God’s Way

Gods Way

God’s way to transform you…

We get transformed the opposite way most would think, most think that the best way to deal with a problem is first accept you have it, a good example is alcoholics anonymous, however this is a perfect example of cleaning up from the outside in, we are not those that clean from the outside but from the inside out, from a position of strength not weakness, as we are not mere men trying to overcome habits by slowly working through them, changing our character by struggle and discipline, we are not those who clean up the old man, but we walk in the newness of life. Have you ever wondered why Jesus got baptised? I believe it was God’s way of showing you that when you go to fast, pray and remove the MUD from your soul, you do it from a position of righteousness not sin. 

Here it is in a nut shell, when you know all old things have passed away, you realise “hey that’s not me”, sin the deceitfully wicked thing was trying to deceive me and live through me, when you know you’re complete you stop trying to become complete, when you know you’re the righteousness of God in Christ you stop trying to become righteous, when you know your as He is in heaven you stop trying to become as He is in heaven.

We are not those who make excuses for sin, we consider ourselves dead to sin, that it has no place in us, many Christians have a wrong doctrine which say, “hey I’m righteous because of what Jesus has done, so I can sin and it doesn’t change a thing”. Jesus said go and sin no more! Paul said, God forbid! Read Rom 8, you can’t walk with God in the flesh.

So anyway the act of knowing it is finished is what changes your thinking, when you know you are complete in Him, you are as He is because you have His life, whatever is true of Him is true of you… why? because He is your life, look at these scriptures…

It is no longer I who live (on the inside) but Christ who lives and the life I now live I live by faith in the son of God who died and gave His life for me (Gal 2:20).

For my life is hidden in Christ in God, when Christ who is our life appears we shall be like Him (Col 3:4).

So He is your life, whatever is true of Him is true of you, because He is your life, this is the copy paste job done for you when He saved you. In fact (in computer talk) its not so much copy paste but God has put a shortcut or link in you and if you click on your life it goes straight to Christ’s.

Get this paradigm, and you will get it… “Only one man will be saved from the earth, only one and we are hidden in Him, He is our life”.

So right now you on the inside are the image of the invisible God, why? because He is the image of the invisible God, not in yourself but in Him. You are not God but you have been given His life, because, as He is the so are you. This is the amazing gift of God, this is the plan of God from the start.

Oh your scared that you will lose your identity? God hid you in there, He knows who you are, your ‘you’ with the perfect life of Christ. You still retain your unique personality, but with His perfect life. You can come no other way than you hidden in Him. This is how God saves you by giving you Christ’s life, or better said He has become your life.

When you know that it is finished, that you are complete, that you have risen with Him, with His life, that as He is in heaven so are you on the earth. Then you realise the old is not you, and that the only problem is that your brain has not understood what happened when you got born-again. The sin I thought was me, was not me, but sin tricking me to live in and through me. The brain has five trillion neurons and most of its responses are automatic, one trigger fires millions of neurons which you will think is you (because it was you once), however when you know the truth then it will set you free.

Like the boy brought up in a chicken coop, our internal reality truth checker is always talking, always firing ideas at us to check if the are true, “but what about this”, “what about that”, “nah it cant be true because of…” I tell you now whatever disagrees with God in your truth checker, is a lie, its only apparent truth that looks true.


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