Jigsaw Picture


Before Born-Again

After Born-Again

Current state

A living soul that has a spirit, both dead in sin  A life giving spirit that has a soul, spirit is born of Him the soul is baptised, hidden and joined into Him.


Physical Human Body

Physical Human Body, body of death,


Sinful nature

We do not have two natures however we do have a body of death that we live in; and the sinful nature that was ‘you’ is encoded within 5 trillion neurons within the brain. Its likened you spending a day in a dogs body, its continually desiring to checkout other dogs and sniff lampposts this is the battle to overcome the encoding, so be transformed by the renewing of the mind.God has condemned sin in the flesh


Deceitfully wicked, as the brain encoded the thinking of our spirit the heart encodes the desires and emotions of the spirit. Therefore the Heart is the desires of the spirit, so it’s both spiritual and physical. Heart always reflects the desires of the spirit, we have a new heart because we have a new spirit which is Christ. However because we also have a physical heart to content with, the physical heart is the only other organ in the human body with brain cells, these brain cells encode the desires of the spirit, the physical heart is encoded firstly with the desires of the old spirit, which is the sinful nature, these must be recoded.


dead in sin, the day Adam sinned his spirit became infused with sin and death, Gods glory left Him and he was naked. Christ, His life has come to live in us, we are born of the spirit, born from above in Christ, we are now a life giving spirit which is Christ, He has taken our life born of soul and killed and risen us up with Him born of spirit, perfect with His life.

Soul – New

 Soul is the sum total of mind and desire (heart)

God breathed into a body His breath / spirit and it became a living soul. Soul is a holistic collection of thoughts, desires, understandings, skills, character, will, emotions.

 Spiritual soul, is different from your first living soul, remember all things have become new apart from the body of death.

Because soul is mind, will and emotions soul is the sum total of mind and heart.

The heart is not the soul and the mind is not the soul, add the two together and you get soul.

Because we have a new mind, the mind of Christ and a new heart, we have a new soul.

Soul and nature are the same thing, nature is the sum total of mind and heart.


The life you experience as you = Was judged guilty and condemned to die, died with Christ, the soul that sins shall die, but you, your unique personality  was risen with Him a life giving spirit, your life is no longer in your soul but in Christ and you will never die.

Soul Un-renewed

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No longer is your life in the soul but you still dwell in it, just like Jesus was a spirit He contacted this world through His soul, but the bible says He was a spirit. (1 Cor 15:45-47)

Un-renewed soul is part of the architecture of outer man, thoughts run this body, e.g. I’m hungry, so soul runs the body however because its a thoughts and desire housing you dwell there, wherever its thinking is at there you are, make it walk in the spirit.

Redeemed, washed by the blood of the Jesus, sanctified because joined to righteous partner which is Christ.


The chatter of the brain, trained by spirit and earth experience.

The chatter of the brain, trained by spirit and earth experience. To be possessed by you hidden in Christ


First Adam was a living soul

Second Adam was a life giving spirit, we are born from above with Christ’s life, we can no more sin that He can sin, this is our real life now, born of spirit, perfect forever.

Inner Man

spirit which the glory of God has left, therefore dead in sin, the current state of all those without Christ

Christ, who is our life, perfect, complete, holy, as He is in Heaven so are we (1 John 4:17)

Outer Man

Body and soul

Body and Soul architecture, your promised land to take, Christ in it the hope of glory, if it doesn’t get transformed by renewing it, the mud of it will hide Christ [which is you the inner man] from shining and being the light of the world


First Adam, in other words natural man which is full of lust, pride and selfishness.

Human body made of 40% Dust and 60% water = mud

First Adam, the fallen sinful nature encoding in your physical heart and brain.

Body of death, encoded by old nature, your biggest enemy, not your friend.

Remove the mud or lose!


Character laws / Morals and outward social laws the only barriers to sin.

via outer man, to fight it separate to the inner man who now is your life, the’life I now live in the outer man’ is by faith in the inner man… Christ. (Gal 2:20)

Spiritual Bondage

Can be possessed, Spirit, Soul and Body

Can be oppressed in outer man only, which is body and un-renewed soul, but only through ignorance, for to put on the Lord Jesus Christ one comes fully into the law of the Spirit of life in Christ and the enemy cant touch Christ, therefore can’t touch you.

Quickened (Rom 8:11)

No quickening

Holy Spirit quickens our mortal body, rises it from the dead, in other words transforms by power the outer man [physical brain and heart encoding] to agree with the inner man.

Spirit of the mind (Eph 4:23, 2 Cor 7:1)

Either Demonic or carnal e.g. pride, lust

Either Demonic, carnal or renewed,   e.g. pride, lust, love, Christ etc. spirit is housed in the physical heart, therefore your the spirit of your mind is housed in your physical heart, purge your heart you double minded.This is why many times people cough up from their belly when they are getting delivered, boogs are trying to be housed in the 40,000 neurons.

Not to be confused with your new spirit or new heart which is Christ which doesn’t have to be cleansed, its born incorruptible.



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