Only Believe


So one realm is facts and finished and the other is faith and beliefs, can you see that?

It’s important to know that no matter what you believe it is finished, you don’t become complete by believing it, its already past tense! You don’t have right standing by believing it, you already have right standing, you already are one with God.

However because you dwell in the soul realm and it is not solid or tangible, it is only thoughts, beliefs and faith, you can not experience the facts (spirit) unless you believe it, e.g. you can not come to the throne unless you believe it even though you are already there, without faith its impossible to please God, He has done the work now He wants you to believe it.

You don’t dwell in the facts you dwell in your faith, align them with the facts, “only believe” Jesus said!

The facts are the facts believe it or not! Your faith doesn’t change them. So your faith changes the soul realm only for in the spirit it is finished.

Now we walk on this earth in the soul realm, and we train our soul to catch up with the facts of the spirit realm (which is our new life) so our soul can be renewed, conquered and taken over like the promised land was taken over by the children of Israel.

You will never go any further in this life that your soul can, so renew it, prosper it, take it back of your old identity. This is the hope of glory, Christ in your soul.

So how you live in the soul realm (thought realm) is by faith in the facts of the spiritual realm. Dwell at the resurrection by faith, all old things are passed away, you only experience it if you believe it, if your not believing it you are believing some thing else and you certainly will experiencing that.

Can you see its a realm of thoughts and faith? and they define what you experience, although you already be complete you will only live what you believe.


An example of the facts verses faith realm is the terms Christ-Jesus vs Jesus-Christ, and simple way of explaining the difference would be, soul-spirit vs spirit-soul or man-God vs God-man.

Paul always talks about us being in Christ, (our spirit) but to our outer man (our soul, body) as putting on the Lord Jesus Christ. You can’t put on Christ-Jesus because you are already in Him in the spirit, but your thoughts and faith (soul) needs to put on Jesus-Christ. Inner man for inner man and outer man for outer man.

The term Lord Jesus Christ is for the first born (outer man), and term Christ Jesus is in regard to the second born (inner man).

We (soul realm) enter the holy place by faith (soul realm) by baptising or immersing ourselves by faith in Jesus-Christ becoming flesh of His flesh and bone of His bone. (Rev 10:20, John 6:54-56, Eph 5:30)

When we take communion its only for the outer man, which is the first born. The inner man (Christ) doesn’t need salvation its never sinned. Look at Goshen and the blood over the doors and windows and they had to eat the flesh of the lamb when inside the house to protect the first born (body and soul, Ex 12:7-13), when we take communion we take the body to remind or produce faith in us that His body is our body, visa versa, and His blood (soul) our blood. This makes you so immersed in Christ that the enemy can’t put sickness on you, because He can’t put sickness on Christ, remembering its only in the soul realm so its in the faith realm, so unless you believe it it won’t happen. (Heb 10:20)

So in the spirit it is finished but in the soul we live it by faith, we only experience it through us when we have faith.

Can you see the plan of God to rescue the soul? first He has to rescues you by being born a second time, this time in a perfect incorruptible realm (Christ), at the same time kill your soul life for it has sinned, and the soul that sins shall die, but then sends you back into the soul for you to infiltrate it and bring it into Christ, at the same time learn how to overcome sin and error, and learn all the lessons of life and death in this life.

Align your faith with the facts, (soul with the spirit) for you are a new creation….. you are completely perfect now, and righteous right now, put on the breastplate of righteousness, dust off the MUD, be cleansed from its sin, walk in the newness of life. Praise God it is finished and you are complete in Christ!


Below is a list being prepared on the facts, know the facts and the facts will give you faith.

If your getting confused while changing your identity, then just stick with the facts, not the apparent facts the real facts.

{I have only started on this so not finished yet}

You are…

  1. You are born-again (John 3.3-7)
  2. You are a new creation (2 Cor 5:17)
  3. All old things are passed away behold all have become new (1 Cor 5:17)
  4. You are a spirit (John 3:6, 1 Cor 5:5)
  5. You are already righteous now (2 Cor 5:21)
  6. You are complete now (Col 2:10)
  7. You are sanctified now
  8. You are justified now
  9. You are saved now
  10. You have His testimony now (Rev 19:10, Col 3:3-4)
  11. You are brand new (2 Cor 5:17)
  12. You are incorruptible (1 Pet 1:23)
  13. You are forgiven
  14. You will never be judged for sin (John 5:24)
  15. You are free
  16. He is your life (Col 3:4)

Your personality now is…

  1. You are powerful
  2. You have authority
  3. You are love
  4. You are Light
  5. You are kind
  6. You are long suffering
  7. Unless you hate your (natural) life you are not worth of Him

Your soul is saved by…

  1. Hiding in Him
  2. Putting Him on
  3. Being baptised in Him
  4. Making a covenant with Him

Your soul is transformed by…

    1. Looking at Him
    2. Putting Him on
    3. Changing your thinking to align with Him

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