Why Are We Here On Earth


So why are we here on Earth?

This has got to be the most important question for it sets the tone for everything we do.  If it is purposeless then we should ignore the question, but if it is meaningful, we should take note and fulfill the purpose. Surely success therefore is fulfilling the purpose of why we are here.

Here are a few viewpoints.

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2. God has no plan; we evolved with God’s guidance. He was just experimenting to see what He could make.

3. God’s Plan B; God created us and was shocked we messed it up, therefore God has to come up with a plan B.

4. God’s Plan A; God created us and always knew we were going to mess it up, we are right on target with plan A.

So is there a plan A, is there a rescue plan B, or God was just experimenting?

It is amazing when you step back and look at the complexity of life, it is too big for anyone of us to get a complete handle on it. But when you look at the rules, variables and construct of this life, it can bring up all kinds of questions and philosophy.

Here are some of the observances from the environment we live life in.

Life is amazing, everything is so complex, brilliant and bewildering from the smallest thing to the largest.

This world is beautiful and loving, cruel and ugly at the same time. Survival of the fittest amongst creatures great and small.  Mankind able to be loving and kind or totally cruel and evil.  The nature and the weather both life giving and destructive.

God and the spiritual world of angels and demons are invisible to the natural world, this is by design.

God informs us in the Bible, He is not the God of this world, it has fallen into a terrible state. He is Almighty and Sovereign, however for this time He is allowing us grace to fail, choose, grow. He says I put before you life and death, blessing and cursing. Choose Life. He says beware what you sow you will reap. God is not mocked.

So Christians mainly believe number 3, this website promotes that number 4 is correct.

Christians walk around with this bewilderment thinking this current world and Christian state is God’s rescue plan. That God was shocked at our fall and we were suppose to live in the garden of paradise forever. They think we messed up and now God has to fix it’.

Let me tell you this current state is not a rescue plan, a ‘Plan B’. We are firmly in plan A.

If we are firmly in Plan A, right on target, Then this lost troubled world, which is suffocating under its own ways was part of God’s foreknowledge, part of His plan. He didn’t do it but He knew it would happen.

Then things are how they are meant to be, it is all within God’s allowable will.

God knows the end from the beginningIsaiah 46:9-10

It was always God’s plan to crucify Christ, and you to be hidden in Him, this plan was in place before He even started making heaven and earth. Revelations 13:81 Peter 1:18-20Ephesians 1:3-72 Timothy 1:9.

Colossians 1:15 tells us, The beginning of the creation of God was Christ. God fulfilled this position called Christ, Christ is God. Christ is also the God who would die for the sins of His creation. God through Christ makes everything. Christ who is the Word of God, became a man (became Jesus),  John 1:14,  paid the penalty for our sin at the cross.

So why was the beginning of God’s creation Christ? Because God wanted offspring but needs them to be free will choosers of life which is light and love, or else they would just be mindless robots or clones. To give us free will choice He made a place for us to have free will choice.

So He knew we would mess up this free will and sin, so the first thing He did was create a position of the one who would rescue us from our wrong choices? God in Christ became the God who could die for the sins of His creation. This is why Christ was crucified before Christ started to create the world. Colossians 1:15-17.

This very act of creating the Christ position first lets you know that He loves you and always planned to rescue you.

The Big Picture. 

Moving on from that (wrong) worldview, the one of God being shocked about our current situation, that He never had foreknowledge lets look at everything as plan A, see and perceive what He has done, by design, foreknowledge and planning. If you can’t move on study those scriptures listed above.

He always knew Lucifer and the kingdom of darkness would be with us here on earth. The kingdom of those who have fallen are part of the whole picture. They are able to tempt, and challenge and even accuse.  God always planned to hide the whole spiritual realm from us after the fall. So everything was would be based on choice, unbiased free will, and right heart choices.

It was in His foreknowledge that you be tempted, and because of this big picture that we might not see clearly yet, He put the 2nd tree in the garden for an alternative to obedience, Genesis 2:17. Even free will choice exists for the angels, opportunity for temptation, as they found the daughters of men where desirable, Genesis 6:2-4. The Bible is clear that God tempts no one with evil, James 1:13-15, He tempts you with life, the enemy with death.

Lets get something clear, we don’t see the big picture clearly, we don’t see clearly God’s eternal plan. We do know what He has told us, We do know that He is Sovereign, that He is in charge and at any moment could say, “enough!”. We suspect that He is allowing evil to be proven wrong by placing us here in the midst of evil. That He has chosen to put free will choice of life and death before you, blessing and cursing. But then He tells you to choose life. Deuteronomy 30:19.

As part of His eternal plan, He has allowed or established that if you sinned you would come under oppression by the evil one. That they would have access to you in that area, that whoever you give yourself to spiritually you will be come a slave of. John 8:34.

As part of His Big Picture plan, He has made it that whatever you sow you will reap.

Because God was well aware of this current state before the foundation of the world. He would know your daily struggles, He knew it would be hard to hear Him, a struggle over the flesh to walk with Him. He knew we would be born into a spiritual battle. He knew it would be hard to believe. Hard to see clearly, hard to walk right if you are choosing wrong. He knew life for you would be just as it is. Tossed, confused, failing, wrestling, winning, overcoming. His advice is, “choose life”, trust Him for everything, not passively but an active expecting faith. Hear and obey, read and understand, then apply my words to you.

I can hear some of you say, God wouldn’t allow this world to go ahead if He knew it would fall, that there are too many lost, that God wouldn’t create some for destruction, (The Apostle Paul says He did, remember we don’t see the whole picture).

I know that it appears that God’s love is challenged however God is fulfilling something with this life that will train us for eternity. We know in all this that God loves mankind and desires none to perish, there is however a gravity of lesson here that is so enormous that He designed the world just for that lesson. The Bible declares that we only see in part, we do not see the big picture, We know Him and Trust Him, We know there is no darkness in Him, He is love.

The Grand Design.

So if God knew it would be as it is now, then He knew He would make two main covenants. One based on Law to show His standard and to show sin as exceedingly wicked, the other covenant based on Grace to show His love and His heart, but not only show but to save us.

This world was only put here for the sons and daughters of God, the new creation, it wasn’t put here for man, for Jew or Gentile, for Kings, Queens or Cultures, or for an experiment, it was put here for you who are born from above to learn life, death, obedience, faith, hope and love, etc.

You are the reason for everything, you are not just some little christian in your little corner of the world, you are a born from above child of God, (if Christ is in you), you can speak to a mountain and it will obey you. You are the reason, you need to look with eyes of what God is telling you in everything. Everything here has you in mind, every lesson, every story in the old testament, everything in creation is also a lesson. Everything has a message for you.

God did not have to create this realm the way He did, or make us as life forms made of carbon, He could have made anything He chose. Everything has purpose and tied back to His main purpose and plan. Which is you, an eternal child of the living God.

Start seeing everything around you with the understanding it is here for this life lesson to teach and train the sons and daughters of God.

Here are a few very simple examples,

1. The sun and the moon, God didn’t have to make a sun and moon, they represent a lesson. The moon has no light in itself, it only glows when it is looking at the sun. In the midst of the darkness look at the sun and you will have light. The sun representing the Son of God, Jesus.

2. Look at your shadow, it is with you wherever you go,  if it leads, if it is before you then you are not facing the sun, if it is behind you then it is because you are facing the sun, but it is still there, but if the sun is in the highest place it is under your feet.  Paul said, “to do evil is always with me”, but just like your shadow if Jesus actually is in the highest place in your life, then sin will be under your feet where it belongs.

3. Every animal exist by eating something else that lives, take for example a beautiful Tiger, it must eat the innocent, for example a beautiful Deer must die for the Tiger to live, this is a simple picture of Christ. He must die for us to live.

4. Food, Water and Oxygen is what we need for life in this natural body, Jesus said I am the bread of life, my Word is the water, the greek word for Spirit is the same as breath. So we need the Holy Spirit, the Word and Jesus to be healthy in His body, spiritually healthy. Notice in this world food, water or breath is useless to you unless the blood takes it and gives you life. This is a picture of the main role of the Blood of Jesus. Without His blood you can’t have life.

If God designed everything focused on His main purpose, then everything in the old testament, every story, every city, every name, was there to teach those who would be born of God, (the new creation), about life and death, how to live in the Spirit, how to walk with God.

Realize you are the meaning of life. Don’t be blinded to think this is only a rescue plan. Look around there are messages everywhere for you.

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