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Parallel pictures of our new life,

the whole bible is only written for the children of God, and God has given us the examples of our born-again life all through it; there are so many parallel pictures, I will just pick the first five.

  1. You a Child of God.
  2. Children of Israel.
  3. Lazarus.
  4. Jesus payment.
  5. Noah.
  6. Baptism.
  7. Moses.
  8. Joseph.
  9. Elijah.
  10. Soul.
  11. Spirit.
  12. first born in Goshen.
  13. The veil.
  14. Jerusalem.
  15. The world.
  16. Jacob.

Below you will find the different stages of becoming and living as a Child of God as seen from these five different parallels.

Parallels of Corruption.

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  2. Children of Israel, living under the bondage of slavery to Egypt, 
  3. Lazarus, Got sick unto death began to die.
  4. Jesus Payment, took on the sin of the world, your sin, why have you forsaken me.
  5. Noah, the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

Parallels of The Death (conversion).

  1. You, a child of God, repents, confesses sin, contrite, miracle of the death, no longer will your life be in the soul, I died – the living soul.
  2. Children of Israel, Moses leads them out of Egypt, walk into desert, baptised in Moses at the cloud and Red Sea. (1 Corinthians 10:2).
  3. Lazarus, died, his life was no more.
  4. Jesus Payment, died on the cross with all your sin, you were judged as guilty and killed, although Jesus did the dying – you died with Him.
  5. Noah, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the ground; God sends a flood.

Parallels of The Burial.

  1. You, a child of God, invites Christ, miracle of circumcision of the heart, cutting away of the old life, gone forever.
  2. Children of Israel, old slaves (life) buried in the wilderness.
  3. Lazarus, put in the tomb, in deep darkness,
  4. Jesus Payment, buried sin, you were buried with Him, all old has passed away,
  5. Noah, Earth flooded, all that couldn’t live under water (anointing) died.

Parallels of The Resurrection

  1. You, a child of God, miracle new birth, I was born – a life giving spirit, not just a believer but born of God, Christ translates my unique personality into His life now I am me but with His perfect life.
  2. Children of Israel, Enter the promised land, cross the Jordan into new life.
  3. Lazarus, Hears the word of God, comes back to life, old rotten life made brand new.
  4. Jesus Payment, rose from the dead, you rose in Him with His perfect life, absolutely no old life at all, behold all has become new, born-again, new creation, no more a sinner, perfect never sinned, nor can you as He is now your life.
  5. Noah, water recedes, new land revealed, dove (Holy Spirit) with new bud, new life, a beautiful new world all old has passed away, all has become new.

Parallels of Walking in the newness of life.

  1. You, a child of God, born from above, not washed up old life – brand new life, now life giving spirit (has a soul), all old things have passed away, all have become new, heart full of praise and love for Jesus.
  2. Children of Israel, this is your land, live in it and enjoy it, Praise God for His provision.
  3. Lazarus, sits up, stands up, walks out of tomb, alive, everyone praises God.
  4. Jesus Payment, seated in heavenly places, you are seated with Him, Praises God for His amazing grace.
  5. Noah, Comes out of the boat onto new land, praises God.

Parallels of Taking the land (Overcomes old inhabitants).

  1. You, a child of God, don’t be tricked by sin and the old encoding in your brain and its old identity, saying that you are not brand new and perfect, you are born from above not from this earth, overcome every thought that raises its self above the knowledge of Christ in you, which is your new life.
  2. Children of Israel, fighting with sword (word) to drive out the old owners, old inhabitants of the land, Hittites etc, killing trespassers, battle, fight, siege, win.
  3. Lazarus, take off the death clothes, loose him!, cleanse Him from all filthiness of the death clothes.
  4. Jesus Payment, if you live in Christ also walk in Christ, behold as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, transformed by renewing of the mind, put on the Lord Jesus Christ, awake, rise from the dead.
  5. Noah, Cleans up after the flood, land left in a mess like after any flood, starts to rebuild.

Parallels of Continuing to the end.

  1. You, a child of God: a new and living way, you are a perfect life that does not sin, you have killed the rebellion of your un-renewed soul, go into all the world, you know earth is not your home, build churches make disciples of nations.
  2. Children of Israel: live in the cities they have taken, build vineyards, continue until the whole land has been redeemed.
  3. Lazarus, Pharisees plot to kill Lazarus, Lazarus is safe.
  4. Jesus Payment, go into all the world, all things are yours.
  5. Noah, Re-inhabiting the land, building houses, vineyards.

Parallels of getting it wrong – sin?

  1. You, a child of God: becoming tricked by the spiritual enemy, by confusion, or unbelief, normally through the brains assessment of apparent reality, you forget you are brand new and complete. Therefore allowing the sin within to sin, or allowing the body of death to rule, walking in the flesh. If you walk in the old life which is called the flesh, you will lose, If you walk in the new life which is called the spirit, you will win. The outer man flooded by Holy Spirit means walking in the spirit. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.
  2. Children of Israel: becoming tricked by enemy to make alliances with those they were told to kill, kept the treasure of the things they were called to destroy, not doing the job properly. obey = win, disobey = lose,
  3. Lazarus: Likened to disciples not helping loose him, tricked into leaving his death clothes on, still thinking he is dead, goes back inside the tomb.
  4. Jesus Payment: Likened to Jesus becoming tricked by devil that it isn’t finished, gets re-crucified back on the cross.
  5. Noah: becoming tricked by devil to re-inhabit the boat, refusing to believe anything has changed.

The gospel that most Christians live under is they are still a sinner (saved by grace) they believe this because they have not understood that their life was taken out of the flawed and corruptible sinful living soul and put into an incorruptible life giving spirit, Christ.

A Christian that doesn’t know they are risen with Christ and that all old things have passed away right now is liken to,

  • the Children of Israel becoming one with the old inhabitants and taking on all their evil practices,
  • or likened to Lazarus opening his eyes and seeing he still has smelly death veil on him, so he closes them again and thinks he is still dead,
  • or they are likened to Christ after He was resurrected still clinging to the cross still asking God to wash away the sin.
  • Like Noah afraid to come out of the boat in case someone is out there.

Though you see manifestations of your old life hanging around, know that it is just sin being deceitfully wicked and trying to trick you by bringing up your old memories, old identity, old sins, old paradigm. Or its your body of death and the established pathways in your supercomputer brain where there are still area’s you haven’t taken and re-established, inhabitants you haven’t got around to kicking out yet, and idea’s you haven’t killed.

To say you are a sinner is like saying Jesus is a sinner, Christ who is your life now, get out of that old un-risen thinking, you don’t have to sin anymore, transition from the cross to the resurrection, walk in the newness of life, its just revelation that is all you need. Awake, rise from the dead and Christ will give you light. You’re the inner man not the outer, you don’t have an inner man you are the inner man.

You are not the death clothes you see through, you are in them, take off the death clothes from the correct paradigm, you are brand new and you are eternally alive in Him, any other way to look at it would not be the gospel, it would be a lie, a doctrine of unbelief, a deception, when you believe this truth only then are you beginning to walk correctly in Christ.

 Stop struggling with sin, know who you are and you wont allow it anymore, you have no more evil desires than Jesus does, your old soul (promised land) does, but you will renew that as you know the truth about your newness of life.

Everything lives from their identity, it tells them who they are and what they do, its where they live their whole life from. Change it, rise from the dead! Get off the slab child of God, you’re only there because you think you are there, don’t get tricked by the veil of death.

It’s Daddy’s call, dream and instruction.

Awake! Arise!

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