Path To Fullness

Path To Fullness


Every creation has its own identity, example a horse’s identity is different to a elephant’s, so what is your new identity?

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So how come I have so much wrong then?

You are likened to the COI (Children of Israel) coming out of Egypt, you have been living all your life as a slave, all you have known is being controlled by an oppressor.

God said to them that they were now kings of a new land, a land flowing with milk and honey, however because they didn’t know any different, they wouldn’t get with the program and realize everything is now new for them.

They wouldn’t let go of the old identity and memories, so they perished in the wilderness. I don’t believe that this event is just a story that is likened to what you are going through, it is the direct spiritual picture that shows your battle, I would go as far as saying that this event only happened to be an example to you. Only two entered out of three million because they had a different spirit.

Your memories will kill you as a Christian from coming into the fullness of Christ in your life on earth, they will have you wandering around in circles for 40 years. You must realize they are not you, but the flaws, errors, attitudes, perspectives and desires of a soul trained by a fallen spirit and a fallen world.

The battle for the promised land is the same battle you have for the grey matter in your head, unless that land is taken you will never experience living in the fullness of Christ while you are in this body.


I had a dream all night the other night, the people in it had light shining out of their heads for about three feet all around, its the first time in 23 years as a Christian that I have had a dream of this, I believe it was the Lord saying when the mind is conformed to the image of Christ then Christ will shine out of it.

The scripture says the whole world is yearning for the manifestation of the sons of God on the earth (Romans 8:22?). The glory of the former covenant can not compare to the glory of the later, and even in the former Moses face shone so bright that they had to put a bag over his head.

Pride of Life.

But before you get on a glory trip and get all excited with the self glory that would bring you, know this that if there is the “Adam creation thinking” inside your grey matter you won’t shine, when you get to that place you won’t have the pride of life only the mind of Christ. You will only be a being of light and love (which you are already, however you’re  not manifest because of the gunk).

Your gunk is the same as the Children of Israel’s enemies, that were living in the land God had just given them. The had to “go” and “possess”, “fight and kill with the sword” and then “hold fast” just like you do.

Be who you are, don’t get to heaven and find you lived a half life, because you wouldn’t let go of the memories and identity of the old. You are called to unto the measure and stature of the fullness of Christ, not called to live as a “mere Human” (2 Corinthians?).

You will walk in the fullness when the hardware, we call a brain and heart, has new software, we call soul, to run it. It’s that simple, get the encoding to agree with the new life within and you will walk in the fullness of that new life.


Part 2.

You already are complete.

You already are the measure and stature of the fullness of Christ, you already are complete in Him, you are already perfect, you are born of and incorruptible seed, that can never be corrupted, that is you! now! Complete in Him! Not tomorrow, not next year, right this very minute you are identical to Him, same glory everything! Why? Because He is your life!

If you can’t believe it from that angle believe it from these scriptures, “you are hidden in Him“, “when He returns we will be like Him”, “as He is in Heaven so are you on the earth”, “you died with Him… were buried with Him… rose with Him”, “You are a joint heir with Him” (He is almighty God), because you are hidden in Him, and have His life, everything He is you are, apart from the payment at Calvary you are identical to Him. Everything He is you have , His mind, peace, nature, strength, righteousness etc.

Am I saying you are God?

Definitely not! but I am saying you are a son of God, He will always be God and you will always be His son, but a son who sits on the right hand of His throne in Christ.

You have a land to possess, don’t let the old truth overcome the new truth, don’t let the apparent truth overcome the real truth. You need to look to Calvary and the resurrection and have the testimony of Jesus, whatever He is you declare is true for you, (apart from the payment He paid), example, I am righteous, I am forgiven, I am glorified. Its time to start believing the scripture, and fight the battle God has called you to fight.

The internal truth assessors say fraud!

Your identity and memories will tell you that you are lying, but where the real truth is hidden by the apparent truth there will always be a paradigm shift needed in your thinking, a recoding.

The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy (Rev 18?), when you testify what happened at Calvary, you are prophesying, “calling those things that are not, (appear not), as though they were”.  You need to call things that ‘appear not’ in the apparent truth as though they were! (they really already are true but hidden), all you are doing is recoding your brain, washing it of all the error of the old life, (Egypt).

So don’t clean up the old flaws, utterly reject them, you are brand new, proclaim the new, “when you know the truth the truth will set you free”, for “when the heart believes confession is made unto salvation”.

Time of transitioning.

You will probably go through a time of taking two steps forward and one step back, you will look to the cross, and grab the scripture, you will work it, work it, work it and finally the penny will drop, the paradigm has shifted, God will be with you giving you dreams and visions etc. Its when you know the truth it has power, not when you only believe it, know it!

If you sin because, or rather allow sin to rule in your mortal body, confess it, and renounce it, repent of allowing it, and re-establish in your heart that it is not you, it is not your thoughts or your desires, (re-establish your identity). You need to get to the place where you realize that it actually is not you but you were just tricked by sin the deceitfully wicked thing that it is.

Its a paradigm shift to realize it is actually sin that is sinning and not you, but it is using the old you (carnal mind) to do it. The normal paradigm say oops look what I just done, the new paradigm says no you can’t express through me! The old paradigm lose face and gets guilty and shrinks back, the new rises up, remember who they are and fights for the land.

The whole bible is for the children of God, about the children of God, it is all written for you, this whole earth only exists for you, this is the only place in all of God’s kingdom you can have this lesson, a place of deception, temptation, sin, fear, etc… so you can practice, grow and develop, learn, conquer and overcome. Like the Jewish day, it starts at sundown and goes through to to next day, we start our lives in the darkness and will come into the light. This earth is like a womb, here we are being knitted together ready for our appearing in the next life.

Heaven moves on your prophecy.

When Ezekiel prophesied to the dead bones, heaven moved and caused them to line up with the prophecy, when you prophesy what Jesus has done for you, heaven moves to make it so, You are healed, spirit, soul, body, heart, mind, strength, everything! He is perfect and so are you! Prophesy it son of God and stop trying to earn what He has already earned for you. “this is the work of God that you believe on Him who He sent”believe and work it, “Strive to enter His rest and cease from your own works”.

You have a land to possess!

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