Born of God

Born of God

We think we are the same person we were when we chose Jesus, that all that is different is that I believe in Jesus, that I am a human with a faith. This wrong thinking has kept the church poor, blind, wretched and naked for centuries.

Jesus was both son of man and son of God, Jesus said unless someone is born from above they can not even see the kingdom of God. The bible says the first Adam was of the earth the second was from heaven.

If you are born from above you are not a mere human anymore, you are a very real child of God, you live in a shell that was your old life. You have its memories, its identity (that needs to change), live in its body, think with its brain and desires. When you chose Christ, He came into you and took your unique personality and translated it into Him. It might not have felt that way but this is what actually happened. You are not merely born of this earth anymore, you are born from above.

So you are from above, but think you are from the earth, when you get to heaven you will see that you are perfect, you will be so grateful and you will bow down and worship Jesus knowing that He alone is worthy. The truth is you are like that right now, you are a new creation, your unique personality with Christ’s life, His perfect life, this is the gospel, this is how God saves you, He doesn’t save you by cleaning you up, He saves you by killing you and then rising you up with Christ. I have been crucified with Christ (Gal 2:20).

Answer me this question; Are you born from above or are you the same person who made a mental/emotional decision to follow Christ? What is it to be??? Born from above or same person? New creation or same creation?

Our brains need to catch up with what happened when Christ came into our life! We have been born a second time, we are brand new, new soul, new spirit in old body, behold all old things have passed away all have become brand new. The second we got born from above it happened so fast that we immediately took on the identity of our old life (this is how God reclaims the old soul experience, our earth lesson attached to our new life).

When Adam was born as an adult, there was body already encoded with intelligence and God breathed spirit into it, as soon as the breath from God entered a personality became alive, it started thinking, feeling, being, it was the first thoughts of a living soul. We are the same we get born a second time as an adult into a established brain, however the established thoughts are our old life, a seamless event, it happens so fast we think we just made a decision.

As truly as you are reading this you are born from above, you are a child of God, don’t be tricked by sin the deceitfully wicked thing into thinking you are still the same old sinner. You need to move on from the cross to the resurrection which tells you that you have risen with Him and your old life is gone and buried. (Yes it is!!) For he raised us from the dead along with Christ, Eph 2:6.  Show me your old life at the resurrection and I will believe you still have one.

Right now you are complete, perfect and righteous with His life, it’s no longer I who lives but Christ who lives in me, and Christ who is your life., the only problem is you don’t know this so you run around like the old life you were. You don’t need transformation you need revelation or better put revelation that transforms (awakes) your beliefs and therefore your living, for you live wherever your beliefs are. You are brand new!

We are a picture of Lazarus who came out brand new but still covered by the stinking death clothes, we are not the clothes, they just need to be taken off. Any manifestation of your old life is a lie, and its the sin within you that is sinning, the encoding of the enemy tricking you, trying to keep you bound, small and ruled by the body of death.

As you learn to remove those death clothes by dwelling in the newness of life, you will know Gods power, for we are not those who clean from a position of sin but of a position of newness, of righteousness, from the inside out rather than the outside in. You are righteous right now, know it, when you start believing it you will experience it. We are the finished work, the life within that is risen from the dead, alive within an old established body, when the penny drops you will never be the same.

What a different place this world would be if we only knew the truth. Awake, rise from the dead and Christ will give you light.

Strive to enter His rest and cease from your own works for truly it is finished!


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