Remove The Mud


Adam was made of mud

40% Dust and 60% water = MUD

The man was made of the dust, soil, dirt, mud. God killed that old life at Calvary, buried it and rose a new kind of creation, a life giving spirit instead of a living soul. This was all applied to you in a flash when Christ came into you and you were born again. If your not aware of this… leave this study and go and read some others like ‘3 Awakenings’ or ‘3 stages’ to get you up to speed and then return to this study.

What is MUD?

Mud is everything in your life that is of the first man. Everything that is not of Christ is MUD, identity, beliefs, attitudes, motives, limitations, desires, bad things, yes and even good things your own righteousness, e.g. ‘your sweet smell’ is the meaning of the name Jericho, in other words your claim to fame, what you think it pretty good about you, pride, this was the Children of Israel’s first task to take down Jericho (ego). God will not share His glory with any man (Adam) but only with Christ (and us hidden in Him if we are not walking in the MUD).

Only one thing remains… to remove the mud.

Now that we are born again we are a life giving spirit, who dwells in a body (John 3:6), we are not a little spirit needing to grow up, we are fully complete in Christ (Col 2:10), we don’t have to become complete as most would think. All the coming to completion scriptures can easily be interpreted into the context of taking the outer man and maturing. 

So our only issue is others are living in our land (outer man), God has given us a land but it is inhabited by giants. Who are these giants? They are our old beliefs and attitudes, they are strong holds of the enemy, the enemy uses the old ‘you’ as his greatest weapon. Of course we know the old ‘us’ was killed at Calvary, buried and remains buried and all became ‘new’ at the resurrection, therefore it is only the old identity, memories, and old encoding of us in this body of death.

You don’t have two natures you have a body of death that is hard encoded (5 trillion neurons in the brain and 40,000 neuron in the heart muscle) with your old sin nature, its just mud, its not even you, it was but isn’t anymore; its just a full blown deception! The enemy’s biggest weapon of deception and containment is the MUD of your old life.

You are called to drive out these thought enemies before you, STOP making covenants with them, STOP marrying their sons and daughters, don’t allow gentiles in your house! in other words stop accepting sin as you, stop identifying with it and saying its you!!!

We have the mind of Christ (1 Cor 2:16) but how come we don’t live in it? Why? Because others are inhabiting our brain, its your old life, the old Adam life, the old nature hard encoded in neurons, MUD. You are walking around today fully complete thinking your not complete because you are seeing the MUD.

If you took off your body today you would find you are fully complete now with the mind of Christ, the nature of God everything, a complete being who is in the fullness of Christ. Why? Because He is your life, you are hidden in Him, one with Him (1 John 4:17, Col 3:4, Gal 2:20).

Can you see that you’re identical to Him now?

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We need to learn how to walk as a spirit in a body, learn how to remove the old mans thinking, learn how to take the outer man, so that you can use it to walk on this earth. We need the Holy Spirit to quicken this mortal body, to raise it from the dead (Rom 8:11), what is this quickening? its making the outer man conform with the inner man so it doesn’t block Christ.

When I had this experience here did God bring something that was stored in heavenly places in Christ? NO! He just removed the MUD in my brain that was stopping my ‘mind of Christ’ from functioning clearly in this body. We just need to believe the word so it will remove the MUD, we need the hand of God to swoop into our outer man and remove the MUD so we can function, breathe, live through this vessel, we (Christ, us hidden in Him) are  the treasure in these earthen vessels.

Its only a MUD deception!

You are like Him now! Its only a MUD deception, a MUD blockage that stops you being manifest, you are not down trying to get up, you are in, trying to get out, you are trying to think through this mind, see through these eyes, feel through this heart, talk through this mouth, shine through this countenance, reach through these hands and walk through this life. If you let the outer man remain MUD you will NEVER do it! To Him who overcomes!

What would happen if you removed all the MUD? You would be like Him, you are like Him now but you would be manifest, a manifest son of God on the earth, there would be nothing of the old you to mess it up.  Like Jesus, you would no longer be limited by the MUD, you would walk in this body unlimited, it would not hinder you, you would be like what you will be like when this body is removed. We ought not be limited by this earth or the natural laws of the earth, Jesus had no problem walking on water, why should you? Why? yes that’s right only MUD causes problems!

MUD dirties everything it touches, MUD is dirty, filthy, MUD blocks water (anointing), MUD stops the light from shining through, its just the 1st Adam that we have to remove, get rid of it, God wants nothing to do with it, He kicked me out of the throne room when I brought it in (here). Don’t walk in the MUD, don’t accept the MUD, you are to have rivers of living water flow out of you, MUD will block it or taint it, so remove the MUD son or daughter of God. Realise it is finished (John 19:30), strive to enter this finished work so you can cease from your own works.

Only one thing remains… to remove the mud, be who He has already made you,

Be ye Perfect!

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