The Goal


What is the goal of this life?

Is it to be a valuable member of society? Even though that is important, it is not the goal.

The goal of the Christian life is to overcome! The grace message that many preach that doesn’t include action is extremely lacking. God has placed us the new creation in sinful flesh and said overcome it!

Yes we are saved whether we overcome or not, this is not the issue, the reason we are having this earth lesson is to have a go against sin and selfishness, unbelief and fear.

You get born-again and immersed back into your old life, however this time you are translated in to Him, one with Christ, perfect and complete. So as soon as you get born-again you are immersed back into your old life and you experience the same old you, but with a few new desires. Why do you experience the same old you? because your brain and heart have been encoded with your old life, and that encoding is hardcoded in your brain’s and heart’s neurons.  The brain is said to have five trillion neurons and the heart forty thousand, these store your whole earth experience.

Nearly the whole old testament is a story of taking the promised land, this is written as a complete example for us on how to take our soul land back again. So your goal is to make your souls thinking and desires Christ like, align them to you, the new creation.  For you are hidden in Him and one with Him. So Goal one. Form Christ in your soul.

Goal two, will you believe? Mark 11:23, Jesus said, I assure you: If anyone says to this mountain, Be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him. So goal two is overcome unbelief, seen here by overcoming the natural laws of this world, everything in the Bible is about believing God, from Adam and Eve to us! Will you believe Him, will you have signs following your belief of Him? Or is it just a faith without works? Saying I am generous without being generous is just words and hot air, so is faith without works, show me your faith with works and I will believe you James said.

Goal three will you love? In a world of immense need, will you love? Will you set aside your life for others or will you put your own desires first? The reason why I have put identity first is because removing religious striving is extremely important, or people chase their performance to make themselves acceptable to God. So yes love is the highest of these goals, but it doesn’t get you saved. Right believing first and everything else will follow. Do you need correct identity and faith to love? No. Love is the spirit, but it helps if the mind is not blind. Goal number one covers everything.

So don’t just sit there having a picnic, you have crossed the Jordan, there is a land to take and inhabitants to cast out, it is sword against sword, which literally means word against word. Son or daughter of God, you have not been born of this world, you are born from above, you are immersed into this world to overcome it, get overcoming! Get Christ formed in your soul! In other words get Christ formed in your brain’s and heart’s neurons. The word must become flesh. So get Christ formed in your thinking and desires. It’s not about being saved, stop chasing your tail, you are saved, move on.

This is your battleground, this is your purpose, this is your goal. It is the reason why you are here!

Christ in you, the hope of glory.

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