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The Word of God.

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It has been said that the actual Greek meaning of this scripture is… dividing soul from soul and spirit from spirit. In other words old life from new life!

There is one very important thing to do when coming to know who you are as a Christian, that is to separate the old life from the new life. Soul from Spirit, God has shown this separation many times in many different ways in the Bible, and He instructs you to do this in many scriptures.

What is this separation? It is the separation from who you are now since you have been born again and translated into Christ. It is the new you and its not to be confused with the old you. It is separating Adam from Christ, Inner Man from Outer Man, New Creation from Old Creation, your new identity from your old identity, it is separating walking in the flesh from walking in the spirit. Life from death, Kingdom of God from kingdom of darkness.

It is shown in the old testament with the lives of the Children of Israel, who are a picture of us. There lives are a demonstration to us, the lesson written in their blood on how to fight the battle, the battle of taking an inhabited land. Our battle is not against mankind, but powers in the invisible realms, ours is spiritual and theirs is natural, their lives were a shadow and type of us, to show us, who are born from above, how to fight against and overcome the kingdom of darkness, especially in regard to this separation.

They were told to go in to the old land that they use to inhabit, drive out the inhabitants, don’t make covenants, don’t marry their sons and daughters, and even sometimes, kill everything, the sheep the goats, don’t take their treasures.  Don’t touch that which is unclean, don’t allow gentiles into your house. Keep your identity as an Israelite pure and holy. Etc…

We also enter our old land, our body. As a new creation, we are told to take off the old man and put on the new, we are told to walk in the spirit and not the flesh. If we allow the old inhabitants to stay in the land, which is our body, then we will not be pure or holy. If we allow those thoughts, attitudes, desires and spirits to inhabit our brain and heart, our conscious life, then we would have married their sons and daughters, made covenants, allowed the gentiles into our house. Gentiles are a shadow and type of our old life, which was sin infested, unclean and has nothing to do with us now. It was us, now our old life is our battleground.

The Word of God will enable you to stand on the truth of who we are in Him, against the lie of who we are not, if we don’t do this separation we will be tricked into thinking we are un-renewed and flawed.

This new life we have is so closely joined to the old life that only the word of God can make the separation. Have you ever got into the spirit and discovered you were different on the inside? We need to realize there is a battle between two beings, the old life and the new life, the inner life and the outer life, the flesh wars against the spirit and the spirit against the flesh.

If we don’t have the separation clearly established in our identity, in our beliefs, in our faith we will get hammered from every side by becoming a mixture of old and new, we are not a mixture we are brand new.

You need the word of God to help you separate and stay separated, until you are possessing the land.

This separation is one of God’s answers to victory over the enemy. You have to have your head right to fight right. He has shown it so many ways… it is shown by circumcision, the cutting away of the flesh, Paul clarified it to say, it is a circumcision of the heart, in other words, separating the flesh controls off the spirit. He also shows it in the natural with night and day, light and darkness. He didn’t have to make a night and day, He did it to teach you a spiritual truth.

This circumcision is what we are going after, not the circumcision of flesh but of heart. The circumcision of the heart is cutting the fleshes power off you, Jesus said those who sin are a slave to sin, this slavery established by the enemy inhabiting your brain and heart, with their attitudes and desires, doctrines and idea’s. If you don’t remove this slavery to sin you will struggle with it all your days. This separation goes along way to helping you break that slavery to sin. What is sin? Everything that falls short of His Glory. Everything that is not Christlike, Everything that is not perfect, everything that is not pure light and love. We are not sinful, we are immersed in sinful flesh to battle it and choose life.

The enemy is forever trying to uncircumcise your heart, to break the separation, to put his bonds of wickedness around your heart, so keep the circumcision strong, above all guard your heart for out of it flow all the issues of life, (both good and bad).

End of Part 1.

The Church tries to keep this circumcision in a few different ways, by “be ye perfect”, by “do not touch, do not taste, do not handle”, repent and keep repenting. However though this way is effective, it will just make you bound in ugly religion.

The do not touch, taste or handle or you will go to hell, undoes what God desires for this life, He desires that we choose life. He desires an intrinsic motivation, which is a desire from the heart that says, I don’t want to touch, taste or handle, because its not life. Paul says the law of do not touch, do not taste, do not handle is a weak thing that doesn’t control the flesh.

The Grace message tries to keep the separation by saying you are righteous whether you touch, taste and handle or not. It comes at the same problem of needing separation but from the other side, it says you are blameless because He took the blame. It says throw away your own righteousness and take up the gift of righteousness.

The grace message creates the separation by winning the heart, not by the old way of putting a gun, (called Hell), to your head, and saying pull up your socks or I will shoot you. The grace message goes after the transformation of the soul by telling you you are right with God through Christ alone, thus removing the religious striving to make yourself right, this brings peace and rest, and that is exactly what God wants you to have to take the land. Hebrews 4:3, Romans 4:5.

Although the message of grace has room for abuse, it is more aligned to true Christianity. Of course it wouldn’t be grace if it wasn’t open to abuse, it would be called reward. True Christianity is about a free gift of righteousness, a gift that cost Him everything. It is undeserved, unmerited, it is by receiving Him into your life. However if the hearer accepts their heart being uncircumcised, (accepts their sin) and covers it with grace then the abuse happens.  Grace is not a licence to sin its a way to get free from sin.

The grace message must always be accompanied by the understanding that we are a new creation, it must always be accompanied by the understanding of separation. Of taking the land, of driving out inhabitants. Forward momentum needs three things, True New Creation Identity, Grace, and War, the war part being the taking of the land of our bodies.

A pastor friend said to me the other day, “we are just dirty sinners, hidden in Christ so that God can accept us”. Which sounds good to most, however its wrong, we are risen with Him, a new creation, perfect, incorruptible, one with Him, He is our life and we are hidden or rather immersed in sinful flesh. How can you separate with a positional doctrine like that, it negates the truth of being born again, it negates the truth that all old things have passed away and Behold all things have become new. It allows all the gentiles in your land and makes you fully married with every sin within your flesh.

Here’s the truth, you are a perfect new creation, immersed and one with Christ, and you have been placed in sinful flesh to have the knowledge of good and evil, to choose life and overcome evil. This is the promised land, the gaining of a soul that understands and was tempted by evil but chooses life!

You are the light of the world hidden in Mud. Remove the mud by separating, keeping your heart circumcised.

Part 2….

How do I separate?

This website is full of how!

First identify your new life and stay there, how by identifying what is old and what is new, what is perfect and what is imperfect. Here is how…

So what are you struggling with? Go to the resurrection and see if its there? See if Christ rose with it? If its not there its just your body, (encoded with thoughts and desires, which we call soul), that is what you are experiencing. So now you can see what is of the new you, it is easy just by looking at Him, Jesus Christ, you are hidden in His life, as He is so are you in Him. 1 John 4:17.

Now find the example in the Bible of how to take the land of your body, every city, every giant, every people group, every person, and every event means something to us, they are all likes and a shadows of us in the spirit. e.g. they were all baptised in to Moses at the crossing of the red sea. 1 Corinthians 10:2 .

So struggling with pride, insecurity? The first city the Israelites were to conquer was Jericho, which means “his sweet smell”, in other words the good things about your natural life that you glory in. Pride, what is your sweet smell, what is your claim to fame? what are the sweet things about you, your ego! Do you glory in your life at the resurrection or His, you or Jesus? There is no pride in yourself at the resurrection, therefore its just death clothes you’re glorying in, you only have pride in one person at the resurrection and that’s the Lord, there is no self worship there.

Lust? there is no lust at the resurrection so its your outer man, its not in you, you’re brand new, you have no lust, your body of death might have desires but you are no longer a slave to it… if you are you have an identity problem, stop being deceived!

Separate! Separate! Separate! so you can stand in the truth child of God! Take the promised land, take the outer man, take ground in your body, your brain and heart, get washed, (from inhabitants), with pure water, (word and anointing), make it one with Christ, for it is Christ in you the hope of Glory.

Separate until you have a strong sense of your Christ like identity, then and only then can you be filled with the fullness of God.

God’s goal for you, that the fullness of the Godhead can dwell bodily in you. You in Christ and Christ in God. Wow! We deserve nothing and get given everything! Don’t rip Jesus off by taking only a hundred when he gave you a trillion.

This fullness of God is the high call, and the path there is the Word becoming flesh in you, one with you, to do that drive out the inhabitants, remove their power with the blood of Jesus, (which cancels the enemies objections) and be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Remember its not by just reading the Bible its by believing it, working it into your heart and being transformed by it, which is a lot easier if you kick out any slavery and powers. Separate and keep your heart circumcised. Remember all that stands between you and the fullness of God is flesh. Remove the Mud, take your land back, make it perfect, do it in complete grace!

See God’s way forward

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