Identity Paradigm

Identity Paradigm

Our problem with reality is our environment

Over the last thirty years quite a few cases have been reported of children being brought up by animals. In one case a three year old boy’s parents died so he was given to his uncle to raise, his uncle just put him in the chicken coop and left him there, eight years later at the age of twelve he was discovered still living in the chicken coop.

His brain was just like ours, always calculating always trying to establish how things work, its formulated to make sense of the world, whichever world it is placed in. So this boy’s brain analysed, assessed, learnt and deciphered who he was and where he fits into the world. It presented him a logical reality, taught him how to communicate and live.

The result, he knew he was a chicken, he clucked like a chicken, acted like a chicken and responded in everyway like a chicken. In a very similar case thirty years ago in Fiji they just tied a chicken boy to a bed for twenty one years as they didn’t know what to do with him, like this other boy he was a chicken in every sense of his identity and ways.

Our brain is like that it is always trying to make sense of the world and tell us who we are and where we fit. Five trillion neurons, a 100 billion calculations a second how could this supercomputer ever be wrong? The facts are its not the computers (brains) fault its the information that is going into it, garbage in, garbage out, wrong information in, wrong conclusions, wrong framework wrong paradigm. 

Point: Our reality is whatever our brain has perceived as real from its environment.

You know your reality is real but is it? Of course it is you say! But even that reply is according to your internal reality checker and your logical assessment of the world (your chicken coop).


All information is assimilated into our current paradigm (worldview)

The little boy would have been fed scraps by his uncle everyday, he would have seen his uncle and thought….. what? …. that his uncle is a big chicken too? Why did he not realise that he was like his uncle and not like a chicken? Why did he not pickup on all the cues?

The problem is we twist the data to suit our paradigm (worldview), every bit of information that we receive gets accessed for its truthfulness according to our reality assessor, our worldview. If our worldview is wrong then the data is going to produce wrong conclusions. Wrong truth!

Right now you know what reality is… or do you? Of course you do…? well I’ve got news for you, you probably don’t. I am here to tell you that anything that contradicts God’s word is not real truth its just apparent truth that your environment has told you is real.

What is needed is a paradigm shift, a different way at looking at the same thing. Follow me on this and see if you can catch the paradigm shift, I promise you that the scripture will come a live and it will all start making sense once you get it.

The bible has many stories and scriptures that aim at changing our paradigm, however if they have not become part of our reality then they will be meaningless, ignored or made to fit another way.

The bible speaks to both paradigms and builds bridges for those that take the journey, the saying ‘to whom who has ears to hear, let them hear…’ is certainly the case here.

Paradigm of error

One hundred years ago, there was no revelation for healing, the belief was it was done away with the apostles, a few people forged the path for different thinking, different beliefs and different results, now we all (almost all) accept it as fact. Identity is one of those very subjects that needs a paradigm shift for nearly every preacher, teacher, theologian, prophet, Christian, speak and teach from one certain paradigm, could they all be wrong? Is it at least possible? Yes! Every generation has believed things that the next have proven to be wrong. Lets start here… its possible that right now you believe something’s about reality that are not actually true, however you might not be aware of it just yet.

The key to changing paradigms is getting insights into the other paradigm, being able to ‘see it’, then finding bridges to walk across that make it possible for it to be real in our internal reality checker. Then we have to keep working it until we are not trying to convince ourselves anymore, the ‘penny drops’ or it begins to dawn on us. This is why God is continually exhorting His children to know and live His word, for they will change the reality of their chicken coop former life.

These are the stages of changing your paradigm

  1. Hear about it (knowledge of it, its just an idea to you)
  2. Perceive it (see it, understand, penny drops)
  3. Practice it (try to convince yourself, refresh, renew, retrain)
  4. Know it (it has become your reality)
  5. Polish it (from faith to faith, glory to glory)

The Apostle Paul had this revelation, Peter didn’t appear to, James doesn’t appear to, John may have got it after he tried to worship a born again person and was told not to; Rev 19, but it is not totally evident in his letters. Paul went to heaven and saw the plan of God like a master architect, he was shown things that are unspeakable but he certainly had this revelation.

I believe this is one of the major subjects of the bible and can be found almost everywhere, but that stands to sense, for this world was only made for the children of God to have a place to wrestle against and overcome error, and when they have all come in and had a go it will be done away with. The bible is only written for the children of God to awake and to arise, to learn how to walk in the spirit, fight giants and take the land. I am not talking about predestination for whosoever come let them come, but the bible is not for those who perish for example a person that doesn’t get saved, reading the bible was of no value to them and even living on this earth was of no value to them. It is only here for you!

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  1. You are not a little person in your little corner of the world believing your little faith amongst many faiths, you are a new creation, born-again, a child of God and the world is only put here for you and the other children of God to overcome in.

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