Mapping Progress

Identity: Part 1: No. 3
We all enter from different places

Some people will be so close to stepping into the new creation identity, others will have to do a little more striving to make room in their life, don’t worry when you hear the word strive for this is the striving God wants you to do. The Bible says strive to enter His rest so you can cease from your own works.

Capacity to believe

The biggest thing that must happen is creating the ability to live in faith, or another way of say it is adding an extra dimension to your three dimensional world. 

What I mean by that is your normal sense world tells you what is true and false, but when you start to look at things that are eternal instead of temporal and set your mind on things above instead of below, you build heavens truth into your beliefs and they override what your three dimensional world says is true.

Most Christians already do this however on a very small scale in the west, that why there is not many amazing miracles in most churches, we need to not just visit faith but learn to dwell there, a faith that has evidence not just words.

Faith is like a muscle unless it is fit it wont do you much good, that why just reading this identity doctrine will do you know good unless firstly have the capacity believe it, then to live in it. And to most of us it is a complete mind remap. A true picture of this is that only two entered the promised land and the rest died in the wilderness.

Mapping the changes

If you consider yourself just a normal person and you walk with God by how good your relationship is then your map may look something similar to this.

When feeling spiritually yuk

Will feel like I need to…..

  • Spend time with the Lord
  • Clean up
  • Purge my heart of some junk
  • Get in the Spirit
  • Get this stuff off me
  • Reconnect with the Lord
  • Arise

Because when I feel like this I want to run and hide, you need comfort, you don’t like your condition so you want to run away from it, that’s why people want to eat, watch, play, drink etc… anything to escape. This is called the flesh the carnal mind (set), the answer is go back to look at the cross, better still go to the resurrection as you have a faith, identity problem and you are getting deceived by sin (the spirit of this world).

You don’t need to hide you need to put on (add to your faith) truth (Christ), to get your faith right, need to reassert your identity as it has just been feed a lie and believed it, hook, line and sinker.

You are not your soul, believe that and you will struggle your whole life with religion (your own works and performance), you are a life giving spirit, walk therefore in the spirit and you wont struggle with the effort of your performance. You are a spirit, walk in this correct identity and you will find the power and freedom it will bring that you can’t have in your soul identity.

To be continued…

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