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Real Truth and Apparent Truth…what do you believe?

I was eating breakfast contemplating the things of God when the Lord started to speak to me, He said, “Shaughn?”, but I didn’t hear consciously enough to break my train of thought.  Again He said “Shaughn?”, and then again “Shaughn?” this time it was a little more attention grabbing… I thought hey the Lord is speaking to me… as soon as I thought that I got what I could only call ‘a God lesson’.

He said Shaughn “there is real truth and apparent truth, what do you believe”? Then all these scriptures came flooding to my mind and each one I didn’t believe, I knew them but didn’t believe or identify with them as true to me.

One scripture was…, as He is [in Heaven] so are you on the earth, I thought, no I don’t believe that, I am nothing like Him, He is amazing I am fallen.

another scriptures was… “all old things have passed away, behold, all has become new”, I no way do I believe that, Im struggling with this, and this, and this and that!

another scripture; Its no longer I that lives but Christ that lives in me… I definitely didn’t believe that, I said no, I’m fully alive and I believe in Jesus.

Each one of these I had a head knowledge of, but in real life I had a different perspective. My scriptural knowledge knew that it said that, I could quote it and confess it, but my identity was far from it.

Then the lesson I was having took me to the cross, and He showed me I died with him, was buried with him and I rose with Him, in Him, like Him. He paralleled it with the children of Israel being offered the promised land, and only two believed him and entered in. He showed me our promised land was Christ in me, as he is so am I in the earth. Most of the  old testament is about the promised land, its a picture for us in the Spirit. The promised land is not heaven, its Christ in us!

I said, right if all old things have passed away all have become new, I’m not going to try and clean up the old man anymore, especially because there is a new man for me to receive, one that has his mind, his nature, his purity… mmm purity! I was struggling with purity at that point so I said to myself, right as Jesus is in purity so am I on the earth, my old purity is done away with, all has become new… my faith was very high because of the God lesson I had just encountered.

So I said to God I want my purity, (as its no good being stored in heavenly places in Christ I need it here and now) I asked for it, I 100% believed He heard me, I 100% believe He gave it to me, (for all things adding to life and Godliness are yes and amen in Christ) I 100% believed that because He gave it, it was on its way and it was as good as done. Then an amazing joy rose up in me which is the truest sign of faith, I said “Thank you Lord, I was so struggling with that”.

I sat there eyes closed praising God, full of joy thanking the Lord, not having received anything in the natural yet! All of a sudden it felt like something invisible grabbed my brain, it felt like my brain was getting spun around inside my skull… I said thank you Lord, because I knew I was getting delivered. There was one more test of faith at the point of receiving it, could I believe for it? I believe that was the demons last stand. And when I stood up I was so full of purity, I was like a superman of purity. I didn’t have to control my mind and think pure thoughts, I just was pure, all my thoughts were pure and nothing could change that. 

In the old testament the children of Israel had to go into the promised land and fight, God had already given it and promised it to them, He said its yours go take it, they had to go in and fight with the sword and kill the giants who inhabited the cities.

That’s just what we do, we fight giants in our land (our soul) we have to kill them with the sword which is the word of God. Take city by city, area by area. Sometimes the king that was chased out would go to the kings of other cities to join forces and take back the land. Well my purity stayed with me for along time until I got blamed for something I was innocent about. It had joined forces with discouragement to try and over throw me.

We are at war and we win by faith and the word.

There is real truth and that which appears to true but isn’t.


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