Facts vs. Faith Table


This table shows Galatians 2:20 and the difference between “its no longer I that lives but Christ”, and “The life I now live in the flesh”. In the Spirit you (a spirit) are seated in heavenly places in Christ (within you), and in this world you exist in and are mainly conscious of a body/soul state. (Please note: Spirit referred to here is not to be confused with the spirit of your mind).

Facts Faith
Spiritual realm = eternal non changing Soul = realm of thoughts and thinking
life giving spirit living soul
don’t need it to dwell here you are here Need faith, Faith realm
Solid, finished, unchangeable Learning, growing, understanding, believing
don’t need to believe it, its a finished work need to believe to walk in the truth
You are a new creation whether you believe it or not
all old things are passed away whether you believe it or not
Behold, all things have become new whether you believe it or not
Saved saved by faith
it is finished being saved
Christ is my life / never needs to be forgiven been forgiven – so walk right
Perfect a right mess
doesn’t need grace needs grace
Never sinned needs to be purged of sin
Already in Christ Jesus Put on the Lord Jesus Christ
In Christ in God Hide in Jesus and His flesh (Heb 10:20)
Christ who is my life by faith in Jesus, blood and body
Perfect spirit redeemed soul
Born of God Adopted by God
You inside Christ’s life the life I now live in the flesh (gal 2:20)
Its no longer I who live, but Christ I live by faith in the son of God
Hardware software
Second born First born
Inner man has never sinned Communion/Blood is for the outer man
Don’t need faith, He is your life! Only dwell in spirit by faith
Already are as He is Put on the armour (items are believing truths)
This is your life You dwell here
In the light in Christ (who is my life) must walk in the light as He is in the light
Live in Christ Let us also walk in Christ (Col 2:6)
Born incorruptible, God’s seed Sanctified, Justified, forgiven, redeemed


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