heal a life that is already perfectly risen, its just the old smelly outer garments. We are perfectly alive and made new and the quickening is the taking off of the old smell life, not slowly but by the same power that raised Jesus from the dead.

Smith Wigglesworth would laugh at his victory in Christ, if you can’t laugh it shows unbelief and defeat, go to the resurrection, proclaim you have risen in Him, and are perfect like Him, laugh and get excited at the victory you have in Him and you will experience the quickening of the Holy Spirit as you faith initiates, fills and opens your heart, then issue will flow and heal (possess) your outer man. Its no different than ministering healing, for God to move through you He needs your participation or sadly it wont be through you. Out of your belly will flow issue or will be blocked by your unbelief. The kingdom of God is not a dead powerless Christianity of words but of power! Get quickened, quickly.

It’s coming to the earth get ready for it!

Initiate it! God needs you to awake and arise!

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