Getting through your Soul.


Our perspective is that we are a new creation, all old things have passed away, we are born a second time, this time from above. We are not mere mankind anymore, we are a new being inside and old being, a life giving spirit inside a living soul. We were born naturally a living soul, but born again a life giving spirit.

Was your body born again? No, you the inner man, you the spirit, that has a soul and lives in a body. So you are not a mere human anymore. You are an incorruptible perfect new creation inside your old life.

The old life, body, mind, will and emotions can be very controlling and hindering our walk with the Lord. We are exposed to many things that are contrary to us the new creation but ok with our old life. If you have the identity of your old life these things with have so much more power over you.

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Two ways, the traditional way is repentance from the perspective that you are a failed being, a terrible sinner, who is always purging your heart and mind of things that are contrary to the Lord. This way is powerful but easily hijacked by a religious spirit, keeping you in a cycle of failure, guilt, hiding then if you can get your act together repentance, and if you try hard enough you might not fail again. Acceptance and Rejection all based upon your ability to keep your socks pulled up.. also called Self Righteousness.

The power of sin is the law, its the measuring stick that says you are not perfect. This will always keep the cycle of failure, guilt, hiding, repentance, failure, guilt,and hiding alive and strong in your life. It is a bondage, and it all depends on the severity of your conscience to how it will hinder you. Only feeling accepted when you have purged your heart. Many Christians go their whole lives hiding in shadows from the Lord instead of dwelling in unapproachable light with the Father. This is all because they find its impossible to be perfect.

Most have the identity of the outer man, the first born soul, the problem with this is it keeps you poor, blind, wretched and naked. Living a lesser life than you ought. When you got born again you are no longer a mere human, you are a different creation to them, a different race, a different type of being. You may look the same but you are a new type of creation. You are a perfect being inside your old human life.

The second way to align your soul to zone with the Lord and the better way is.. renew your identity, understand who you are now.

If you realise you are a perfect new creation, hidden in Christ’s life, the righteousness of God. Then you see you are not the sin, it is in your body and soul. You are immersed in it, to struggle against it and overcome, like the Bible says… to Him/Her who overcomes….

This website is full of this perfect new life subject, the essential need of living in unearned Grace and importance of taking the Land (which is your outer man).

The point of this message is how to get through your soul to zoning.

The family of Martha, Mary, and Lazarus is a example of the many Christian’s path to  acceptance before the Lord.  Each one of them is a path we can take to attempt to be at peace with; and have confidence before the Lord. Each one we have to eliminate or get passed to zone with the Lord.

If you gain your confidence from your great work or love for the Lord you will think you’re OK, however if your soul is pulled (driven) to many things that hinder your walk with God then your heart will condemn you.

Side note: this pull on your soul is broken by breaking the ungodly soul connection with that trigger, that thing, person or imagination with the blood of Jesus and the power of God. Speak out loud say… “I break the connection with….. and renounce it”. Then by faith sever it with the blood of Jesus, no being can argue with the finished work of Jesus. It is the final authority to all your rights. Ask the Lord to make sure that bond of wickedness is broken. You should find that thing has lost its power or pull, if you build it again, break it and realise you don’t have to go there anymore. The sin isn’t broken the power of it is.

So if your heart condemns you then when you come before the Lord, the enemy will use his first weapon which is anything your heart condemns you about. Then his next weapon is your effort, which is what Martha represents, he will say you are not trying enough why should the Lord ….. if that doesn’t work the enemy will use Mary which represents your devotion or relationship or even effort towards relationship with the Lord.  Why should the Lord listen to you…. who are you too….

So you have to get through these things in your soul, go past Martha, past Mary to Lazarus, Lazarus didn’t have to do anything, the Lord made Him alive, He was dead and then the Lord raised him to a brand new life.

To zone with the Lord, you need to purge your faith, even if your body houses a brood of vipers you can dwell with Him in unapproachable light. And as you go you can break and be cleansed in your body and soul of all ungodliness; spiritual, physical and mental. Everything that is not perfect is ungodly.  Sickness is ungodliness of body, just like any perversion of thinking is ungodliness of soul.

So hide no longer, you are not Martha or Mary you are Lazarus! He has done it, He has finished it, your effort in works for Him, or effort in relationship towards Him earn nothing before Him, you already have peace with God. He did it, press through your soul! Purge your faith, know the truth and it will set you free.

You can dwell in the Holiest of Holy place with the Lord, the door is open in Christ to you, however you can not enter if you bring shame or a claim to fame in your soul.