Christ’s Identity

Christs Identity

Stage two of identity series.

Now that you have started to shift the paradigm by understanding the truth about yourself you are ready to understand the real identity God has for you, Christ!

I do not recommend you bypass stage one of the paradigm shift as in stage one you learn how to live in an extra dimension, instead of seeing, and living in the truth of three dimensions you have added another dimension of truth and learned how to work it like a muscle. Also in the first stage you learn that sin is not you and it quickly starts loosing it power over you and in you as you grow in this knowledge, as you learn to walk this transformation the same power that raised Christ from the dead is quickening your mortal body (brain wiring). Another reason you do not want to be walking in blatant sin when you have this perspective so I suggest it must be something you have conquered before you go here.

Once you see this stage two paradigm you will see the whole scripture comes from and was written from this paradigm, that this is actually God’s plan for our salvation. Once this penny drops… wow, all the scriptures about being in Christ will start meaning something real and will not be confusing because you are not trying to fit them into a carnal identity.

In stage one you seen that you were born-again, that you were a perfect spirit that could not sin, in this stage you will see that the life you now live hidden in is Christ,

lets look at the scriptures there are hundreds more.

It is no longer I that live but Christ that lives in me (My identity inside is Christ).

The life that I now live, I live by faith in the son of God (inside His identity).

Put on Christ (identity).

  • for all of you who have been baptized into Christ, have clothed yourselves with Christ (Galatians 3:27).
  • On the contrary, clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for gratifying your earthly cravings (Romans 13:14).

As He is heaven so are we on the earth (Christ Identity).

For your life is hidden in Christ (identity) when He appears we shall be like Him (with His identity).

You died with Him.. were buried with Him…. and rose with Him (now you have His identity).

You have the mind (identity) of Christ.

What place does Christ have with a harlot (it calls you Christ).

You are the body of Christ.

In Him (His identity) we live and move and have our being.


Even Christian means Christ-like.

Paul is continually tell us to put on Christ and take off self, sin etc what he is actually doing is telling you to reprogram your identity.

We are to take on His identity.

Jesus’ body has become the veil that we literally enter in by, if you want to enter the holiest of holy places (experientially not in some half faith …. positional faith) you must put on the veil of His life or you will never enter (in this life time). 

He knows who you are, He hid you in there…. just don’t bring the father your old life struggles ask the Holy Spirit for help with that deception. 

Only one man will be saved from the earth and that man is Christ, we are all hidden in Him, for by one man we all died and by one man we are all saved.

Just like Jacob stole His big brothers birthright by pretending to be Esau, we are to do the same with Christ, but we don’t steal it, we inherit all things by the will of God by hiding in His son.

Learn this saying!

You are literally seated on the throne in His life, BUT wherever your faith is that where you are experientially. That is what you will live out, experience and walk in, if your faith is in the gutter you will live there, if its at the throne you will live there.

To be continued……. Christ becomes all in all.

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