Facts vs. Faith


Facts vs. Faith

There are three very different realms each of us simultaneously co-exist in, one of spirit life (perfect light & Love, Christ in God) one of soul life (thoughts, desires, knowledge, faith) and physical (body and world).

God has translated our life into the spirit (Christ) to save us, however we dwell in the thoughts, desires and knowledge soul realm, to redeem it. (Gal 2:20 the life I now live in the flesh, I live by faith)

Exist in the spirit realm

You in the spirit realm is complete and finished, it is His finished work, its all past tense when talking of this realm, you were crucified, you were resurrected. This realm is fact, your believing doesn’t change the facts here.

Our new life is hidden in Christ, it already is fact in the spirit realm, when Paul tells us to walk in the spirit he is talking to our soul realm, (you will see as we go on).

Facts are solid, real and true.

Although you are now a spirit hidden in Christ, you live in, or rather dwell through to the soul realm, you will never go any further than your soul can go, even Jesus was limited to His soul, (who touched me He said). You are limited to your revelation, your understanding etc…

Everything passed though your soul realm, which is your will and decision making area, whether you walk on water or raise the dead or speak to a mountain, you will do it only when your soul can believe it (Matt 17) or you have an aspect of believing, e.g. surrendered to the Holy Spirit like Peter’s shadow or God does it in his sovereignty, like Philip being translated.

However God using His sovereignty does not please Him, He wants us to get it, to arise… Remember God only put us on earth to get three things from us, and they all have to be by free will in response to Him, they are Faith, Hope and Love. 


Dwell in the soul realm

This realm is a realm of thoughts, desires and knowledge, of beliefs and faith.

You experience life in the soul realm, because soul realm is a realm of thoughts and desires, of beliefs and faith, it is not a realm of solid facts, you can choose not to believe them if you wish, where as in the spirit you are already complete in Christ it doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not.

So soul is where you dwell and experience what you believe by faith, you believe you are an evil Christian you will experience that life, Jesus said where is your faith? for it obviously wasn’t in Him. Faith is especially powerful if your faith lines up with the truth in the spirit realm.

In the soul realm you can choose to sin, but in the spirit realm you are perfect and can not sin, the soul is told to walk in the spirit, but it can choose to walk in the flesh.

The soul realm is a changeable realm of thoughts and desires, it is not solid like the facts, soul can align itself to the facts but it will always be a realm of faith, and beliefs. You can not dwell in the facts in this realm only your faith in the facts, faith is what you believe about the facts.

You can believe the city closest to where you live is in the opposite direction but it doesn’t matter how much you believe it you are wrong. You can believe the opposite of what is true and it will never become true. So facts are facts and faith is your beliefs about the facts. To build faith you go to the facts, learn the facts and you will gain faith.

The same is true of your new life, (born again) you right now are in Christ, He is now your new life whether you believe it or not, so you are righteous whether you believe it or not, saved whether you believe it or not, complete whether you believe it or not.

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