The Fog of War

the fog of war

There is a fog that blinds us of the knowledge of God, His desires, will and purpose, this fog is the enemies biggest and most effective weapon.

What is this fog? Its the things that cloud up, mist up and remove the clarity of communication between you and God. They are nearly almost always demonic in nature, or at least the flesh, things like guilt, shame, condemnation, confusion, the spirit of your mind blinded by the influence of the flesh or spiritual oppressions

The enemy uses these things to make your prayers sound hollow, that you are speaking to no one, or hopefully someone because God seems distant or just out of sight. 

Whenever you come to Him in prayer and do not have a complete clarity of communication, a complete clarity that you are right before Him and He is listening to every word, then this fog is present between you and God. Whenever you can’t find faith, and all you have is hope then the fog is there.

If people had complete clarity of communication between them and God, then half the  prayers prayed today would not be prayed. If people had this clarity, faith would explode. When you have extreme clarity in your communication everything becomes more real, more powerful, there is less guessing, less hoping, less confusion.

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What will clear this fog away?

Depends if it comes from within the heart or outside of the body, if outside then a good strong session in tongues should shift it. If you fight with heavens resources you will win, if you fight spiritual things with the flesh you will loose.

Cleaning your heart of the flesh helps, you maybe a perfect child of God but if you allow the enemy to dwell in your house (heart) then he will oblige you and hang around causing trouble.

If the fog is in your heart, then walking in the spirit and the manifest presence of God will help, but what is really needed is a further altering of your heart and the spirit of your mind. The flesh attracts the fog so the fog will always return if you do not renew your mind. The biggest permanent remover of the internal fog is knowledge… knowing the things that will give you extreme confidence in God.

Because we live in a flesh body we do not always walk in the spirit, this causes our heart to be double minded, when we are double minded we need to either remove the conflict which causes fog, or build a knowledge and understanding that conflicts in our heart do not alter our position. 

Knowledge like…

  1. That there is no condemnation in Christ, God wishes you would just throw away your doubts,  it is by His grace you are righteous and not by your behaviour, start to believe that He is your saviour and not your efforts.
  2. God wishes you would understand that He is love, He wishes you to lift up your head in confidence and realise He loves you and always has and always will.
  3. God wishes you to know that to Him all things are possible, He doesn’t lack the power or the ability. He is willing and He is able.
  4. Finally and most importantly He wishes you to know that in-spite of your behaviour you are completely perfect in Him because He has given you His life when you were born again, He baptised you in Him, He immersed you in Him, He has hidden you in His life, you are a new creation with His life, you are perfect because He is your life. Your behaviour is only because you do not know this – for everything lives out of and will only fulfil what its identity is. Change your knowledge of His finished work towards you and it will change everything.

Side note to number 3: You may ask well how come this or that…

  • Matt 17:14-20 shows us that all the blocks to God moving in power are at this end, when we understand God set up this earth to produce faith, hope and love, then you understand the environment has to be structured in such away to achieve these three treasures. He almost always uses us where we are at not where He is at, God could heal the whole world in a instant, but it goes against His primary purpose.
  • What are the blocks that make God look not willing or able? They are our lack of extreme confidence in His willingness and ability to do it through us.

The enemy wants you fogged, your perfect father wants you to have totally clear communication and extreme confidence in Him.

The aim here is to map the mind with what is already in the spirit, so there is a instant transition to walking in the spirit, when there is a large difference between the brains encoding and what is true in the spirit, this is when the fog is strong, get fully into the spirit and the fog will be gone, remap the brain to agree with the spirit and the fog can’t find any place. This remapping is done by living in the spirit and believing the word of God.

If the fog is not from within then remember…. The kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force, you must remove the enemy or he will fog your way. 

But if your fog is internal, remember the flesh always blinds, so have your doctrine right so that it quickly gets you back into the spirit. Build your knowledge of these four things and gain extreme confidence.

There are levels of this fog, and it may come as a shock to many but unless we are functioning before the Lord like the story listed below, there is a degree of the fog operating, either through lack of knowledge, the fog of the flesh or the battle of the environment you are in. – Like the Sun


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