Identity Blocks

Identity Blocks

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Like the woman with the issue of blood, she just took it from God, God never gave it to her.

God is love and He doesn’t have any locks on what He has already given you in Christ. Do you not know all things are yours? Yes and Amen to everything in Christ. All spiritual blessings are yes in Christ. Why do we not have it then? The locks and blocks are at our end, in our heart.

Jesus had the spirit without measure, he had the fulness of the Godhead dwelling bodily. There were no blocks and closed doors in His heart to getting and giving everything God had to give. (If Jesus had constraints it was because He had to come as a man and fulfil the law, He said you will come differently, risen in Him, not under the law and will “do greater works than I” did).

So what are the blocks?

Well what are the things that make up faith?

Faith is not just faith in God, and whether He is willing and able. You are the other element of faith.

There is not only Him who is being asked of, but who asks and why!

How does God see you? What right do you have to ask things of God? Why would He answer you? Who are you to ask? Who do you think you are?

So you are the other part of your prayer, and this why there are enormous blocks to answered prayer.

Jesus said speak to a mountain and it will obey you? Who are you for a mountain to obey you, what right do you have to speak to a mountain? You are a priest and King, your job is to minister to people on behalf of the kingdom, on behalf of the king as an ambassador, but if you don’t know who you are you will block, or rather hinder the ministry of the Holy Spirit, you will neither have, authority or powerfully answered prayer.

Over the last few decades, I have seen many of the healing ministries, and many times I leave very disappointed, it was nice that hundreds got healed, but my eyes were on the deformed ones in wheelchairs that got nothing, who went home still like they came. My thought was always, if Jesus ministered to them they would leaping and jumping for joy.

God can only minister through us to the measure that He is able. There are many things that add up to the measure, how much can He trust you, How much glory are you taking to yourself? How much Adam is in your identity? When God measures out the anointing He never takes it away again.

I find the number one block is Adam, than man part, your natural life, what right have you got to ask? It brings up ones own self worth. The truth is there is no self worth, self worth is the problem, it needs to be utterly removed. People, Ministers, Son’s, daughters of God are riddled with guilt, shame, condemnation, self doubt, confusion, unbelief, questions, which all rob the right to ask and believe that God will answer.

Most of peoples prayers are spent trying to convince God, and when you believe He is convinced, thats when you believe. However God was convinced from eternity and demonstrated His conviction at the cross, its you who needs convincing.

This is why understanding salvation is the most important aspect to your walk with God. Who is He and who are you.

Here are some identity sets and their measure, of course these are not measured scientifically, this is only an example for you to see the differences.

Christians understanding of Salvation.

Identity 1. Function 0%. Unredeemed Adam identity, I am a sinner please have mercy on me, I am trying my best, I am probably hellbound. I do not touch, i do not taste, i do not handle for I am fearful of the judgement.

This is a very sad mindset than many glorious, complete, perfect sons and daughters of God are trapped in, they have been taken captive by the demonic spirit of religion. These ones will be able to minister or receive zero from God. (Pray for them, now please).

Identity 2. Function 20%. Waiting to be redeemed, Adam. I am a sinner saved by grace, if I repent and keep repenting. I am not sure if God has totally forgiven me but I live a life of repentance so I may qualify for His grace. I believe I am doing enough to be saved and i am working out my salvation with fear and trembling.

This mindset can minister in the anointing, however only when they feel their heart is pure, that they have purposely not touched, tasted and handled. They are bound by the state of their heart, their confidence is in their conscience and how they are going with God. I lived here for many years. Most of the church is here.

Identity 3. Function 40%. Adam, saved by grace, I am a new creation. I have a new nature. I am not under the law of sin and death, if I touch, taste or handle i am not condemned. I am right with God because the blood keeps cleansing me.

This identity is still built on Adam. Christ and grace is a hiding place for their sinful state. There focus is grace, and how the blood keeps them clean. They have a new nature and have a new this and that… they still do not realize they are… not have. They are still believing and identifying with the soul man, they are thinking their functional state is them.

Identity 4. Function 60%. I am kainos, a new creation, complete and perfect, risen from the dead. I am a son of God. I am a king and a priest. I am about my father’s business. This is my identity.

Why does this mindset only get 60% measure? because even though you are a son of God you are still individual. It is only Christ who builds His church, its only Christ who reaches the lost, its only Christ who ministers. Everyone who is baptised into Christ, is Christ, or rather so one with Him that they no longer live. However because your identity controls all of who you are in think on this earth, you dwell wherever your head is at. And making yourself a separate entity who is perfect, is error. He is your life, He is your mind, He is your righteousness, He is your Nature, He is your heart. Your unique personality is all that remains and even that has been born-again in Him. If you could see yourself in the spirit, you would see you are in Him, perfect, complete, you have never been out of relationship, never sinned, never been dirty, never had an evil heart, since the day your old life was killed, and you were risen in Him. Your consciousness just needs to catch up by being renewed in knowledge, that you are in the image of Him who made you. Colossians 3:10.

Identity 5. Function 80%. Adam who has put on Christ. I am hidden in the king of kings, I have put Him on and I am hiding myself in Him, I am using His exact likeness and image to minister. When I put Him on, I literally put Him on, I am Him or rather appear just the same as Him. His face is like the sun in its fulness, He has the crown of life on His head, when He speaks it is final, all of heaven responds to His word. I am identical to this when i put him on, it transforms me from glory to glory.

This is almost the truth, the flaw is Adam still exists down there in the basement of their heart. They are the sinful human hiding in Christ. The measure is still self worth, they do not realize there is no longer an I who lives. Far more powerful ministry than the others because if they can put on Christ successfully in their faith, there will be very little blocks to block. This however is building from the outside in and the core is not changed.

Identity 6. 100% Function. I am one with Him. I can not be found, all that is seen is Him, I am perfect with His life. I have never sinned, only the sin within my body and consciousness sins. And regarding that… I am killing it and driving it out before me. I am being transformed by beholding Him as my life (2 Corinthians 3:18).

This is the new creation who has put on Christ. This is Christ who has put on Christ. Not just a son, but put on the son. Does that mean you are Him? No you still have your unique personality. But you are so one with Him and you use His life, Your unique personality is hidden and cannot be found, all that is seen is Christ. Is Christ the hiding place of my sinful state? No! Any sinful state is not you. Adam is dead, show me Adam at the resurrection. Where is He, (your old life)? Dead and Buried! Only Christ rose and you hidden in Him. Why now are you taking Him off, and putting on your old life?

Keep putting Him on until you realize you are one with Him. 2 things that need to be grasped, 1. Understand it is finished and you are completely one with Him, (spiritual realm), 2. Hide in Him. Put on the Lord Jesus Christ, (conscious soul realm).

Identity 7. This is oneness with God your Father. This exists when you realize Christ is God and one with His father God. This is God’s original goal, purpose, desire and dream that you would become one with Him. He as your God and father and you’re identical to Him. It moves on from the perfect man of identity 6. This has always been His dream and purpose and you are there right now in the spirit only your consciousness doesn’t know it.

Learning how to put on Christ and know that you are already one with Him will remove the self worth issues, this will transform your functional state, this will open the doors of your heart so the Holy spirit, (who you are one with already), can flow unhindered without measure or blocks. (Romans 13:14).

Identity and favor play enormous parts in faith, get it right and you will move mountains. Keep it wrong and you will not see the fulness of God in your life. Ephesians 3:19.

Dwell consciously in your old life (your Adam identity) and your confidence will be, “will you Father?, will you?” Full of question marks which is hope not faith.

Dwell consciously hidden in Christ totally and your confidence would be…. “God never holds anything back from me, never, not one good thing”.

Greater works will you do from that hiding place!

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