What keeps us small?


So what keeps us small and ineffective?

What stops us doing greater works than Jesus?

What stops the sons and daughters of God from being manifest?

What stops them from ruling and reigning with Him?

What holds back the kingdom of God and its fullness?

It comes down to two things, confidence and knowledge.

We lack confidence because we don’t understand our place, we think we are mere humans in our little corner of the world, just a helpless little human what could I do.

We lack confidence because our flesh is ruling, we are to busy stumbling over our sins, trying to keep ourselves saved, trying to keep right with God. Of course this perspective is foolish and wrong and will keep you poor, blind, wretched and naked. We don’t understand how great his salvation is, this error comes from the law of repentance doctrine that people preach to those already saved. It should be called the Law of self righteousness doctrine.

We lack confidence because we have the wrong paradigm, we see through the eyes of our Adam, mere human mindsets rather than from the eyes of Christ, who is our new life and who is seated at the right hand of God, with us in Him. Colossians 3:1. Do you get that, in the spirit you are in Him at the throne, this spiritual dimension is within you, it is right now, right as you hear or read this, you are with Him seated at the right hand of the throne of power. Set your mind there!

We lack confidence because we lack knowledge, we don’t understand His salvation and the greatness of it, we think He has made me clean, but not glorious.

We think He has taken me from bankrupt and put a thousand dollars into my pocket, but that is a total lie, He has taken you from bankruptcy and put everything there is in all creation and more into your hand, you own all things, including His righteousness, power and glory. Why could I make such a ridiculously outrageous statement? Because it is true, He owns everything and you are risen in Him and been given His life. You are a joint heir with Him, the Apostle paul says, “do you not know that you own all things?”  Do you not realize you will judge the unsaved, that you will even judge the angels? 1 Corinthians 6:2-3.

Christians who are small are only so because they don’t know where they stand, they don’t know who they are. They don’t know what resources they have, they don’t realize their power, they don’t realize their position, they don’t realize their authority, they don’t believe because they lack knowledge. They don’t trust because they don’t know the way things work, they don’t understand the construct of this life, the rules and the challenge, they don’t see clearly because they are clouded by their flesh, the bonds of wickedness, the clouds of the enemies influence. They are failing because they are imitating those around them who also don’t know these things. If the blind are leading the blind how can anyone arise, if their leaders only know the valleys how can they teach the mountain top. If they won’t believe and only believe the scripture, how will they ever arise? They are thinking and living like a mere human, they are lost in the maze of the Adam identity and will get to heaven and realize they were duped, contained, made smaller than they ought be.

When I came before God in prayer one night, I stood with a normal amount of Christian confidence, I would now call it unassured, un-confident, but hopeful and believing He accepts me in Christ, however look deep under the surface and I harboured a hidden shame of my struggle with my flesh, a struggle of repent today, and probably do it again tomorrow. I was just the same or even worse than all the Christians around me. So my confidence was low, my faith was hindered by, ‘who was I’ to ask such things? I was believing I was forgiven, washed, but like so many, a barely saved, salvation.

As I stood there praying, God took away the veil of this conscious life in the body and showed me who I really was. He showed me the raw truth of my life, He exposed me to who I really was. He gave me insight to me, He showed me my righteousness, He showed me the state of my holiness. He exposed me to His light. So what was I like? Was I unclean, stained, fallen, corrupt, a struggling with sin being? I would have judged myself so.

But as I stood there, I was seeing clearly for the first time ever, I was shining like the sun in full strength. I was a being of complete perfection, a being totally identical to Him, just as perfect, just as righteous, just as holy. I was like Him, however that being said, I knew my place, He was Dad and I was His son. I had zero hint of shame, zero hint of inferiority, zero hint of shrinking back from His presence, from His unapproachable light. I had full confidence, full faith, full authority.

Then I turned to the demon that I was casting out of someone, (the actual reason I had come before the Lord was to cast out a demon that was in someone 50km away), with fierceness of a perfect being of light and love, I looked at the demon and commanded it to “come out of Him”. It looked up at me with big haunted eyes and I knew its thoughts, it said in its thoughts do you believe it? then it left immediately. Why did it ask that? Why does a demon ask a being of perfection do you believe it? Why? Because every Christian is like I was then. Every Christian whether they are shooting drugs up their arm, back-slidden, or living whole-hearted for the Lord, yes, although they battle in this flesh, they are like Him now. This is why a demon will look at you and say, does he believe it, and if you don’t, you are just one more born-again, brand new creation, complete in Him, but blinded by the flesh Christian, and that demon isn’t going to obey you.

We need to know that He has borne us again in Him, we are risen in Him, baptised in Him, immersed in Him, one Spirit with Him, one mind with Him, one heart with Him, (of course I’m not talking about filthy flesh), He has literally given us His life. We are just having a soulical earth lesson at the moment, a battle with flesh and sin, etc.

So anyway when I came out of that experience I plugged back into my brain, I put back on my wrong identity, my wrong paradigm, my wrong perspective, my wrong understanding, my self judgement and my wrong confidence, a confidence that I rated according to my performance and my wrong understanding. I pondered, how could that experience be true? So I rang the person who had asked me to pray, He told me the demon I had cast out had left instantly. So there was a physical manifestation of a spiritual event, but how can these things be, how can I be like that?Then I started to see it everywhere in the scripture.

The problem is we learn off each other, we are taught by Christian teachers blinded by the natural life, they are keeping us poor, blind, wretched and naked, we become confused when we wander around in the maze of our old Adam mindsets. All learning off each other, all building Christ on top of an Adam foundation.

God is releasing this revelation in these times, Christians are finally going to understand who they really are now because of Christ, to date all I have seen by the preachers of such new revelation are things that are still dulled, half truths on true identity. That said, those who are teaching we are sons and daughters are heading in the right direction but are not quite there yet, however either am I, we only see in part, but as we awake and arise from the dead, Christ will give us light. He can’t give much light to the Adam mindset, its too self centred and small minded. God doesn’t share His glory with Adam, (which is the first born creation, fallen mindset), He only shares it with Christ and those with the Mind, Heart and Spirit of Christ, (which all Christians own already, but can’t get the rewards of it until they function in it).

So believe your flesh and those taught by the flesh and you will remain, small, poor, blind, wretched and naked. Barely clothed, barely effective. Galatians 4:1-5 says… Even though you own everything, while you are but a child in such things, you do not differ to a slave, but are placed under governors and rulers until you arise above them, [My Paraphrase]. The governors are the bondage to the elements of this world, flesh, demons, physical laws etc..

Jesus walked on water, flew up into the sky, translated from one place to another, created food and drink, calmed storms, raise dead, etc, etc, etc.. and He did all that as a man under the law. We are suppose to do much greater things than He did, for the law is fulfilled in Him, and we are with Him, owning all things in Him, and seated within Him at the throne of grace. John 14:12.

Let me tell you plainly who you are and where you stand, if you are in Christ, right now you are the righteousness of God, that means the same perfection as He is, this means you have complete right-standing with Him. You stand right with God because of His great gift in Christ. In the spirit you look like Him, holy, glorious, righteous, perfect, complete, forever perfected. So throw away your earthly self righteousness, which is based on your performance, put on the breastplate of righteousness, which simply means you believe you are perfectly righteous now, if you don’t believe you are perfect right now, you are not wearing it. So you stand right with God, extremely right, extremely acceptable to Him, you can dwell in His unapproachable light but not with a fallen Adam mindset, that will keep you at a distance, so put on the new risen mindset, one with Christ and you can come boldly.

So not only do you stand completely as Christ stands, you have access to all things, in fact you own all things, your resources are not limited, your mandate is not limited you are an ambassador of heaven, your job is to go and bring heaven to earth. You are not just a little person, you are greater than the greatest of the Adam race.

Because Christ is the Word, He holds all things together by the Word of His power, His Word formed the world, so His Word is like code to forms the framework, that holds the fabric of the physical world together, so word is just like software, software, forms, frames, and tells a software program how to function, is there any difference, think about it? Whether it is true or not, you are like a software writer, (because you are in the software writer, which is Christ), living within the software, (this earth), you have authority with the mind of Christ to change the world by your word and prayer. So go heal the sick, cast out demons, bind up the brokenhearted, set at liberty those who are oppressed, bring life, light, love, truth, grace, rule and reign with Him, preach Christ crucified, be about your Fathers business, put on the Lord Jesus Christ, make no provision for the flesh. See and understand who you are, and what you possess in Him. Remember you are just likened to if Jesus, who is the Alpha and Omega turned up on earth in a body again, you are like Him, don’t listen to your flesh or take on its fallen identity anymore.

There are so many promises, so many supernatural promises why should you be governed by the natural realm anymore. Arise son or daughter of God, be who you really are.

Ponder this and return to this article again and again if need be.


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