A Dog’s Body


God has placed us the new creation in a battle and its no small feat to overcome in. The best way to see the battle you are in is to exaggerate it.

Let say you have to live in a dog’s body for a week, you get translated into it and all of a sudden you are finding these weird thoughts and weird desires.

You have these weird urges to sniff things, lampposts, fences, everything. In fact your desire to go for a walk is so you can get out and sniff things. You also discover all these crazy thoughts, all you can think about is chasing cats, eating and barking at intruders.

What kind of obstacles to do face in bringing this dog’s brain and mind into line with who you really are? The dog’s brain is fully mapped with the dog’s mind. It chatters away constantly meanwhile you are fighting it saying “stop it that is not me, I have no desire to sniff that dog’s behind over there”.

The battle is to renew the mind, which in turn recodes the brain neurons and synaptic nerves. For us to succeed we need supernatural help, the quickening of the Holy Spirit.

This is the battle you the new creation has living inside the old creation which was you. Our battle is even worse as it is not a foreign life we are living in, its our old life. We know it intimately, better than we know anything else, it seems so easy to identify with, it almost fits perfectly, its comfortable and easy to live it.

The other obstacle we face is we wrestle against demonic enemies, these powers had a part in mapping our brain with the spirit of this world, the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life.

Your enemy hangs around this old brain mapping like flies attracted to a stench. The Children of Israel had to take a land that was already inhabited with living beings.

So you are battling your brains automatic responses, including your memories, your old identity and a very cunning and tricky spiritual enemy.

Like Paul said we need to learn to forget the past and press forward to the high call. There is a determination to press forward and a skill of forgetting the past, if you don’t press, you will default to wherever your brain/mind is at.

Identity is an interesting subject and can get very complex, a simple way to look at it is ‘what do you identify with’ what you recognise as you and what you don’t.

Do you identify with sin? Pride? Lust? ???? Do you allow it? Do you think its you? Do you thinking this is just what you do? Your burden to bear? Do you know its you? Do you identify with it?

Then stop identify with it, you are likened to one who has given up fighting the dog’s urges to sniff and now you have become a sniffer. Remember who you are, you are not the dog, press! The bible says… Strive to enter God’s rest and cease from your own works.

You are not the brain and you are not the mind, you are a new creation in Christ and as He is so are you. In this story where I seen the glory of the new creation, the demon still checked to see if I believed it, why? Because everyone who is born again looks like the sun shining in its full strength to demons, they are spirit beings they see and know the truth, they know that they can get one over you because you are not seeing and knowing the truth.

Know this Child of God you are as He is right now, you will never ever get any more complete that you are right now, you may walk in it more but you already have His complete life.

You are not this dog of an old life, awake, rise from the dead life!

Only identify with the new not the old!

Remember don’t focus on being in you, focus on being in Him, He is your life, spirit, soul and body. Be immersed, baptised, submerged in Him, dwell at the resurrection, dwell there until you know your old life is buried, dwell there until you know all is new and He is your life, and He is perfect.

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