Blood Speaks

The Blood Speaks

In the providence of God, we have been born into a world that is engaged into a spiritual battle. God has given us some weapons to overcome, these weapons are not natural or carnal, but they are mighty in God for the pulling down of strongholds (in your life and others lives). 2 Corinthians 10:4.

The weapons God supplies us are not weak, or inactive, they are very very powerful, but because we are in a faith covenant, they must be activated and used by faith.

We know that there are three that bear witness on the earth, the spirit, the water and the blood, 1 John 5:8.

The Spirit represents the Holy Spirit, it is imperative that we have a closeness and reliance on the Holy Spirit. For without me you can do nothing Jesus said. The Holy Spirit is God, the Spirit of Christ, active in this world. Its His show, plan and program, He has been written out of Churchianity for too long, it would be wise to build your relationship with Him, starting NOW!.

The Water represents the Word of God, God transforms us by the washing of water by the word, Ephesians 5:26. The Word we know is living and powerful Hebrews 4:12, it is God’s written word and God’s spoken word, it is our guide for truth, to ensure we are being led by the correct spirit.

Now for the purpose this article was written…

The Blood, which represents the Blood of Jesus, the covenant, the payment for sin, the authority which cancels the enemies power. It has been long taught that the Word of God is active, and powerful, that the Holy Spirit is active and powerful, and even that the blood of Jesus is powerful. It is however not widely taught that the Blood of Jesus is active.

The blood speaks greater things than Abel’s, Hebrews 12:24. Abel’s blood cried out to God from the ground, Genesis 4:10, we would think that the blood lay there and God would see it, and think what has Cain done? But the bible was clear it cried out, Jesus Blood also cries out. When applied by faith, not a natural blood but spiritual blood, in a similar way to the old testament picture, it sanctifies all it touches.

The Blood cries out, I have paid the punishment for this sin, I have purchased freedom, therefore this one is blameless. I have painfully taken this sickness and purchased healing. Jesus sprinkled His blood 8 times, 7 in being crucified and finally on the mercy seat in heaven. Seven times the Priest was instructed to sprinkle the blood in the book of Leviticus, however Jesus did one more in heaven because it was a new beginning. Each time Jesus blood was spilled it paid for a spiritual equivalent.

For example, the crown of thorns that were forced onto His forehead, this paid for you to be free from the ruler-ship of the cares and riches of this world. If you feel a ban around your forehead, you need to be free from the cares and riches, therefore apply the blood by faith, say, “Jesus took this I don’t need to have it, I apply the blood which cancels the enemies power here”. I cleanse away the slavery to sin, fear and bondage, with the blood which cancels all imperfection, enemies power and judgement. The blood is a spiritual power, it will cry out freedom! and you will find yourself free in a very short time.

The blood is not only like the signature of God on a document, it is the very payment that already purchased everything it cries out. It is like a policeman or a lawyer demanding action because the law says so.

All these things are shown to you in the natural realm, for example; you breathe air into your lungs, (which is same word as “spirit” in the Greek), you eat bread and drink water into your stomach, (which are both metaphors for Christ the Word of God), but none of it is of any value unless the blood takes it to your body, and the heart pumps it there, which is a picture of your faith and passion.

These are the weapons of God’s warfare; The Word of God, guided by the Holy Spirit and enforced by the Blood of Jesus, all are active and all are powerful. These three together are what we called the anointing, the supernatural enabling from heaven. If you want to be well balanced, powerful and mighty as a Christian you must be strong in all three of these areas.

Activate that which is mighty in God’s realm and active!! Your faith is your heart that pumps this blood! Have great faith in the Blood of Jesus, apply its authority to things you are warfareing against and know that it speaks greater things that Abel’s.

Use your weapons don’t leave them idle.

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