Why We Work It


Why do we work on our identity?

Because Jesus paid for so much but we live content with so little of Him, and what He spilt His blood for us to have.

Do you want to get to heaven and find you only scratched the surface of what you could have been for Him, in Him. Do you want to get to heaven and find you were called to so much more, destined to live so much greater but because the enemy stole your identity he stole your call, your effectiveness. Why do we live like we are poor in Him when we are so rich in Him, why do we live like we are weak in Him, when we are strong with His strength.

Jesus is believing from you “greater works” because you are like Him and He is standing at the fathers throne saying… yes, I have paid for that. He had to be born and live under the law but you don’t, He had to be 100% man but you are a new creation not just a mere human, unfortunately the sons of God will never be revealed if they stay so unbelieving.

If we live according to our identity

If you traded places with a glorious angel, it came and lived inside your soul and body for a week, it would be amazed at the little you run on, the little sight, hearing, love, power, faith… and you seem so content to do it. It would scream out from within and say “God I can’t see from in here, I can hardly hear you, is that you Lord? did you say something?, I have no confidence, no faith, no authority, how can they live like this when you have done so much for them?”

And meanwhile you living in the angels life would be amazed at the freedom, the peace, the righteousness, the strength, the love for God. You would stand 10ft tall on the inside full of faith and authority, you would not likened yourself to a worm, or a grasshopper like many Christians do.

This is the reason why we work it, because when you realise the freedom and liberty you have in Christ you will live different, see different, act different, have different faith and authority… you will prove the good will of God.

Believe wrong about ourselves and we act wrong

Many Christians come to God like a worm, crawling under the carpet, repenting to try and gain favour from the Lord. Always guilty, “but by the grace of God go I” they say because they just cant stop sinning. We all live by the grace of God, however some Christians live in continual need of forgiveness, other live in forgiveness but have added to it the power to sin no more.

Many many Christians sin because they think the sin is them, they have this issue and they have to live with it until they beat it, so when it comes they either struggle to overcome it, or they just accept it and fall into it, they think its their habit, but its not, it was, but its not anymore.

Like the Third day song says… No guilt in life, No fear in death this is the power of Christ in me! 

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