Human Experience

You read the scripture but it doesn’t mean anything, it seems gibberish, you can’t fit it in your real world, you know what its saying, you could explain it easily to someone but it lacks any real reality in your ‘real’ world.

You have been working on your identity, you were getting it but you seemed to have slipped back, you know you’re a new creation, you know your born again, you know you are holy, righteous, even perfect….. but not too perfect???

This is a state of walking in the flesh and you even know that too.

Heart is the emotional brain; desire centre.

Your heart has become overwhelmed with a lie and you are receiving it as true, purge your heart, not spiritual heart as its brand new but your physical heart from these encoded lies, your physical heart is the only other organ in the human body that has brain cells, your physical heart stores desires and emotions this is why your heart hurts when you get grieved, and people experience all kinds of new desires when they have heart transplants.

One of the biggest barriers to living as the child of God which you are, is this current reality, you know your a human, you know your not quite perfect yet, you know it as much as you know anything… well that’s the problem it doesn’t line up with God’s word, its a deception.

It’s the outer man, you are the inner man complete and perfect, with a new spirit, mind, heart and spiritual body, the problem is you live in a body of death, that is fully encoded with your old life. You need to transform it by renewing its mind, purging its heart. Your battle is not against flesh and blood but against the enemy that is tricking you in your dwelling ground your brain cells, this is why the new creation is all about coming into knowledge.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (Eph 6:12)

Have you ever seen a wrestling match at the Olympics? They are wrapped around each other, straining and striving to get the ascendency, well that is what we are like, we are wrestling the enemy and he is close, very close, as close as our brain neurons, cells in our physical heart and brain.

Accept only so much

You can accept you are a saved ‘Adam’ creation, or in other words a cleaned up human with their sin forgiven, but to say you are as perfect as the Lord of Glory, wow that goes against everything you know of yourself.

Think of it this way, God says “I want to save you and spend eternity with you, however you could never come in to heaven in that state, you need more than your sins washed away… here I will take your unique personality and connect it to my perfect life. That’s the only way you could get in, [its called salvation], you are still you but with my perfect life. Now, because you are as holy as me, as righteous as me, and as loving as me you can dwell with me, lets walk together”.

He’s waiting, will you believe?

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