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How to fix your identity

When you start proclaiming the truth about what happened at Calvary, whether you proclaim you are healed, forgiven or righteous etc, the apparent truth that you are currently living in is screaming at you that it is not true.

But as you learn to look at what Jesus did at Calvary and proclaim it, you know you are proclaiming truth it just seems to be in conflict with what you are experiencing.

It is not saying that the apparent truth is not real and not there, e.g. sickness, it is just changing laws, like an aeroplane does when it overcomes the law of gravity using a different law, both laws are true, just like both truths are true.

Which ever truth you know to be truth you will live in.

Which ever truth you function in you will be in.     

Because you may struggle to get your head around having two truths you might feel like you are calling those things that are not as though they were, which is fine, however as you go you will discover even though they are not apparent they actually are the real truth, or in most cases you are just aligning your faith to the facts.

Just because it’s all that has ever appeared true, doesn’t mean its true

It is like the Children of Israel turned up to take a city that God had given them in the promised land, but someone else was living in it. It was true it was the Children of Israel’s city because God gave it to them, but in the apparent truth it was the inhabitants. God had already removed the enemies spiritual power in the spiritual realm, all the COI had to do is go and kill what remained. They were made to be a shadow of us, we are the born again sons of God, and we are called to follow that example in the spiritual realm, our fight is against sin, not flesh and blood, our promised land is the promised salvation of our soul, with Christ in us the hope of Glory.

You might be proclaiming what Jesus has done, identifying with His resurrection, for example you might be proclaiming that because Jesus has no spiritual blindness either do you, however in the natural (apparent truth) spiritual blindness is still blinding your eyes. This is the same battle the COI faced, it is yours, you are complete – but the opposite is in the way of it being apparent. The real truth is you do not have any spiritual blindness right now as your reading this, but spiritual blindness is inhabiting your city (soul, software). Now I say, as long as the heir is a child, he does not differ at all from a slave although he is owner of everything.

So proclaim the same testimony as Jesus, proclaim it strong until you know it, as you do the same power that raised Jesus from the dead will quicken your mortal body to come inline with the truth, for when you change laws and know the truth you will live in it.

You are not trying to trick yourself, you are aware of the other inhabitants, you are just not accepting they can exist in your cities (life).

So work it by…

  1. Proclaim the resurrection truth
  2. Know that you are not prophesying something that is not true or even will be true one day, rather you are actually proclaiming something that is true, not will be true, it is true now, it might not be manifest now but it is true right now
  3. In your ‘knowing’, God moves on and makes the ‘knowing’ manifest, word becomes flesh, ‘knowing’ the truth sets you free
  4. If you get confused how things work, or what about this or that, just go back to the Death, Burial and Resurrection, there you will find God’s truth and a rock you can stand on, leave the cross’s finished work and you leave Christianity’s truth, like Paul said all I want to know from you is Christ crucified. Too many peoples faith is a mix of Christ crucified and their works… cease from your own religious works!
  5. Strive to enter His rest and cease from your own works, this is the work of God that you believe on Him and His finished work.
  6. As He is in heaven so are you right now, in Him you live and move and have your being, for its no longer I that lives but Christ that lives in me, and the life that I now live I live by faith in (inside) the son of God who died and gave His life for me.
  7. Work it until you know it then it will be manifest.
  8. Work the real truth until it has become what appears truth, kill the current apparent truth with the real truth.
  9. First step learn to dwell at the resurrection.


Two sides to the same coin

There a two things you must do… you must put on and you must take off

You put on the truth and you take off the apparent truth

Putting on (your identity)... by believing and confessing the truth  Rom 10:10


  • I am a new creation
  • He is my life
  • I am risen in Him
  • Its impossible to be any more holy than I am right now etc….

Taking off (your identity)… by renouncing the apparent truths and the old man


  • I am not the old, I am risen with Him – all old things have passed away all have become new
  • The spirit of this world has no place in me
  • I renounce, lust, pride, weakness, disobedience, laziness, vanity they are not of me etc….

This is removing the mud, the other side is putting on the light, or rather aligning yourself with who He has made you in Him

If you don’t take off the enemy will cling on, but by renouncing you are repenting and breaking the rights for the enemy to be there, for he who sins is a slave to sin, somewhere you allowed the enemy to cling on. Renouncing it (taking off) gives room for God.

Heb 10:22… Let us draw near to God with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience and having our bodies washed with pure water

Having our body’s washed with pure water, means having the boogs washed away by the anointing of God, renewal is always by the word and the Spirit (anointing) of God. 

Remember as we behold Him AS IN A MIRROR we are changed from glory to glory. In other words realise when you are looking at Him you are looking at your new life! The key here is looking at Him, and secondly having an awareness this is exactly what you look like now, because you were resurrected in Him. 

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