Questions regarding changing your identity.

The questions below were not frequently asked by our readers but were by us as we began to explore our identity in Christ.

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Well you believe something about your self now, what is it? Is it the full truth? Is it only half of the gospel? In a map you need two points, I am here, and I want to get here, it is the same here you need to know where you stand with God, and what God has said about you to have confidence with Him. We are not about cleaning up your old soul, rather we are about making the newness of life manifest.

The first Adam was a living soul the second was a life giving spirit, you are now born-again and are a life giving spirit, the love of God has been shed abroad in your heart you can not help but be love focused.

Just like the Children of Israel were given a land to enjoy, they couldn’t until they did some battling and conquered it, so there is a season to re-establish where you stand with God and know what He has done for you and said about you, before you can really live in and enjoy it.

The enemy is out to rob away two identities in your understanding, Gods identity and your new one. Of course a new creation would have a different identity to an old one just as a chicken has a different identity to an eagle. If you think your a chicken you wont act like an eagle. They found a boy last year that had been brought up by chickens for about a decade, he acted like a chicken, clucked like a chicken and lived like a chicken, if only the boy knew he was a child he wouldn’t act like a chicken. Can you imagine the process that will have to be gone through to rewrite that boys brain, well we are in the same process now by understanding we are no longer the old but the new, and what that means. Having the wrong identity is like having a billion dollars in the bank, what good is it if you don’t have a clue its there.

If you think you are focusing on yourself too much you are wrong, you are actually removing yourself and getting that fallen sin conscious thing out of the equation, what you want is oneness with God, His word and Spirit. Your old self is the blockage, it gunk’s because it was made from the mud, (Adam), when you find a place of unity in the Spirit with God you will find the freedom of not having the mud to wreck it. Then you will worship in a new way, for you are praising Him for the full gospel, the finished work.

If you don’t know you are saved right now or completely righteous right now you are religious and you be convicted because you are coming like Cain in your own works and like Him you will be rejected. Because you feel the conviction you will live a life of repentance, always repenting always striving. Don’t live in some weird gospel that’s not a gospel at all, who has deceived you to think you will be started by His work and be completed by your hand. (Galatians)

You will be wandering around in the outer court trying to sacrifice yourself as the sacrifice (Jesus was the sacrifice). If you don’t know you are saved or righteous you will spend your whole Christian life trying to become saved and righteous, (the just shall live by faith) If you don’t believe you are righteous right now, what gospel are you believing? Romans 10:10 when your heart believes unto (you are) righteous, and elsewhere put on the robe of righteousness, and the breast plate of righteousness, the helmet of salvation.

These putting on things are not a real spiritual thing that you wear in the spirit, they are a faith thing you are adding to your identity, you can try and put on a spiritual item called a helmet as some do, but if you don’t believe you are saved you are not wearing the real helmet of salvation, put on salvation and it will protect your mind, put of His righteousness and it will protect your heart.

Getting rid of the sin (slave) consciousness.

Is it the memories of Egypt that is your stumbling block? It was for most of the Children of Israel (Christians) in the wilderness. You died (even though it didn’t feel like it) and you got born-again a life giving Spirit pickup your new identity and you will not be self centred but Christ will be all in all.

2. Will I become proud?

I heard of someone who said they had been to heaven saying that “many people arrive wearing a gown and others with glorious robes”, this is very possible some Christians take off their sin and wear the gown of salvation, however they fail to put on the other half of the gospel which is the new righteousness, the bible goes on to say that we have been glorified.

What would please God more, a finished redemption or a half finished one? Do you think God would rather have a deceitfully wicked fallen being standing before Him worshipping or a perfect creation that knew it once was deceitfully wicked and has been made wonderful and glorious by the grace of God?

The flesh offends God don’t bring it in or you can’t come in, stay out wandering about behind the veil as your not coming in Christ correctly your coming in some other kind of religion. Some think they are able to come as a evil being with the blood on them to cover them, but this is not true it could not even get in the door, you cant bring Adam there only Christ can enter the Holiest of Holy place, unless you are so hidden in Him that your like Him you cant enter either.

Of course through lack of knowledge millions of Christians do this, having a positional faith only, and they do get heard by God but only because Jesus stands in the gap interceding for them, God wants you to enter in Christ, not with your carnal mind, not just positionally, positional is not correct faith, correct faith is experienced, to say you are positionally healed doesn’t do you any good if its never experienced.

The bible says, Moses was the most humble man alive and look at the glory that was on his life, this is not putting on pride, in fact unless the pride of life is removed you will never walk in a Christ correctly. This taking of the carnal mind which is Gods enemy as it is not subject to Him. Walking in the new creation you will not only act humble you will be humble because you have made room for the nature of God and the mind of Christ.

To want to stay humble in Adam is false humility, The Adam race is fallen and is self centred it can’t help being focused on self. Christ is gentle and humble in heart, so put on Christ.

The one who lives by just putting on the gown of salvation  lives only by the grace of God, and the grace of God alone, just like the one who puts on the gown of salvation and the robe of righteousness. They both live by grace through faith and not of themselves, neither deserved it, neither will ever be able to do anything to deserve it.

The difference is one excepts only half of what Jesus has done and rejects the gift of the other half, which is sad because the only one who wins there is the enemy, God loses, Jesus loses, the lost lose, the body of Christ loses, you lose and the devil wins, as they were called to be so much, but became so little, as the scripture says my people perish through lack of knowledge.

If I am a perfect spirit how come I….…want to sin?

You are a perfect spirit born of an incorruptible seed, incorruptible doesn’t produce corruption. You have His life and He is not corruptible. So you think you want to sin? It is not you who wants to sin, its sin within your un-renewed soul, when you got born-again, that’s what actually happened you, you actually died, swapped from your life residing in your soul to now residing in your spirit, in heavenly places in Christ.

You might say well it didn’t feel like that? that’s because it happened very quickly, your old soul/software still exists, your spirit is actually married to it, or connected, infused to it to live in the world. Every machine needs instruction software (soul) to run the machine (body).

You are plugged into the control module of the machine, your brain however all the pathways, nerves and responses for the brain were mapped by your old life that was dead in sin, so it mapped sin everywhere in your brain. Those sinful pathways are no more you than a boy is a chicken.

The bible says be transformed by the renewing of your mind and as you stand fast to that thinking God’s truth you will remap the brains pathways. The spirit of this world (sin) wants to keep you locked into thinking you are the old and not new, so it works very hard to trick, deceive and confuse you into believing you want to sin and are sinful.

You are no more sinful than what Jesus is! If you don’t believe that you have only come to the cross but you haven’t come to the resurrection. You have only put on the gown of salvation and not the robe of righteousness. You died with Him and you rose with Him.

So don’t be tricked by sin to thinking it is you, it was you once but not since you got born-again. You are a little leaven that was put inside a lump, you will find out how powerful that leaven is when you find the way, the truth and the life. Unless you have put on Christ (correctly, not just positionally) you will not live in the way, the truth or the life.

Side note: Positional doctrine is just an excuse for not having any real faith, what good is it to say to a person you are positionally healed! But they remain sick and dying. Positional doctrine is a excuse for not understanding how the truth works in this life. Positional doctrine came about because people didn’t understand who they were in Him now, because its impossible to reconcile the truth of who you are now when you have a soul identity.

It is finished! Christ likeness is not a “One day” thing, its now!

…need to Fast?

Answered above.

…can walk in the flesh?

Answered above.

How real is all this?

God has shown this battle that you live in, in every way possible, this is what everything is about, your whole life is about this battle.

He shows the battle by the,

  • Spiritual realm,  war in the spirit – fighting error.
  • Children of Israel, taking the promised land – removing gentiles (evil thoughts).
  • Noah’s flood, drowning error in the spirit.
  • Physical Marriage, two must become one,
  • Spiritual marriage of soul and born-again spirit, spirit must rule the soul, soul is thoughts control wayward thinking.
  • Christ and the church, you must die to error (wrong thoughts).
  • Jerusalem, the divided city, overrun by gentiles (thoughts).
  • Nature, only the strongest (thoughts) survive.
  • etc etc etc…. pick a biblical story and you will find this main theme in it David and Goliath, everywhere this main theme is found, it is your life’s purpose for being on earth and your life’s struggle, you’re not here for the “good life” you’re here to learn about real life, He puts before you life and death, blessing and cursing choose life, overcome error!
  • …. to be continued

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