Put on the Lord Jesus Christ


If there was one article, I would desire to be written straight from the mouth of God it would be this one. I wish I could write in such away that you would gain revelation and the transformation that comes from that revealing. Alas these things are revealed from above, so pray that the eyes of your heart be enlightened to understand this. Side note: Pray these two prayers over your life often. Ephesians 1:15-23, Ephesians 3:14-21.

There is a mystery you need to get, a knowledge you need to have, only a few have ever understood it. Why do you need it? Because God has supplied it for you and it is His desire for you to understand it; and to be blunt, all it simply is, is understanding salvation correctly.

Few have modelled it, few have understood, one who stands out was a healing evangelist called Smith Wigglesworth. He understood God’s salvation a little clearer than most, he knew how to come correctly to God, he knew he was Hidden in Christ and because of that he was one with Christ. Only Christ can dwell in unapproachable light, and Smith knew how to put on the Lord Jesus Christ, when He did no ministers could stay in the same room, for the glory of God was so strong they all crawled out of the room, lest they died. And those who clung to the furniture, them and the furniture were supernaturally pushed out of the room.

Why? Because Adam can not come into the unapproachable light of God, and those other ministers who were still thinking they were their old life couldn’t enter. You are not your old life being cleaned up, you are a new creation, incorruptible and one with the Alpha and omega right now! To say anything else is to deny God’s very salvation. To believe anything else is mere mans religion.

The Bible instructs us to put on the Lord Jesus Christ, why would it say that? What kind of idea is that anyway? What does that mean? It just sounds weird…. It is simply saying take off your old life and put on the new, which is you hidden in His life.

What does that mean take off your old life? You are an interdimensional being, in one realm in the spirit you are seated with Him in heavenly places, in another realm you are immersed in sinful flesh to overcome it. Like Galatians 2:20 says, It is no longer I who lives, but the life I now live in the flesh…

That scripture is saying I am not alive and that I am alive in the flesh; what a weird thing to say! It is a total contradictory paradox. That is true if you think in only one realm. Go to the resurrection of Jesus and you will see this paradox explained easily.

At the resurrection Jesus supplied for you to be risen from the dead in Him. Right there you were supplied put on the Lord Jesus Christ, right there you were supplied to be born again, right there you were supplied eternal life, right there you were supplied to die, be buried, and to become a new creation. Right there you were supplied that all old things passed away, Behold all things became new. Right there it was supplied that it is no longer I who lives but Christ, you were supplied to be hidden in His life.

This was all supplied at the resurrection and it became literal and real the moment Christ came into your life. When He came into you all what He had supplied came into effect. It is now your very own testimony, it is not something that will happen in the future, it happened when Christ came into you. So you are not a dirty creature trying to clean up, you are a new creation with Christ’s perfect life living in sinful flesh. When you understand it, know it and fully live it, you have put on the Lord Jesus Christ.

So in the spiritual realm you are one with Him because He is your life, you are hidden in Him. You might be asking, so am I still me, am I still alive or is it Him? You are still you, the unique you, with His perfect life, the Bible says, you are hidden in Him, born again, it is like God touched you with His sceptre and you became brand new with His perfect life. The unique you, who uses His Mind, His Heart, His Nature, His Spirit, but your unique personality. It is your new perfect incorruptible life. So you are fully alive in Him, fully one with Him already, however in this realm you are here in this mud, to learn and wrestle with the knowledge of good and evil and choose life. To produce faith, hope and love, which is the foundation for your eternity as a complete and mature child of God.

When you only see your earth life you miss the big picture, this life in the flesh is a body, soul experience in sinful flesh, the moment you start believing the truth of the other realm is the moment you start coming correctly into your salvation. Don’t be a new creation who still thinks they are the old creation.

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You, just like Lazarus, though everything is saying you are still dead, you are fully brand new, all old things have passed away, all have become new. Though you are fully bound in sinful flesh, you can smell the stench of sin, etc… you will be no more alive and glorious than you are now, and even when you take it all off nothing becomes new, as you are already new, you will just experience your new life better.

So is putting on the Lord Jesus Christ like putting Him on like some overalls, or a costume? No, when you put on the Lord Jesus Christ, (remember, its only in your thinking), it is full oneness with Him, every cell, every atom, every part of who you are, all the way in and out, everything, complete saturation of oneness.

So many wear their old life, they are so full of their life, their claim to fame, their trophies, their anointing, their power, their glory, this is the Adam that can not come into unapproachable light. When it finally becomes all about Him, and nothing about you, then you have taken off the old life. What is this old life? It is not just the sinful nature, it is also the life you now live in the flesh, the earth life, the humanity, the imperfection, the self, the ME!, The thing that craves significance, craves identity, craves success.  Only the word of God can tell you who you are now, mere deduction and the best your brain can come up with can not tell you, it lacks information, as the information is not from this world.

Take off Adam, Put on the Lord of Glory and live as a new creation knowing His mind blowing salvation.

Here is the test, if your heart of hearts identity, your knowledge of yourself, who you really are, your internal self image tells you that you are one with Him, perfect and like Him then you have put on the Lord Jesus Christ. But if your identity is connected to the life you now live in the flesh, and the earth life you have only known then… Put on the Lord Jesus Christ!

You were born to dwell with your Father God in unapproachable light, Lazarus can you hear the voice of God?

Hint: Dwell at the resurrection to see and understand your new life.

Practice putting Him on, remember its only your soul, your beliefs and thinking that needs to align to the truth, fully immerse yourself into Him, practice understanding you are one with Him, right now.

Align your spirit and soul, only then can you enter in to the holiest of Holy place through the veil of His flesh.  Hebrews 10:14, Hebrews 10:19-20.

See this story, this is what you are like now that Christ is in you and you are in Him.. Like the sun.

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